Hindu Vivek Kendra

5. Thank you

5.1 One of the books that is often quoted in anti-RSS tracts is 'Khaki Shorts Saffron Flags', by Tapan Basu and four others, and published by Orient Longman (1993). However, the effect it had on Ansar Hussain Khan is as follows:
· "The authors of Khaki Shorts Saffron Flags have done a signal service to the cause of India's future by drawing attention to (the social service part) of the Sangh's work. But then they try to give these positive observations an unfavourable twist. Looked at another way, their criticism of the Sangh is in fact in many parts favourable." (The Rediscovery of India, Orient Longman, India, 1995, p 249.)
5.2 In many ways the authors of the Report should also be thanked for listing out the various charity activities being done by members of the Sangh Parivar. Is it not amazing that IDRF has given donations to such a large number of organisations spread all over the country? I think all Indians (including the authors of the Report) should feel proud that, unlike what is normally said, the people of India are very interested in undertaking welfare programmes outside the ambit of the government.

As said before, the Sangh Parivar is the largest NGO in the world. By listing out even part of the activities of the Sangh, the authors of the Report should be thanked for confirming this claim!