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36. While many Hindus complain about the conversion activities of the Christians, they have no hesitation of sending their children to their schools.

      Most of the Christian schools have been set up during the colonial times. And they have been set up mostly by funds provided by the colonial masters out of the taxes levied on the Hindus. Thus, an infrastructure was created. In the post-independence period, the schools were initially funded by the state, until it was decided that the English medium schools will not receive such grants. The colleges continue to receive almost full aid. Since the funds are provided out of taxes, contributed mostly by the Hindus, it is a gross misnomer to call such institutes as missionary schools.
At the same time, if an infrastructure is created, should it be allowed to decay? And as the education facilities are becoming available outside of metropolitan areas, one sees Hindus coming forward to set them up. Even in metropolitan areas, more and more Hindus are setting up institutes of learning. In the urban areas, the conversion activities of the churches are severely restricted due to public pressure. The conversion activities take place in the rural and tribal areas, and amongst the poor members of the society. This is done in the guise of social service.

See also (Q.11)

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