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9. Should not one distinguish between the various Christian sects?

      The attempt to make a distinction is a new tactic used to deflect the charge of conversions made against the Christians. It is said that the conversions by improper methods is being done by what are called fringe churches, and that the so-called mainline churches are epitomes of virtue. The 'mainline churches' have the same ethos as 'fringe churches', that is Jesus Christ is the ONLY son of god, and that salvation is not possible to those who do not accept this exclusivity. The 'mainline churches' have not given up their objective of conversions, except that they pretend to do in a subtle way.
    Even while complaining of the activity of the 'fringe churches', the 'mainline churches' do not publicly distance themselves away. The 'mainline churches' do not specifically identify who the 'fringe churches' are. In fact, if the 'fringe churches' are attacked even when provoked, the 'mainline churches' will stand by them, and not criticise the provocation. For example, the church distributing the Bible in Rajkot is said to be of the fringe variety. But this incident is on the 'mainline' churches' list of the 'attacks on Christianity'.
     Unless the 'mainline' churches give clear signals to the contrary, it is not possible to distinguish between them and the 'fringe' churches.

See also Q.21


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