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            After the incident, First Information Report (FIR) was lodged by Ralia Soren on 23rd January, 1999.  According to the case diary of the Police Station Anandpur, FIR was lodged on a plain paper at the site of the crime and was sent to the police station through Constable M. Rout for registration of the case under Sections 147/148/435/436/302/149 Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Sections 25 and 27 of the Arms Act.  It reached the police station at 2.00 p.m. Police Station Anandpur is located at a distance of 50 km. from Manoharpur.  In his report, Ralia Soren said-that as on the earlier occasions, this year also Jungle Mela was organised in Manoharpur from 20th January, 1999 to 24th January, 1999.  Graham Staines who lived in Baripada used to attend jungle mela.  He reached Manoharpur on 20th January, 1999 with his two sons Philip and Timothy.  Other persons also came from Baripada to participate in jungle mela.  All of them came in two vehicles.  Graham Staines and his two sons used to sleep in one of the two vehicles.  On the night of 22nd January, 1999, they similarly slept in the vehicle.  In the middle of the night at about 12 O'clock his wife woke him up after hearing the sound of breaking of the vehicles.  Ralia Soren and other neighbours came out of the houses and saw that more than 50 persons armed with lathis were banging the vehicles.  They set fire to the vehicles.  They threw stones towards them and when they protested, the miscreants threatened to kill them by brandishing lathis, Bhujali and guns.  Then the miscreants also set fire to the church house. Both the vehicles were completely burnt.  Graham Staines and his two sons died inside one of the vehicles.  Ralia Soren then said that one of the accused persons caught hold of his neck to kill him but he escaped from his clutches.  The incident was witnessed by persons belonging to Christian community and his neighbours.  He identified some of the miscreants and gave their names:

1. Lalit Marandi;
2. Subas Murmu;
3. Rabindra Marandi;
4. Sudam Murmu; and
5. Khitish Marandi.
            The miscreants after committing the crime, left shouting slogans "Bajrang Dal zindabad" and "Dara Singh Zindabad".  After they had left, Ralia Soren said he along with other Christians of the locality came to the spot and found Graham Staines and his two sons were completely burnt to death.  He said, two days prior to the incident, he had seen Dara Singh along with some other persons moving around in the village.  He believed that the crime was committed by Dara Singh and the supporters of the Bajrang Dal.  Ralia Soren then said that after the incident he first went to Thakurmunda Police Station at about 3 a.m. and reported the matter to Police Station in-charge who told him that he would inform all concerned in the morning and sent him to Anandpur Police Station.  Ralia Soren returned to village Manoharpur and found that Police Station In-charge Anandpur was already present there.  He then reported the matter.

            The fact that Graham Staines and his two sons were burnt to death while they were sleeping in vehicle ORM 1208 cannot be disputed and so also the fact that the other vehicle having Registration No. ORM 952 was also completely gutted.  There is no evidence that any of the miscreants was carrying a gun or used the same.  No one set fire to the church house.  FIR was recorded by Jayanta Kr.  Mohapatra.  He is officer-in-charge of Anandpur Police Station.  He was asked if the statement recorded in the FIR that miscreants set fire to the church house was correct.  He said it was a wrong statement.  He was then asked that since the FIR was prepared at the spot, did he ask Ralia Soren as to why he was making a false statement when he said that the church house was set on fire.  The answer was that he did not question Ralia Soren about it.  In his deposition before the Commission, Ralia Soren said that no harm was caused to the church.  He was then questioned as to why he stated in the FIR that the miscreants set fire to the church.  His answer was that he was in a state of shock at that time and did not know what was being recorded by the police officer.  He also said that the police had been inquiring from various persons about the incident right since the morning till the night when FIR was recorded.  Ralia Soren filed two affidavits before the Commission (Exhibit W-7/1 and W-7/2) Affidavit Exhibit W-7/1 is dated 7th March, 1999 and that Exhibit W-7/2 is dated 22nd March, 1999.  Second affidavit is in Oriya language and its English translation has also been brought on record.  Ralia Soren also appeared in the administrative inquiry conducted by the RDC (Revenue Divisional Commissioner) where he made his statement on 3rd February, 1999.  He was also examined by Mr. D.R. Karthikeyan, Director General, National Human Right Commission.  Then he was examined by the Crime Branch of Orissa Police which had taken over the investigation of the case from the local police.  Lastly, he was examined by the CBI to which organisation ultimately the investigation was transferred.  Ralia Soren gave conflicting statements as to identify the accused persons, nature of the slogans, his having known Dara Singh and his having at all witnessed the crime.

            Before the RDC, he stated that the miscreants had shouted slogans "Jai Bajrang Bali" and "Jai Dara Singh" while departing from the scene of crime.  He could not say who was responsible for the incident and who had killed Graham Staines and his two sons.  He could not identify any of the miscreants.  Before Mr. D.R. Karthikeyan, who submitted his report on 8th February, 1999, Ralia Soren said that in the FIR he had mentioned only two names, i.e., Sudam Murmu and Khitish Marandi.  He had also stated that he had no personal knowledge of the involvement of these persons but he named them because they were involved in an earlier incident of 5th January, 1999.  In this earlier incident, Khitish Marandi had objected to the playing of audio cassettes by the Christians during the marriage of one Bhartha Hansda, daughter of Bhimo Hansda, a Christian which matter at that time had been amicably sorted out.  Ralia Soren had also differed about the nature of slogans which he said he did not hear personally and heard from others that the mob had shouted "Bajrang Bali Ki Jai" and "Dara Singh Zindabad".  Before the Crime Branch, in the statement recorded on 7th Februry, 1999 under Section 161 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr.P.C.) Ralia Soren categorically stated that he could not identify any person in the mob.  He said that he had left the place immediately after being assaulted by some persons and went to the house of the village Mukhia, Nishikanta Pradhan to seek help and when he returned, it was all over.  The statement of Ralia Soren as recorded by the Crime Branch was also Video Taped which video was played in the Commission proceedings in the presence of Ralia Soren.  In his affidavit dated 17th March, 1999 (Exhibit W-7/1), Ralia Soren said that on the night of 22nd January, 1999 he was woken by his wife when she heard a deafening sound coming from outside.  He saw a lot of people with lathis banging the vehicle of Staines and on his protest, the mob caught hold of him and threatened him not to move.  When he went to meet Gram Rakhi, the latter refused to cooperate.  Ralia Soren said on his return he saw the villagers dowsing the flames of the vehicle.  He was shocked at the ghastly incident.  He stated he failed to understand why such a saintly person was killed in that manner.  That is all to his first affidavit.  In his affidavit (W-7/2) Ralia Soren stated that while he was trying to go near the vehicle, he saw Lalit Marandi, Rabindra Marandi and Subash Murmu of his village though he could not recognise others.

            The examination of Ralia Soren before the Commission was quite in detail.  He was confronted with various contradictions found in the FIR and his statements made to various agencies.  He stuck to his statement that he could identify Lalit Marandi, Rabindra Marandi and Subhash Murmu.  When confronted with the statements made to RDC and S. C. Bala, DSP of Crime Branch where these three names do not figure, Ralia Soren had an explanation.  He said that he was threatened by violent gestures through the window by Shankar Marandi and the father of Lalit Marandi, who is known as Madho Buddha.  Before S.C. Bala he said he did not give the names because of the presence of the outsiders, namely, Nishikanta Hembram and Shankar Marandi both of whom, he said, were inimical to him.  Earlier in his statement, Ralia Soren had said that he had cordial relations with Nishikanta Hembram who is the village headman and leader of the non-Christians of Manoharpur village.  Shankar Marandi, Nishikanta Hembram and Madhusudan Marandi in their statements before the Commission denied the version given by Ralia Soren that he was threatened or his relations were inimical with anyone of them.  About the other two names, Ralia Soren said these were given to him by Jasai Marandi who had come there while FIR was being recorded.  The statement of Ralia Soren was also recorded under Section 161 Cr.P.C. on by the CBI when he stated as under

"On being asked how the names of Dara Singh, Lalit Marandi, Subash Murmu, Rabindra Marandi, Sudam Murmu and Khitish Marandi appeared in my letter of complaint, I am to state that as I could not identify any person on the spot, I only told the 'Thana' Officer of Anandpur P.S. about the incident and as I told you earlier that I do not know how to write etc.  The 'Thana' Officer had reproduced it into writing and I merely signed on it, so I could not say how their names appeared in my complaint. I do remember that 'Thana' Officer of Anandpur P.S. had enquired from me on 23.01.1999 regarding the names of the Hindu persons having enmity/annoyance with the members of Christian Community and I remember that I told them about the names of the persons not having good terms with us that includes the aforesaid names.  As far as Dara Singh is concerned, I'm to state that I have told them that after committing the crime the mob chanted the slogan "Dara Singh Jindabad".
            Ralia Soren denied having told the police that the accused persons had also set fire to the Church.  He said he saw those three named persons while watching the scene of crime from a flower plant in front of the house of one Basi Tudu, a widow.  The house of Basi Tudu is on the opposite side of the church on the road but towards left side.  It was from here when Ralia Soren proceeded towards the church that he was caught hold of by two persons.  He could not identify any of those two persons.  Thereafter, Ralia Soren was not at the scene of the crime and he came back only after the mob had left.

            Peter Murmu is also a signatory to the FIR.  He said he did not know what the contents of the FIR were as he said that he was grieving at that time.  He said he had signed many papers and did not know what was written.  Mathai Marandi whose house is next to the Church could not say if Sudam Marandi and Khitish Marandi were present at the time of the incident.  He, however, identified Ojen Hansda and Chenchu Hansda.  S.C. Bala, DSP of the Crime Branch said that so far his investigation revealed, Lalit Marandi was not involved in the crime.  About other four named persons in the FIR he could not say as the investigation was not complete.  Loknath Behra, Superintendent of Police, CBI, in his statement was categorical that the five accused named in the FIR were not involved in the crime.  Loknath Behra even went to the extent of saying that Chaturbhuj Mahanta and Narendra Mahanta who have also been arrested as accused in the case were innocent of the crime.  Ralia Soren said he gave his statement to police after darkness had set in and there was light coming from lanterns, which had been lit.

            In his statement Binoy Kr.  Behra, DIG of Police (Western Range) who is based at Rourkela stated that after getting information of the crime, he reached Manoharpur at 4.30 p.m. in the afternoon of 23rd January, 1999.  Director General of Police, Panda and other Police Officers had already reached there.  He could not say as to when DGP reached Manoharpur.  Chief Minister also came to village Manoharpur on that day at about 5.30 p.m. and left at about 7.30 and 8.00 p.m. The Director General Police left around 9.30 or 10.00 p.m. The FIR had been written on a plain paper which was shown to him by the Sub-Divisional Police Officer at the spot after the DGP had left.  He asserted that he saw the original FIR on the plain paper which was shown to him by Mr. Jogendra Patnaik, Sub-Divisional Police Officer and Mr. Jayant Kumar Mohapatra, officer In-charge, Anandpur Police Station.  After having said all this, Mr. Behra added that he was not quite sure when he saw the FIR on the plain paper.  The fact, however, remains that he could have seen the FIR only after he had arrived at Manoharpur.  Jayant Mohapatra, however, said that he drew up the FIR at 9 a.m.  which was forwarded to the Police Station for registration of the case.  Similar is the statement of Jogendra Patnaik, SDPO, Anandpur.  M.K. Dwivedi, who was the acting SP of Keonjher District also said that plain paper FIR had been recorded before his arrival at Manoharpur.  He arrived there at 12.30 p.m. Jogendra Patnaik was confronted with the statement of Binoy Kumar Behra, DIG (WR) that he was shown the plain paper FIR after 9.30 or 10.00 p.m. by him.  He denied the same.  Ralia Soren has categorically stated that FIR was written after darkness had set in and lanterns were lit.  It would, therefore, appear that Binoy Kumar Behra, DIG (WR) is correct when he states that he saw the plain paper FIR after 9.30/10.00 p.m. It is, thus, clear that the FIR was drawn up only after the Chief Minister had left Manoharpur.  From all angles, it is a doctored FIR, a large part of which has been disowned by the informant himself and also has been shown to be false.

            On the strength of the statement given by Ralia Soren, FIR was registered as No. 9/99 P.S. Anandpur.  Investigation was first taken up by the local police.  On 29th January, 1999 investigation was entrusted to the Crime Branch and was taken over by it on 2nd February 1999.  On 25th February, 1999 State of Orissa issued a notification under Section 6 of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946 giving consent to the extension of powers and jurisdiction of the members of the Delhi Police Establishment for investigation of the case.  On 26th March, 1999, Central Government in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension (Department of Personnel and Training) issued a notification under Section 5 read with Section 6 of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946 after referring to the notification dated 25th February, 1999 of the State of Orissa extending the powers and jurisdiction of the members of the Delhi Special Police Establishment for investigation of the case relating to the alleged murder of Australian missionary Staines and his two minor sons in village Manoharpur of Keonjhar District of Orissa and at tempt, abetment and conspiracy in relation to or in connection with the offences under Sections 147, 148, 149, 435, 436, 302 of Indian Penal Code and under Section 25/27 of Arms Act, 1959 and any other offence or offences committed in the course of same transaction or arising out of the same facts".  Thus CBI came into picture and it took over the investigation of the case from the Crime Branch on 29th March, 1999 when a formal RC No. 7/S/99-Cal was registered.

            By the time the case was taken over by the Crime Branch, local police had arrested 51 persons alleged to be involved in the crime.  They were sent to judicial custody, police not asking for police remand even for a single day.  Crime Branch did not find any case against any of them.  For 44 of them Crime Branch sought their release under Section 169 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.  However, the High Court of Orissa released the 44 accused on bail by order dated 20th March, 1999.  They were released on the following day.  Crime Branch was about to file another application for release of remaining 7 accused persons but in the meantime CBI took over the investigation.  Then 7 persons were also released on bail on an application filed by the CBI.  It would thus appear that 51 persons underwent agony of going into judicial custody for two months or more.  Though initially the State Government took a great deal of pride that police arrested as many as 51 accused showing the efficiency and promptness of the police but ultimately subsequent events showed that in the State of Orissa as far as these 51 persons are concerned there was no rule of law.  Prakash Mishra (DIG) in his supervision note had stated categorically that there was no evidence in respect of all the five FIR named accused persons or the 51 persons arrested by the local police.

            The question then arises in view of the contradictions, which make the FIR a false document what was the motivating force behind it?  And why as many as 51 innocent persons arrested between 23rd to 28th January, 1999?

            Answers to these questions are not far to seek.  State Government was rattled by the gravity of the crime.  To divert attention from its own failure to maintain law and order and to protect the innocent and then to slow 'speedy and decisive' action, a false picture is presented.

            The police went berserk.  It does appear that the police arrested these 51 persons when even the investigation did not make any headway.  B.K. Behra, DIG of Police (Western Range) Rourkela, camped at Manoharpur from 23rd January, 1999 to 28th January, 1999 by which time 51 persons had been arrested.  He had no time to oversee the investigation.  He said he was looking after the law and order situation.  Evidence has come on record that there was no animosity between the Christian and non-Christian tribals living in the village.  All the police officers of whatever rank, it would appear, were looking after the security of the VIPs, who had swarmed to the site which included the Chief Minister of the State.  There was no control over the public visiting the site of the crime.  The place of occurrence had not been properly barricaded.  VIPs were allowed all over the place.  If there was any investigation on 23rd January, 1999 it was completely hampered by the visits of the VIPs.  In fact investigation was kept on hold on that day.  All the clues had not been gathered.  A half burnt wristwatch (Photo marked as Exh.-X) was recovered from vehicle ORM 1208 on 25th January, 1999 by Gurudas Dasgupta, MP, who lead the team of MPs to Manoharpur.  Gurudas Dasgupta, M.P., handed over the watch so recovered by him to the Hon'ble President of India when he met him along with A.B. Bardhan and others.  President of India wrote a letter on 23rd February, 1999 to the Home Minister, which is as under: -

"Dear Shri Advaniji,

            Shri Gurudas Das Gupta, MP accompanied by Shri A.B. Bardhan, General Secretary of the CPI, Shri J. Chittaranjan and Shri D. Raja met me this evening, regarding the death of Rev. Staines and his two sons in Manoharpur, Orissa on the night of 22.1.1999. Shri Dasgupta told me that he had visited the scene of the tragedy shortly after its occurrence and recovered from the charred vehicle a wristwatch, presumably belonging to Rev. Staines.  He wondered how a piece of evidence like the watch could have remained uncollected by the investigating authorities.  He showed me the watch and asked if he could give it to me to be passed on to the right quarters. I responded by saying that it would be more appropriate if it were to be handed over by him to those authorities who are directly involved with the investigation into the crime.  Shri Dasgupta indicated that he would meet you in this connection.

            I thought I should apprise you of this discussion.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,
(K.R. Narayanan)"

By letter dated 25th February, 1999 Central Government in the Ministry of Home Affairs sent the said wristwatch to the Commission.  This letter is as under :-

"No. 39/9/99-NIMC
Government of India/Bharat Sarkar
Ministry of Home Affairs/Grih Mantralaya
North Block, New Delhi

25th February, 1999

The Secretary
Justice Wadhwa Commission of Enquiry,
8, Motilal Nehru Marg,

Sub: Object found at the site of killing of Mr. Stewart Staines at village Manoharpur.


            I am directed to enclose herewith an object which appears to be a burnt out watch.  The object was handed over to the Home Minister by Shri Gurudas Dasgupta and Shri D. Raja, Members of Parliament.  They have informed the Home Minister that they recovered this object from the site of the killing of Mr. Staines during their recent visit to Manoharpur, District Keonjhar, Orissa.  It is their contention that the investigation is not being conducted properly by the State Police as they should have found the object during their preliminary investigations.

            I am to request you to kindly look into this aspect and enquire as to why this object was not retrieved in the course of the initial investigation.  You may like to contact the concerned MPs for fuller details.

Yours faithfully,

(Sandeep Bagchee)
Joint Secretary"

            Secretary to the Commission handed over the watch to the Crime Branch on 9th March, 1999 under a seizure memo.

            The watch stopped at 12.32. On the day of the occurrence local police had recovered one completely burnt table clock with hands stopped at 12.15, a burnt canon camera and other articles like scissors, spoons, coins, etc. from the vehicle ORM 1208.

            Though Jayant Mohapatra, OIC, Anandpur and B.C. Biswal, Scientific Officer, District Forensic Laboratory, Keonjhar stated that they had properly searched both the vehicles and recovered all the articles yet a half burnt wrist watch was recovered by Gurudas Dasgupta, MP, which has been identified by Gladys Staines to be that of her husband.  It would, therefore, be apparent that immediate investigation was not thorough and important evidence and vital clues were allowed to be lost.

            Investigation thereafter was conducted in depth by the Crime Branch and then by the CBI.  S.C. Bala, DSP, Crime Branch, who was investigating the case recorded the statements of about 60 witnesses under Section 161 Cr.P.C. and two of them under Section 164 Cr.P.C. He arrested six persons. 51 persons were already in judicial custody before he took over.  S.C. Bala said that statement of Ralia Soren under Section 161 Cr.P.C. was voluntarily made and he recorded the same on video as well.  This video (Exh.-A) was screened in the Commission's proceedings.  Since S.C. Bala had made substantial progress in the investigation, he was asked if he could state on the basis of his investigation as to what could be the motive behind the killings of Staines and his two children.  His answer is as under: -

"The motive appeared to be that non-Christian people were aggrieved on the ground that Christian fathers/missionaries who are converting the people to Christianity in a deceitful manner by giving allurements."
            S.C. Bala also said that his investigation' revealed that the killing was the work of Dare Singh with the help of some of his supporters.

            Loknath Behra, SP, CBI, who was in charge of the case, submitted that CBI recorded the statements of as many as 89 witnesses under Section 161 Cr.P.C. and of one accused under Section 164 Cr.P.C. When he appeared before the Commission on 20th May, 1999 he said 80% of the investigation was complete.  CBI arrested five accused in the course of its investigation.  Various articles recovered by the local police on 23rd January, 1999 were sent immediately for inspection.  These were sent by the CBI after it took over the Investigation.  A report was obtained from the CFSL regarding inspection of these articles. Loknanth Behra also said that the investigation so far conducted revealed that the crime was perpetrated by Dara Singh as the principal conspirator.  He said all the aspects of the case would, however, emerge after Dara Singh was arrested and that the motive could be pinpointed after his arrest.  He added that the investigation so far conducted revealed that Dara Singh took his accomplices for the crime that "let us go and assault the Christian missionaries who have come to Manoharpur as they are indulging in conversion of innocent tribals to Christianity and are spoiling our religion and culture".  Behra was also of the view that till investigation was complete "it may not be possible for me to name any organisation or party, who may be behind this carnage".

            B.B. Panda, who was DGP at the relevant time, was asked if he suspected on reasonable basis any political protection or motive or interference insofar as the incident was concerned and also the case for the non-arrest of Dara Singh.  His answer was "I do not suspect".

            Inquest of the three dead bodies of Staines and his two children was done by Jayant Kumar Mohapatra, OIC, Anandpur P.S. He recorded the cause of death as due to burning by fire.  Post Mortem on the dead bodies was conducted by Dr. N.K. Mohanty, which indicated that "all the three died due to death by burning".  His opinion regarding the death in respect of the three is as under :-

"(i)  The presence of carbon soot in the respiratory passage indicates that the deceased was living in the event of burn.

(ii)  No definite opinion as to the time of death can be given in absence of usual P.M. changes.  However, the death has occurred within about 6 hours from taking the last principal meal.

(iii)  Death was due to combined effect of shock and suffocation resulting from burn."

It is thus apparent that Staines and his two children wore burnt alive.

            B.C. Biswal, Scientific Officer visited the place of occurrence on 23rd January, 1999.  He took photographs of the vehicles and the dead bodies lying therein.  These photographs are exhibited as W-15/3 but those are black and white photographs and the dead bodies are not at all discernible.  Commission wished that better photographs and preferably coloured photographs could have been taken by Biswal as lie was tile first scientific officer to reach tile spot for forensic report.

            A report was, therefore, obtained from the State Forensic Science Laboratory which was given by Dr. B.D. Pradhan, Assistant Director, Physics Division, SFSL, Bhubaneshwar and P.C. Mandal, Scientific Officer.  They visited the spot on 2nd February, 1999 and submitted their report on 9th February, 1999.  Their opinion is as under :-

"(i) Since the two vehicles wore diesel vehicles and their front portions were less damaged duo to fire and the two vehicles caught fire simultaneously, the probability of generation of fire from the engine compartment due to battery short circuit is ruled out.

(ii)  When no remnants of any incriminating substance which can produce fire could be detected either from the surroundings or from the debris's of the two vehicles, the possibility of fire being produced due to any explosive substance is also ruled out.

(iii)  The detection of ashes of straw inside the vehicles indicate that the bunches of straw had acted as one of the burning agents.

(iv)  The detection of molten mass of metal and glass indicate that the burning was very severe and very high temperature had been generated during the burning.

(v)  Since the two vehicles were having metal bodies and the burning was very severe it is suspected that some kind of highly inflammable substance like petrol or diesel or kerosene has been used as an accelerant of fire.

(vi)  During spot visit the fuel tank caps of both the vehicles were found in closed and screwed condition, so the possibility of fuel from the vehicles being taken out and used in the burning is quite remote.

(vii)  The I.O. during his spot visit had seized one burnt table clock which was stopped at 12.15 hours from the vehicle ORM-1208.  From this it is ascertained that the occurrence took place around 12 O'clock in the night of 22.1.1999.

(viii)  The I.O. had also seized some stone pieces from the village road, inside the Church etc. which indicates that there was pelting of stones during the occurrence of the crime.

(ix)  During the course of burning of the vehicle ORM-952 the ignition key of the vehicle might have got short circuited causing the vehicle to be pushed forward a little distance if parked in front gear position.

(x)  The I.O. is advised to send the material objects marked as A,B,C,D,F,G and H to FSL for detection of residues of petrol or diesel or kerosene oil, if any.

(xi)  From observation of the spot and the two burnt vehicles it is opined that it is a case of arson done by some miscreants by setting fire to the vehicles."

Again report of Dr. B.D. Pradhan regarding the possibility of use of any firearms was obtained.  Dr. Pradhan gave his opinion as under: -
"(i)  Since no remnants of any incriminating substance of fire arm discharge could be detected either from the debris of the two vehicles, body and floor of the two vehicles or from the surroundings no opinion could be formed regarding the possibility of use of fire arm to kill the deceased persons prior to the burning of the vehicles.

(ii)  The sound heard by the Inmates of the near house may be due to the burning and explosion of tyro and tubes of both the vehicles burning of the diesel tanks or metallic detachment during the arson."

The report of the Central Forensic Science Laboratory an the articles seized from the site on the date of the crime indicates the presence of diesel in the various exhibits sent for testing on the basis of analysis by Gas Liquid Chromatograph.  This, However, does not Indicate that diesel was used for putting the vehicles on fire.

Both S.C. gala of Crime Branch and Loknath Behra of CBI produced case diaries before the Commission in sealed covers.

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