Hindu Vivek Kendra
6. Though it may sound paradoxical there is striking similarities between Muslim elites and common Hindus on the one hand and so called secularists like Padgaonkars, Dharkars, Sardesais, Shahabuddins, Banatwalas, Azmis, Yadavs, Leftists, Congressmen and Muslim Fundamentalists on the other. While the former are more liberal and open minded, the latter are more pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu. Further, many people, especially the so-called secularists have not properly understood two basic concepts of Hinduism. Firstly, there is no fundamentalism or fanaticism in Hinduism, if there are exceptions, that proves the rule. Secondly, Hindus may have treated their less fortunate co-religionists very badly or cruelly but as far as other religions are concerned Hindus do not act, they only react. As such the demolition of the disputed structure at Ayodhya was not an action, it was only a reaction to the opposition to Ram Mandir for decades by the so called secularists and Muslim fundamentalists.

7. According to Demographic Report of the UNESCO in the eighties, lakhs of Bangladeshis had crossed over to India illegally and their number will be in crores in the 21st century which will destroy the economic, ethnic, social fabric of India. But the so called secularists and leftists are ignoring this threat and legitimizing them by giving them ration cards and voting rights. Many districts in eastern part of India have been converted into Muslim-majority pockets. Involvement of many Bangladeshis in terrorist activities have proved the fears of UNESCO report right. But who cares? After all this is secular India, threat to the nation is secondary.

8. I am giving here opinions and reactions of cross section of people, many of them are Muslims, about secularism, terrorism, Ram Mandir, Babari, Hinduism, Islam etc.

1. "There is no place for pro-Pakistanis and anti-Indians in India". When Christians, Parsis and other minorities have mingled with the Indian Mainstream, why give special status to the Muslim community? So we would have a 'live and let live' policy while dealing with India Muslims and spend our energy on curbing anti-national elements and preventing further infiltration from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Chitra Iyer. Bombay 8/12/92

2. Unlike the Jains, Buddhists, Christians, Parsis and jews, the Muslims can't co-exist as a minority culture in mutual tolerance. But the presence of Muslims in Britain can only be on terms which are acceptable to the majority.

Bani Deshpande, United Communist Party of India (Dange), Dadar Bombay 11/1/93

3. It has become a sin for Hindus (in this Hindu majority country) to call themselves Hindu, for fear of being branded as communal. Muslims, Sikhs and Christians can give religious education in their institutions, but not Hindus. What type of Hindu majority country is this?

Dharam Paul Bajaj. New Delhi 13/1/93

4. Hindu backlash is due to the congress policy of Muslim appeasement and unless Islamic fundamentalism is checked in time it is going to destroy India's truly secular fabric.

Dr. Leo Rebello. Bombay 13/1/93

5. The mandir-masjid dispute could have ended if the minorities had made a magnanimous gestures.

Manohar Bhutoria. Calcutta, 19/12/92

6. This is a country where there are separate laws based on religion. Politicians have gone to the extent of amending the constitution to please a particular community. This is a country where different laws are in force in different regions. Yet we claim we are secular.

B K Roy Chowdhary, Calcutta, 27/12/92

7. Timur Lang's and Chengez Khan's brand of civilization and culture do not exist in India, but many Islamic countries are still trying to hold on to them.

Avinashi Lal, Uttarpara, 28/12/92

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