Hindu Vivek Kendra
Documents Produced Before The Commission
by The State Government Pertaining to Dara Singh and his Activities

Exhibit 12/2 Letter dated 21.11.98 from SP Mayurbhanj to Special IG (Admn)  referring to the activities of Dara Singh.
Exhibit 13/2 Letter dated 11.1.99 from SP Keonjhar to DIG (Admn.)  regarding the involvement of Dara Singh in various crimes.
Exhibit 14/5 (a) From DIB Keonjhar to SP Keonjhar regarding the activities  of Dara Singh.
Exhibit 14/5 (b) Report of the OIC Turumunga dated 7.10.96 to the SP Keonjhar  on the activities of Dara Singh and his associates.
Exhibit 14/6 Cipher message dated 6.1.99 from the SP and DM Mayurbhanj to the SP and DM Keonjhar regarding Dara Singh.
Exhibit 14/7 Cipher message dated 16.1.99 from the SP and DM Mayurbhanj to the SP and DM Keonjhar, reiterating the need to arrest Dara Singh.
Exhibit 14/8 Cipher message dated 17.1.99 from the DM and SP Keonjhar to the DM and SP Mayurbhanj regarding the movements of Dara Singh in Thakurmunda area.
Exhibit 18/3 A  Letter dated 7.12.97 from the SP Keonjhar to the Under Secretary Home regarding inter-alia the activities of Dara Singh.
Exhibit 19/20 
& 19/20 (a-d) 
Being the report dated 9.1.99 from SK Mohanty CI Sadar, Keonjhar Distt. The report gives a complete list of the cases against Dara Singh.
Exhibit 19/21 Letter dated 8.10.96 from DIB Keonjhar to SP Keonjhar.
Exhibit 19/22 Letter from the DIB, Keonjhar to SP, Keonjhar.
Exhibit 21/3 &
21/3 A
DIB Keonjhar reports dated 8.10.96 regarding the activities of Dara Singh.
Exhibit 21/4 A  Copy of the Special Branch report dated 25.11.98 regarding the activities of Dara Singh.
Exhibit 23/5 Letter dated 11.1.99 from acting SP Keonjhar to DM Keonjhar enclosing the report of CI Sadar.
Exhibit 24/3 Letter from IIC Karanjia to SP Mayurbhanj dated 24/3.

            It is, therefore, obvious that on a reading of the evidence both oral and documentary before this Commission that Dara Singh was involved in a number of crimes in the districts of Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar.  Six cases were pending against him in Keonjhar district and four in Mayurbhanj district.  One non-FIR case were also pending.  There was also a proposal to detain him under the National Security Act.  Several intelligence reports have also detailed his activities and emphasised the urgent need to arrest him.  The only inference that can be reasonably drawn in these circumstances is that if the police and the district administration had got their act together and arrested Dara Singh , things would have been different.  They have allowed a criminal to feel that he is invincible and there has been a total breakdown of the law enforcement agency in the districts.  The carnage at Manoharpur was an avoidable tragedy and its cause can be attributed largely to the unchecked growth of Dara Singh.

            Till the Manoharpur incident in question the district administration or the police did not have any clear record of the identity of Dara Singh.  Raids to nab him were merely a make-belief exercise.  Because of the ineptitude of the administration and the police, the crime graph of Dara Singh went soaring high.

            It is now necessary to see what the affiliations or association of Dara Singh were.  The oral and documentary evidence before this Commission which indicate some association of Dara Singh with an organisation or organisations are being reduced to a table given herein below

Santosh Uphadyaya (W-12) says "it was found that Dara Singh was a supporter of the Bajrang Dal".  He further states that "investigation of the Mahuldia case shows that Dara Singh was a member of the Bajrang Dal" He also states that "I found Bajrang Dal activists were indulging in snatching cattle"
Jogendra Patnalk -(W-18.) says "I had prior knowledge of Dara Singh's association with the Bajrang Dal" he further states "I have seen records with the DIB about Dara Singh's association with the Bajrang Dal"
M.K.Dwivedi (W-19)
He states in para 29 of his affidavit that Dara Singh and his associates have been associated with the Bajrang Dal/BJP.  This contention Is based on evidence in Patna Police station case 79/97, memorandum dated and DIB reports (Ext.19/21-26)
D.K. Mohapatra (W-21)
Dara Singh appears to be a supporter or fellow traveller of the Bajrang Dal or even of the BJP but not a die hard or card holder or activist of these organizations.
Pradeep Kapur (W 24) states that Weekly confidential reports dated 14.12.98 and 15.12.98 do indicate that Dara Singh is a supporter of the Bajrang Dal.
1. Report of 3.1.99 indicates that Dara Singh is a worker of the Bajrang Dal.
1. Sushil Mohanty (W-31): When asked that the heading of his report (ex-W19/20) which refers to activities of Dara Singh @ Rabindra Kumar Pal and Bajrang Dal, whereas the report does not strictly mention about the association of Dara Singh with the Bajrang Dal?  He stated - "...from records and case diaries and information received by him he came to the conclusion that Dara Singh was a member of the Bajrang Dal."
Pratap Sarangi (W-50): He is the state coordinator of the Bajrang Dal.  He says in his affidavit before the Commission that Dara Singh was never associated with the Bajrang Dal.  The witness was not cross examined by any of the counsel before the Commission on the question of the association of Dara Singh with the Bajrang Dal.
M.K. Dwivedi (W-19)
At page 10-Re Dara Singh and his associates being associated with Bajrang Dal/BJP based on Patna Police station case 79/97, memorandum dated 27.10.97 and DIB reports 19/21-26.
B. Lalith Das - (W-26)
Dara Singh a member of the Go - Suraksha samithi but I don't know whether he was a member of the BJP when Patna PS case 80/97 was registered.
He further states -"it is well known that Dara Singh is a supporter of the BJP." "His association with BJP is so well known there is no-need to inquire into his antecedents"
Sushil Kumar Agarwal-Witness no W-27
"Dara Singh was a party worker of the BJP in the Patna PS area during the election campaign in 1990-91".


List of documentary evidence mentioning organisations.

Bajrang Dal / BJP 1 .   Ex 12/2 letter dated 21.11.98 from the SP Mayurbhanj to Special IG Cuttack.  Rabindra Pal an active member of the Bajrang Dal.  He is also described as a leader of the Mahanta Caste people.
2.    Ex 13/2Crash memo from SP. Keonjhar to DIG (Admn.)-Dara Singh joined RSS camps, BJP and Bajrang Dal and actively involved in organisation in Ghatgoan, Turumunga and Patna.
3.    Ex 14/4 SP Keonjhar to Home secretary dt.27.10.97 - Re involvement of Bajrang Dal in Patna PS case no 80/97
4.    Ex 14/5(a)-DIB Keonjhar to SP Keonjhar dated 8.10.96 BJP/VHP supporters under the leadership of Rabindra Pal.
5.    EX 14/5(b)OIC Turumunga to SP Keonjhar-BJP under the leadership of Rabindra Pal
6.    Ex 18/3 (a)-letter dated 5.12.97-Re activities of Bajrang Dal workers in Keonjhar and also mentions name of Dara Singh.
7.    19/3(a) -memorandum to the Governor on behalf of the Hindu Sanghatan
8.    Ex 19/20-Report from CI sadar to SP Keonjhar regarding the activities of Dara Singh and his association with the Bajrang Dal and that he was attending RSS camps.
Note:  The document does not substantiate with evidence in respect of Dara Singh attending RSS camps.
9.    Ex 19/21--DIB Keonjhar to SP --- BJP VHP under leadership of Dara Singh and others
10.  EX 22/4-report of the DGP to the Government that Dara Singh was organising Bajrang Dal activities. 
11.  Ex 22/3A-letter form IIC Karanjia - SP Mayurbhanj dated 31.12.98-Dara Singh supporter of Bajrang Dal

            The above evidence indicates that Dara Singh was perceived as being associated with the Bajrang Dal and the BJP in Sadar Circle of Keonjhar District and Karanjia Circle of Mayurbhanj District, at least for the purposes of intelligence and police records.  Further the case diaries in Patna Case 80/97, Non FIR 96, Patna PS.  Patna PS case No. 1/99 refer to him as an associate of the Bajrang Dal.  The case diaries in Patna Case 19/98 and Sadar PS case 46/98 refer to him as a member of the BJP.  However, Pratap Sarangi the State Co-ordinator of the Bajrang Dal in his affidavit denied that Dara Singh was a member of the Bajrang Dal.  The State Government, however, did not choose to cross examine him on this point, nor did Mr. Sajal Das, advocate for the National Council for Churches suggest any question to contradict him.  The past association of Dara Singh with Bajrang Dal in the Go Raksha Samiti have also come to light.  His activities in the past have been in respect of the cow protection movement and aimed against Muslim cattle traders.  The Commission has scrutinized the evidence before it and especially the evidence of the associates of Dara Singh who were involved in the carnage at Manoharpur.  There is no evidence to suggest that any of the person involved in the crime, was in fact a member of either the Bajrang Dal or BJP or any organization.  There is nothing to suggest in the evidence before the Commission or in the investigation conducted by the crime branch and the CE3d thus far that there is involvement of any organisation even that of Bajrang Dal in the planning and the execution of the crime.

            In televised interview, Dara Singh has denied his involvement in the crime or his connection with any organisation.  He was interviewed by Binoy Bhushan Patnaik, a Journalist.  His inter-view was recorded on video.  This was shown on TV on 29th March, 1999 under the programme "Aaj Ki Baat" in the Star Plus Channel.  This video film was shown to witnesses which included police officers and they were asked if they could say that it was Dara Singh who gave the interview.  Only Purna Chandra Mahanta and Debendra Mahanta were able to identify Dara Singh as the person interviewed.  The English translation of his interview is as under :

"I am Dara Speaking.

Q:  One incident of missionary had happened in Manoharpur, What connection do you have with that incident?
A:  I have no connection at all. I was not aware and even now I do not know what had happened and when?

Q:  Then how your name has come in the frontline?
A:  Police has brought my name in the frontline and the press highlighted my name.

Q:  Now, as is presently appearing in papers, what is your connection with BJP, RSS and Bajrang Dal?
A:  I do not have any connection with any organisation.

Q:  Earlier it had come in a paper that if you are caught, you would offer a few lakh of rupees.  What do you say about it?
A: No. This may have been brought out by the press.  But I do not know till today. I did not have any contact with any correspondent about it.

Q:  O.K. If you do not have any connection with this incident, then why are you roaming about like this?  Why don't you come forward and confess that you are not involved in this incident?
A: Present circumstances are bad. CBI is investigating and Wadhwa Commission will also give its report then it will be made known.  If I am involved my name would definitely be there.  This will be known later.

Q:  O.K. If your name would come out, what are you thinking of doing?
A:  I am ready to surrender.  But my name will not be there because I do not have any connection.

Q:  O.K. When this incident occurred on January 22nd what were you doing and where were you?
A:  I was in Sarpada and was not knowing at all."

            If Dara Singh is so confident of his innocence, he would certainly have surrendered or appeared before the Commission when notice under Section 8-B of the Act was given to him.

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