Hindu Vivek Kendra

9. Selective targeting

9.1 The authors of the Report make no mention about the funding by Christian organisations for conversions specifically targeted against the Hindus, or the funding of the madrasas, where Islamic terrorists are bred. Sabrang has made clear in their mission statement that they think that the only thing that is of concern to them is the acts of the Sangh. But the real intention of the authors of the Report is no different.

9.2 At the new website they have created, there is a section called "Frequently Asked Questions". The answer to question number 3 gives their justification for the selective targeting.

· Q 3. Why don't you criticize other religious groups who send money to India?

· First of all, IDRF is not sending money to a religious group. It is sending it to the Sangh Parivar. We are not opposed to religious groups sending money to India, per se. However, the money that IDRF sends encourages divisiveness and violence. We do condemn all acts of hate and violence - regardless of religion or ideology. The reason for our focus on Sangh Parivar is that we are committed to an India that is democratic, secular and embodies equal respect to all religions.

9.3 Are the authors of the Report contend that the monotheistic religions of Islam and Christianity, which also believe in aggressive proselytising, practice the principle of 'equal respect to all religions'? And was it not Marx (one of the founding fathers of communism) who said that religion is the opium for the poor?

9.5 The funding by various Islamic countries of the madarasas is not restricted to India. While such institutes in Pakistan have been a fertile ground to nurture that Talibanists who have created such a havoc in Afghanistan, the spread has been far and wide. With the terrorist bombing in Bali, the activities of such institutes in Indonesia have come into the limelight.

9.6 Organisations like the Human Rights Watch show an exceptional concern where the victims are non-Hindus. However, when it comes to the plight of the Hindus not just in India, as in the case of the Kashmiri Pandits or the Hindus in the Northeast, but also of the Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh, they seem to have a mental block. There is a large exodus of Hindus from Bangladesh with the formation of the new government there with the help of Islamic parties. It took a lot of prodding by the Hindus in the USA for the various groups which claim to be concerned about human rights to even come out with a press statement. And after a perfunctory report, no further effort at follow-up is made.