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33. Are only Hindutvavadis concerned about conversions?

      Here the definition of Hindutvavadi in the narrow sense, to identify those who are the supporters of the Sangh parivar.
     Many Christian writers have found that the whole Hindu samaj is concerned about conversions. One saw an 'anger' against conversions amongst her Hindu husband and their Hindu friends, who she says are 'educated, perceptive adults'. She also says, "They just don't see Christians as Indians; they see us as an alien 'other', minions of a white, Christian world that is synonymous with spiritual and racial chauvinism."
     Another writer said that his Hindu friends asked him, "Why doesn't the Church confine itself to socially constructive functions like running hospitals and schools? Why do you have to preach your religion and make converts?" While saying this, he said, that there is reproach in the voices of his Hindu friends.
It is time that the churches hear these voices, and realise that what the Hindutvavadis are saying is nothing different from what the Hindu samaj is saying.

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