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28. Is it only in India that Christians are being attacked?

      Christians have been on the receiving end in many countries. Indonesia is one such example. In Sudan, there is a major problem for the Christians living in the south. In Nigeria, the Christians of the Southeast are under continuous pressure. The Coptic Christians in Egypt are frequently attacked. (In many other countries, it is the Christians who are the aggressors.)
     Christians are also under attack in China, where the Communist government has set up its own Christian hierarchy different from the one by the mother churches in the west. Some of the Christian magazines have reported that the Chinese government has used prostitutes to blackmail the Christian priests.
    Christian organisations are not allowed to practice, let alone do their so-called social service in almost all the Islamic countries. In Russia, a bill has been passed that prohibits the different Christian sects, except the Russian Orthodox, from functioning in the country. In Israel, a bill banning conversions was dropped only when 50 Christian organisations gave an undertaking that they would not undertake such an activity.

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