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Dara Singh, His Antecedents And
Associations / Affiliations

            Dara Singh alias Rabindra Kumar Pal is the son of Mihilal Pal of village Kokara P.S. Dibyapua, Distt. Itawa U.P. Dara Singh came to Orissa along with his friend Chitaranjan Das @ Bapu who is the brother of Dipu Das.  Initially he helped in the household of Rama Das, the father of Bapu and Dipu and assisted him in his grocery business.  He later taught Hindi in the Maliposi school as a teacher.  Subsequently he lost the, job as It was temporary.  He then stayed in the house of one Kali Mohanta of Banbir.

            The name Dara Singh is, however, known in the police records.  Prior to this incident, he was involved in 10 criminal cases and one non FIR case under section 110 Cr.  P.C. There are six cases registered against him in the District of Keonjhar and one non FIR case apart from the Manoharpur case i.e. Anandpur P.S. case no. 9/99.  In the District of Mayurbhanj four cases were registered against Dara Singh.  A summary of the various cases in which Dara Singh was involved is given herein below:


1.  FIR no. 79 of 97 under sections 192 of the Motor Vehicles Act and Section 11(I) of the prevention of cruelty to Animals Act.
            The complainant in this case is one Biranchi Kumar Mohanta against the driver of truck bearing no.  OR-04 9275.  The complainant alleged that in all there were 36 cows out of which 9 were on the cabin and 27 were in the body of the truck.  A scuffle arose on account of the fact that the complainant and his associates obstructed the vehicle and the driver resisted them and also could not show them necessary papers for the transportation of cows.  A case was registered as FIR No. 79/97 u/s 506 IPC and 11 (1) Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and section 192 MV Act, Patna PS, on the complaint of Biranchi Kumar Mohanta, r/o Kuaposi village, Patna PS.  In his complaint, he claimed himself as a worker of Bajrang Dal and stated that he along with his other party workers, Rabindra Kumar Pal @ Dara Singh of Maliposi, Mohan Sunder Mohanta of Badjambosi village and Krushna Chandra Mohanta of Kothaghar, after receiving information that a truck carrying cattle was to come to Mangalpur crossing, went there and detained the truck.  While they asked the driver about the destination and the number of cattle, the vehicle driver threatened to assault them with a crowbar.  He also threatened them with dire consequences.  As he and other workers had seen that 36 cattle heads were in the truck, he lodged a report with the police.  During the investigation of the case FIR no. 79/97, driver Sk.  Mantu was arrested and charge-sheet no. 94 dated 13th December, 1997 was submitted to the Court.

            Though this is not a case where Dara Singh was involved, it is added here as it is a cross case of FIR 80 /97 Patna PS the facts of which are narrated hereinafter.

2.  FIR no.  80/97 u/s 147/148/341/323/325/342/427/506/294/379/149 IPC r/w 7 Crl. Law Amendment Act, dated 19th October, 1997. Patna PS, Keonjhar District.
            1. On 19th October, 1997, at about 4 am, while the complainant, Sk. Mantu, s/o Muhiuddin of Binjarpur village, Sayadpur PO, Jaipur district, driver of truck no.  OR-04 9275, was going Jasipur, with a load of 36 number of cattle, near Mangalpur village, 15 to 20 persons, armed with axe, lathi, iron rods, crowbars, obstructed the road and stopped the truck.  They abused him and other helpers in the truck.  They assaulted them with lathis and caused injuries on them.  The assailants took away the cattle and Rs. 2640.00 from his pocket.  They partially damaged the truck and cut the truck tyres and made holes in the fuel tank by means of an axe and crowbar. On his report, the case was registered and investigated.

            2. During the investigation of case FIR No. 80/97, though the accused persons were not named in FIR, but Biranchi Kumar Mohanta and Naba Kishore Mohanta, being the complainants of the cross case, were arrested along with two others on 19th October, 1997.  On their disclosure, the involvement of Rabindra Kumar Pal @ Dara Singh was also established.  In all 6 accused persons, including Dara Singh, were arrested and 7 others were shown as absconders.  Dara Singh was arrested on 10th November, 1997 in case FIR no. 83/97 Patna PS Keonjhar distt. and arrested in this case also on the same day.  After investigation, the charge-she No. 93 dated 13th December, 1997 was submitted to the Court.

3.  FIR no. 83/ 97 u/s 392 IPC dated 9th November, 1997, Patna PS Keonjhar District
            1. The complainant, Ramesh Chandra Giri, s/o Jogi Giri, r/o Erende village, Patna PS, Keonjhar District, lodged a report with the police that on 7th November, 1997 he and one Duryodhan were returning to his village with 17 nos. of cattle, purchased by him and some other persons from Harchanderpur weekly market.  At about 2.30 P.M., at Rajabanda, near Kumudbahali village, they were intercepted by Dara Singh and Mahender Bej of Maliposi village.  The interceptors restrained them alleging that the complainant was taking the cattle for sale to Muslims and they would not allow him to do so.  They also threatened to kill them if he took the cattle along with him.  Dara Singh and his accomplice brandished lathis and bhujalis and took away the cattle from the complainant forcibly.  They demanded Rs.700.00 for release of the cattle.  The complainant has named Dara Singh and Mahendra Kumar Bej as accused in the FIR.  On this report, the above case was registered and investigated.

            2. During investigation, the accused Dara Singh @ Rabindra Kumar Pal was arrested and     Mahender Bej was shown as absconder and charge-sheet No.2 dated 13th January, 1998 was submitted to the Court.

            3. Later on Rabindra Kumar Pal @ Dara Singh was released on bail by the Court both the cases (FIR Nos. 80/97 and 83/97 on 27th November, 1997.

4. Non-FIR-96 u/s 110 Cr PC dated 11th November, 1997.  Patna PS, Keonjhar District

            1. After arresting Dara Singh in case FIR no. 80/97 and 83/97 and taking into consideration of the anti-social activities of Dara Singh, the Officer in-charge of Patna PS, Mr Dandasena, prepared a non-FIR case u/s 110 Cr.  PC against Rabindra Kumar Pal @ Dara Singh.

            2. Later on Rabindra Kumar Pal @ Dara Singh was released on bail by the Court in both the cases (FIR Nos. 80/97 and 83/97) on 27th November, 1997.

5. FIR No. 19/98 u/s 341/323/307/427/34 IPC dated 19th February, 1898 Patna PS, Keonjhar District
            1. The complainant, Sri Bidyadhar Das, Chairman, Patna Panchayat Samiti, r/o Swam Patna,  Patna PS, Keonjhar District (Congress-I leader), reported that while he, along with two other persons, was coming in a trekker no.  OR-06 2801 on 19th February, 1998 at about 11.00 a.m., Dara Singh and Chaturbhuja Mohanta of Kunthapada obstructed his vehicle by putting big stones on the road.  E3oth the assailants, armed with lathis, bhujalis and stones, attempted to, kill him.  They pelted stones, as a result of which the window glasses were damaged.  They assaulted his driver and lie also sustained injury on his left hand.  The assailants abused him and threatened to kill him.  He also reported that both of them are of BJP activists and had assaulted them on the instigation of Kirtan Behari Sahu and other BJP leaders.  On this report the above case was registered.

            2. During investigation, Chaturbhuja Mohanta was arrested.  In his disclosure it was recorded that he, along with Dara Singh, intercepted the cattle traders and detained the cattle in the name of Bajrang Dal and BJP in Thakurmuna, Mohuldiha PS of Mayurbhanj District and Patna PS of Keonjhar District

            3. The charge-sheet No. 83 dated 12th October, 1998 was submitted to the Court.  Dara Singh was shown as an absconder.

6.  FIR No. 16/98 u/s 294/353/448/379/34 IPC dated 6th March, 1998 Ghatgaon PS, Keonjhar District
            1. Nilambar Behera, forest guard, Tando Beat, Ghatgaon PS reported that on 5th March, 1998 at about 8.30 pm, Dara Singh, Govinda Naik of Badmahuldiha and Pratap Mohakud of Pichhulabeda, along with 20-25 persons, came to his house, abused him in filthy language, obstructed him from the discharge of his official duties and forcibly took away the seized cycles.  On his report, the above case was registered.

            2. During investigation, the accused persons Govinda Naik and Pratap Mohakud surrendered in Court.

            3. The accused persons, Govinda Naik and Pratap Mohakud were formally arrested and Dara Singh was shown as absconder.  After collecting evidence the charge-sheet No. 32 dated 15th June,1998 was submitted to the Court.

7.  FIR No.46/98 u/s 47/148/294/323/506/379/149 IPC turned to 395 IPC dated 16th March, 1998, Sadar PS, Keonjhar District.
            1. The complainant, Haguru Gadsara, s/o Ranga Gadsara, r/o Rangamatia village, Rairangpur PS, Mayurbhanj District, stated that on 16th March, 1999 at about 2 pm, while he and other cattle traders, were coming along with 32 bullocks and 2 cows, they were intercepted by 13 persons, armed with lathis near Belda Ghat.  They assaulted him and others with lathis and abused them in filthy language.  The assailants were having vermilion on their foreheads and identified themselves as BJP boys.  They threatened to kill them if they carry cattle.  They forcibly took away the cattle and snatched Rs-700.00. On his report, the above case was registered and taken up for investigation.

            2. During investigation, 12 persons were arrested and 3 persons, including Dara Singh were shown as absconders.  The case is still pending investigation.

8.  FIR No. 1/99 u/s 395 IPC dated 5th  January, 1999 Patna PS, Keonjhar District.
            1. The complainant Sk.  Naseem s/o Sk.  Siddiqui r/o Mandua, Karanjia PS, Mayurbhanj District, reported that he sells readymade clothes in weekly markets.  On 5th January, 1999, when he was coming back in his moped, carrying a bundle of clothes, at about 6.30 P.M., he was intercepted by 3-4 persons, near the jungle on Kamarmara Road.  They assaulted him with a wooden plank.  They forcibly took away his clothes bundle and Rs.2500.00 cash.  One of the assailants seemed to be Dara Singh and others seemed to belong to Bajrang Dal.  He knew Dara Singh, as he came to his shop in the Dhamuhuda hat at 2 p.m. on the same day along with some others and watched him.

            2. During investigation, one accused, Narender Mahanta of Jamaleibeda, Ghatgaon PS was     arrested. Involvement of Dara Singh was established though he could not be arrested.  Witnesses Kote Mahanta and Rabi Mahanta have stated that they heard one of the accused calling the others by name and asking them to run away as others were coming The case is still pending investigation. .


1.  FIR No. 34/98 u/s 341/323/379/427/148/149 IPC dated 28th June, 1998 Thakurmunda PS,  Mayurbhanj District
            1. The complainant, Sk Mantu s/o Maizuddin r/o Aswureswar village, Salepur PS, Cuttack District, driver of truck No. OR-04 9275, reported that while he and his helpers were coming from Salepur to Jashipur in his truck, loaded with cattle on 28th June, 1998 at about 7.00 a.m. their truck was intercepted by a group of 10-12 persons, by putting wooden logs on the Karanjia road, at a distance of 9 Kms. from Thakurmunda.  They were armed with lathis, bows, arrows and crowbars.  They all assaulted him and his helpers with lathis.  The miscreants damaged the truck and the fuel tank was pierced with a crowbar.  They also took away the cattle, his driving licence, documents of the vehicle and cash Rs.1500.00. On his report, the above case was registered and taken-up for investigation.  During the examination of witnesses, it was learnt that the leader of the group was wearing Punjabi kurta and vermilion on his forehead.

            2. Although the FIR was against unknown persons, during the investigation, the involvement of Dara Singh and others was established.

            3. After investigation, the charge-sheet no 38 dated 4th September, 1998 was submitted to the Court, showing five accused persons, including Dara Singh as absconders In the meanwhile three accused have been arrested but Dara Singh remains an absconder.

2.  FIR No. 91/98 u/s 147/148/149/341/435 IPC dated 16.8.98 Karanjia PS, Mayurbhanj District

            1. The complainant, Sk.  Nazar, s/o Sk.  Bhikari r/o Baujang village, Balichandrapur PS, Jaipur District, driver of truck No.OR-04 9275, reported on 16th August, 1998, that while he was coming with the cattle in his truck from Chandikol to Jashipur on Thakurmunda-Karanjia road near Kendumundi crossing at about 8 am, a group of persons armed with lathis, bows, arrows, obstructed the truck by putting logs and stones on the road.  When the truck was forcibly stopped, he and his helpers fled away from the spot out of fear.  The assailants set fire to the truck and decamped with the cattle.  They also took away cash of Rs.4000.00 from the cabin.

            2. During investigation, the examination of witnesses established the involvement of Dara Singh and his associates in this case.  Five accused persons, including Chaturbhuja Mohanta, were arrested.  In his interrogation, Chaturbhuja Mohanta stated that Dara Singh was involved in this case and he was moving from village to village in Patna and Turumunga areas and claiming himself to be leader of Bajrang Dal.

            3. The case is still pending investigation.

3.  FIR no, 24/98 u/s 147/148/435/307/149 IPC turned to 396/412 IPC dated 15th September. 1998 Mahuldiha PS, Mayurbhanj District

            1 The complainant, Modin Mohamad, s/o Kayum Mohamad, r/o Nuagopalpur village, Balanga PS, Puri district, reported that on 14th September, 1998, he was coming from Niali to Jashipur, alongwith his helpers Sk. Imam and others in his cattle loaded truck No. WB 11 9869.  At about 3.00 a.m. in the night 14th /15th, September, 1998, near Gadabhanga Ghat on Anandpur-Karanjia road, the vehicle was stopped, as a tree was placed on the road to block the movement of the vehicle.  When he stopped the truck, a group of 20 to 30 persons, armed with bows and arrows, surrounded the vehicle.  They pelted stones and shot arrows on the vehicle.  The miscreants assaulted the driver and his helpers with lathis, etc.  They forcibly took away the cattle and set the truck on fire with the diesel taken from the diesel tank.  On his report the above cases was registered and investigated.

            2 During investigation the involvement of Dara Singh and his associates was established in the case. 11 accused persons were arrested.  The disclosure of the accused persons also established the involvement of Dara Singh in the case.

            3 After investigation, charge-sheet no. 1 dated 16th February, 1999 was submitted in the Court against 14 accused persons. 11 persons were arrested and 3 others, including Dara Singh, were shown as absconders.

4. FIR No. 123/87 u/s 395 IPC dated 15th November, 1998 Karanjia PS, Mayurbhanj District.

            1 The complainant, Haji Mirza Nizam Baig s/o Late Mirza Maniur Rahaman Baig r/o Ward no. 5 of NAC Karanjia, Karanjia PS, Mayurbhanj District, in his report, stated that he sells woollen garments in local weekly markets.  On 15th November, 1998, he had opened a shop at Kendumundi hat.  Around 3.00 p.m., about 100-150 persons, armed with lathies, bhujalis, etc. surrounded his shop and abused him.  At the point of bhujali, the miscreants looted his shop and decamped with woolen clothes worth RS. 85000.00 and Rs. 10000.00 in cash.

            2 During the investigation, many witnesses were examined.  The witnesses stated that the miscreants shouted slogans "Jai Bajrang Bali" and one of them was called "Dara Singh Bhai".  He was wearing churidar punjabi kurta, having a whistle and supporting vermilion on his forehead.  The assailants were wearing saffron ribbons on their foreheads.  On the same day, 4 accused persons were arrested arid yellow ribbons were recovered.  They disclosed the Involvement of Dara Singh and his association with Bajrang Dal.

            3 After completing the investigation, charge-sheet no. 20 dated 12th February, 1999 was submitted against 22 persons. 12 persons were arrested and 10 others including Dara Singh were declared as absconders.

            The records produced before this Commission including case diaries and Intelligence Reports indicate that Dara Singh was arrested in Patna P.S. case 80 dated 19th October, 1997 and 83 dated 9th November, 1997.  On 11th November, 1997.  He was however enlarged on bail on 27th November, 1997 by the SDJM, Keonjhar.  It is interesting to note however that the administration has moved for the cancellation of his bail only on 16th April, 1999.  Dara Singh however remains an absconder in Patna P.S. case no. 90 dated 19th February, 1998.  He has also not been arrested in Ghatgaon P.S.case No. 16 dated 9th March, 1998, Sadar P.S. case No. 46 dated 16th March, 199898 and Patna P.S. case No. 1 dated 5th January, 1999.

            In the Mayurbhanj cases, Dara Singh is yet to be arrested in any of the cases registered against him.

            The District- Administration in the District of Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar had adequate intelligence of the movements and activities of Dara Singh.  The State Administration was also made aware of the growing menace that lie was becoming in the two districts The following table will indicate the various documents produced before the Commission which show that the Government was well aware of his activities and the kind of threat that he posed.

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