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sandhya srinivasan sandhya srinivasan" <sandhya@bom3.vsnl.net.in
Mon, 4 Nov 2002 20:06:15 +0530

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----- Forwarded by Roopa Rathnam/Ahmedabad/International/Oxfam on 10/31/02
Check it out - see the website especially the sister organisations in guajrat !!!!
- this is soemthing that has to be EXPOSED even more.

do you knwo any journos etc who can do this. please ask roopa or someone to get in touch with anjali for more information at akam47@yahoo.com

its urgent savio - blatent fueling of communalism!!!

hey folks
i have a question/proposal for y'all and i'm trying to reach everyone who is somewhat interested in politics and is able to decide (to some extent) about the stories they are writing.

ok, basically, a report is going to be released today (oct 30) documenting the sources of money for the IDRF (india development and releif fund) and BIG among their sources is our favourite SANGH PARIVAR. (for more of a clue about what idrf does, check out www.idrf.org)

The goal of releasing this report is to pressure several big electronic portals (paypal, bit pal, c2it), credit card companies and banks to STOP FUNDING IDRF because its money is sent back to help sangh parivar agendas.

the people who have researched the sources of funding and where the money goes are hoping to snowball this report into a huge embargo against IDRF starting november 7-nov 15. all the portals will be pressured to take them off their list and (apparently some portals have already agreed, so it will happen in a staggered way and the story will be burning for at least a month)

what they need are committed journalists in india who will help give publicity to this story. it doesn't matter where you are or how small of a paper/tv channel you work ffor -- if you're interested in workign on this or if you (AND THIS IS IMMPORTANT) know people in your organization who can carry this story, please let me know. i will contact my friend (who is now in india and incidentally one of krishna ananth's close friends as well! how's that for a plug;)) and he will get in touch with you.

this is really important for several reasons: nri's in america give thousands of dollars every year for what they think is relief work in india -- but under the front of an orgn like idrf, the money is sent bank to the vhp.

please help make this campaign happen and use your power as people in the media.

lots of love and best wishes
in solidarity