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HVK Archives: The BJP can speak the RSS language

The BJP can speak the RSS language - Out look

Rajesh Joshi ()
March 16, 1998

Title: he BJP can speak the RSS language
Author: Rajesh Joshi
Publication: Out look
Date: March 16, 1998

How do you justify the BJP joining hands with scam-tainted
politicians like Sukh Ram and Jayalalitha?

Everyone agrees that politics should be free of criminals. But
practically everyone indulges in the politics of booth-capturing.
So, should only the BJP stick to principles? When in a war one
must remember the Mahabharat. All Kaurav generals were killed by
unjust methods. Even in the Ramayana, Ram killed Ravana by
hitting him in the abhi' which was prohibited in war. But if
you want to defeat the enemy, you will have to adopt those
methods. The only danger is that these people (the BJP) might
make it a habit. They should not change their character. Today it
is a compulsion because even the Congress is trying to join hands
with Jayalalitha. Kuch to rajneeti ka khel khelna padega.

With allies pulling in different directions the BJP will have to
put "contentious" issues like Ram Janmabhoomi, Article 370 and
the uniform civil code under wraps, despite your advice not to go
soft on Hindutva?

Yes, we said the BJP should not dilute Hindutva. But if the
government is to be run with consensus, some issues have to be
put on the back-burner. This doesn't mean we are going back on
our ideology. The foremost task today is to form the government.
How can they fulfil (those promises) when there is no absolute

Some broad agreement has to be worked out on issues like the Ram

You have always maintained that Kashi and Mathura are related to
Hindu self-respect. So why does the BJP shy away from this

It is not possible for a political party to speak our language.
The BJP is a political party and they have not taken up the Kashi-
Mathura issue immediately ... it's fine. The attitude of the
Muslims has changed considerably after the imam of Kaba said
Muslims should not insist on a masjid at a disputed place.
Whenever Hindus go to Kashi and Mathura, they develop a negative
feeling about the Muslims because they see masjids alongside the

The BJP has promised a review of the Constitution in its
manifesto. Does the Constitution need change?

Many senior academics have expressed a view that the Constitution
needs to be reviewed and that the government should set up a
commission to do so. The experience of the last 50 years should
be reviewed. There is Article 356 (which authorises the Centre to
dismiss a state government)-affected governments will say it
should be changed. Then Article 30, which provides special rights
to the minorities, is wrong. But all these things cannot be
accomplished without a majority.

How do you analyse the three consecutive fractured mandates?

The political and electoral processes we have adopted do not suit
the nature of Bharat. The same set-up continued even after the
British left. Our concept of the relationship between the powers
that be and society is different from that of the West. Advaniji
had many years ago suggested the list method, according to which
parties should be allotted seats on the basis of the percentage
of vote they get. The larger the percentage of vote, the bigger
the seat share. Only, the party will have to announce the names
of candidates beforehand.

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