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Shri Rama Janmabhoomi Movement

How can one say that Babur destroyed a mandir in Ayodhya?

Destruction of the indigenous places of worship has been a norm for the Islamic invaders all over the world. India and the Hindus have not been an exception in experiencing these barbaric practices. It is, thereore, difficult to believe that Babur would have behaved any differently, as can be seen from his diary, Babur Nama.

Babur did not come to India merely to loot the wealth of our nation. He had a religious motivation too, as is the case with many other Islamic invaders. His motivation can be well judged by his actions and what he wrote in his diary called Babur Nama. He says:

"For Islam's sake, I wandered in the wilds,

Prepared for war with Pagans and Hindus,

Resolved myself to meet the martyr's death,

Thanks be to God! a Ghazi I became."

Whether Babur himself supervised the destruction of the temple at Shri Rama Janmabhoomi is difficult to say, since the pages in question from his diary relating to his presence at Ayodhya have been lost. However, the pages that are available show that he was near Ayodhya just prior to the destruction of the temple, and that Ayodhya was planned for attack. The fact that the structure was named after Babur also points out to the role of this Islamic invader from outside, in the destruction of the temple in honour of Shri Rama in 1528 AD.