Hindu Vivek Kendra

1. Summary of the analysis

1.1 This analysis deals with a report entitled "The Foreign Exchange of Hate - IDRF and the American funding of Hindutva" (referred to as the Report hereafter). The Report seeks to implicate Hindutva organisations in indulging in violence against the religious minorities as well as the dalits in India. It then accuses that because IDRF provides donations to some of the social service projects started by the Hindutva organisations, IDRF is funding the violence.

1.2 The analysis first deals with the political agenda of one of the authors, namely Biju Mathew, and one of the publishers, namely Sabrang. It seeks to establish that the political agenda is that of the communists, and that they are the virulent opponents of the Hindutva organisations in India.

1.3 The Report follows the standard communist strategy of putting a label on the person, and then dealing with the issues. This is equivalent to first coming to a conclusion and then seeking data. What does not conform to the conclusion is ignored or dismissed.

1.4 Another strategy that is followed is that of guilt by association. For example, the Hindutva organisations are accused of being fascist on the grounds that the mentor of the founder of the RSS had contacts with Mussolini. The fact that the intensity of the contact was minor is completely ignored. Innuendos and vague statements are used to justify the guilt.

1.5 The Report indulges in perverting the data to suit the pre-determined conclusions. In many cases, it does so in such a blatant manner, that we think that they have a very poor opinion of the readers.

1.6 The analysis exposes the double standards of the authors of the Report. For example, while they have heaped calumny against the Hindutva organisations, they seem to be rationalising the terrorism that is being indulged in the name of Islam and Christianity.

1.7 The analysis shows that the specific target of the report is neither IDRF nor Sangh in general. It is the activities of the Hindutva organisations in the Vanvasi (tribal) areas. The analysis alleges that this has been chosen as a target because it has affected the conversion activities of the Christian organisations in particular.

1.8 The analysis shows that the target audience of the report is not the government of USA, but the various corporates which give matching funds for the charity to which their employees contribute. The objective is to create a scare in the minds of the corporates and encourage them to take a line of least resistance.

1.9 The analysis asks the supporters of the Report to introspect and inquire if the guilt by association principle is not applicable to them.

1.10 The analysis concludes by asking the authors of the Report to stop indulging in negativism and divert their energies in doing something positive. There is nothing that stops them from raising resources from the Indian Diaspora, as well as the coroporates, for worthy causes which would help the downtrodden in India.