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4. Hinduism is a pluralistic philosophical concept. Why should there be an objection to conversions?

      In a pluralistic society - one that believes in multiple paths of salvation - accommodating another religion is not a problem. In this respect, Hinduism has a unique record. It was only in a Hindu land that Jews were never persecuted due to religious reasons. Similarly, the holiest place for the Parsis is in a Hindu land. The earliest Christian arrivals in India in the 4th century were what are called Syrian Christians. All of them came because of religious persecution in their land of origin.
     Followers of all the three religions prospered not only in terms of their religion, but also in social and economic terms. This happened because they accepted the civilisational norms of the Hindu society, and worked within its parameters. They did not try to convert, or propagate that their system was better than the ones of their host. The tensions started when first Islam and then Christianity came here with the power of sword, and tried to subjugate the Hindus of the land.
     A pluralistic society works in harmony only when all the members accept the norms of pluralism. However, when one tries to dominate another, then the problem starts. Conversions is a method of trying to dominate.

(See also Q. 5)

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