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27. Has the issue of attacks on Christians been internationalised? If so, why?

      The use of Christianity by western powers for their diplomatic games is well known all over the world. In the past, during colonial times, this was done openly, and the missionaries used to evaluate their work in terms of the commercial benefits that the colonial masters obtained. In the recent past, the association has been more covert. In 1982, in a secret document, the American Vice-President said, "The Catholic Church has ceased to be an ally in whom the United States can have confidence." This was revealed by an American missionary in the Philippines.
     With the nuclear tests of May 1998, and a growing independent stand being taken by the BJP-led coalition in the centre, there have been reports of exasperation by some of the diplomats in the western countries. While many have expressed sympathy to India's position, some felt that the new situation will not enable them to play the games that they have been doing. The programme of the Christian churches of calumnising the Hindus coincided with the western governments anti-India programme. These governments have lent a hand to the Christians in India for taking up the issue at the international level.
     These western governments have double standards. In Indonesia, hundreds of Christians have been killed, obviously on a communal basis and mostly without provocation. Yet, the international community has not raised even 10% of the noise that they have done in case of India were only a handful have been killed. The churches are also in the same game plan, and have made frequent announcements down playing the killings in Indonesia.     
    The western countries should also look at within their own borders as to what is happening. In the United States, more than 100 churches, belonging to the Black community, have been burnt by the White supremacist. The racial picture in the United Kingdom is not something that the country is proud of. The German government's treatment of the Turkish guest workers has been adversely commented upon even by those within the country. Less said of the treatment of the Aborigines in Australia the better.


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