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HVK Archives: Deepak Chopra finds way of expressing truth

Deepak Chopra finds way of expressing truth - The Times of India

P. K. Kutty ()
March 11, 1998

Title: Deepak Chopra finds way of expressing truth in Vedic tradition
Author: P. K. Kutty
Publication: The Times of India
Date: March 11, 1998

It was indeed an enchanting evening at the, India Habitat Centre
as promised in the invitation for a Deepak Chopra evening jointly
organised on Monday by the Heart Care foundation and the India
Habitat Centre.

The glitterati and the litterati were there - sure indications
that the upper middle class here closely follows all the
developments in the literary world of the West. Dr Deepak Chopra
is now a renowned author and speaker and is known for the able
way he combines the Vedic wisdom with the discoveries in quantum
physics to establish rucial connection between mind, body
spirit and healing."

As he began to unravel the mystery of the body, mind and soul, he
admitted that he was not presenting anything new; "in the long
conversation with himself he found a new way of expressing the
truth in the Vedic tradition.

Having lived in a predatory environment and accustomed to the
"fight or flight" impulses man's ways became predatory. Man has
become the most dangerous animal with a history of wars, racism,
bigotry and violence. Of all animals man alone polluted the

The concept of a biological evolution, he said, s outdated."
Now the talk is about the "evolution of consciousness.
wareness is the raw material in this evolutionary process and
a map laying out the evolutionary journey of man has already been
known to the rishis.

In this information age he expects an overthrow of the
uperstition" of materialism. Quantum physics and the Vedas are
bringing to the realisation that the material realm is unreal.
The senses, Dr Chopra concludes with examples, do not provide an
accurate picture of Reality. We are in the throes of a discovery
that the essential nature of the material world is not 'material'
after all. In the evolutionary journey the human race is to
attain a 'critical mass' in a decade or so when he foresees an
end of poverty, racism, wars and other evils.

Man's mind he says is spread over every cell in his body, and the
real person extends beyond the, physical body. Such a
formulation and also discoveries relating to origin of human
thoughts have implications for health. For instance the real
risk factors in heart attacks according to research findings in
the U S were not cholesterol or other physiological elements, but
deeper traits like hostility, resentment and job dissatisfaction.

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