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HVK Archives: RSS attacks missionaries for iding Mizo rebels

RSS attacks missionaries for iding Mizo rebels - Asian Age

Venkatesh Kesari ()
March 22, 1998

Title: RSS attacks missionaries for iding Mizo rebels
Author: Venkatesh Kesari
Publication: Asian Age
Date: March 22, 1998

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has charged mission aries in
Mizoram and the Mizoram armed constabulary with backing militant
organisations who raped and killed Hindu Reang women because the
community members refused to convert to Christianity.

It also charged that the Karunanidhi government "pampered"
subversive forces in blast-hit Coimbatore.

"The situation demands that the entire Hindu society should rise
in protest to force the Centre to act to knock secular sense into
the head of the Mizoram government;' said the RSS annual report,
1997-98, presented at its ongoing all India delegates conference
at Chennenahalli in Karnataka on Friday.

The report, presented by the Sangh's sarkaryavaha, Mr H.V.
Seshadri, said Hindus belonging to Reang Janajatis in Mizoram
"have been for long subject to various kinds of coercive tactics
by the self-declared Christian government of Mizoram." It charged
that 23 temples of the Reangs were destroyed during 1997.

"But when they still resisted conversion, a couple of Mizo
terrorist organisations, abetted by Christian missionaries, and
in league with the State Armed Constabulary, let loose a terrible
spree of looting, burning, killing and raping of Reang ladies,
and driving nearly 31,000 of them out of the state," the report
charged, adding, "Mizoram, just like other Christian majority
states in the Northeast, has for the umpteenth time shown what a
terrible fate awaits its Hindu minority population if they refuse
to get converted to Christianity."

On the Reang women, the report continued, "Those helpless people
are now forced to take shelter in the forests of the border areas
of Assm and Tripura. There, they are literally under the
crossfire of all the three governments - the latter two
determined not to allow 'outsiders' into their states."

Praising the voluntary organisation VKA for organising relief
camps for the tribals, the report said that "while the Tripura
government supplied rice to about 20,000 persons, the Assam
government supplied just blankets and kept quiet." The report
called for the establishment of an autonomous district council
for the Reangs as has been done in the case of other hilly
Janajatis in Assam and Tripura.

Regarding the Coimbatore bomb blasts, the report said, "No words
can suffice to denounce the dastardly bomb attacks there which
have taken a heavy toll of over 60." Declaring that it was "clear
as daylight" that BJP leader L.K. Advani was the "prime target of
the assassination plot," the report noted: "That such a dangerous
plot could be hatched against a person about whom maximum alert
has been repeatedly sounded by both the Central and Tamil Nadu
intelligence agencies has only shown to what a disastrous extent
such subversive forces, pamper, all along by the DMK government,
have been emboldened to act."

"Literally millions of Sangh Swayamsevaks, sisters and mothers,
together with crores of patriotic and nationalist-minded
countrymen, heaved a sigh of intense relief and offered gratitude
to the Almighty for saying Shri Advaniji from the brush of
death," Mr Seshadri said, reading out the report. "I hope the
DMK government will at least now wake up and take stem measures
to liquidate such forces," he said. The report criticised the
Jammu and Kashmir government for the massacre of 23 Hindus by
insurgents in the Kashmir valley. "It has once again exposed the
hollowness of the Jammu and Kashmir movement's propaganda that
the atmosphere there has become normal enough for the uprooted
Hindu families to return," it said.

It said there has been "a general climate of lawlessness all over
the country, indicating the stark absence of any governing power
at the Centre all these days. This had encouraged the internal
saboteurs, aided by hostile agencies like the ISI, to indulge in
a series of bomb blasts right in our national capital, Bombay,
Calcutta and in trains and elsewhere in Tamil Nadu." In its final
section, titled "Birth Pangs of a Historic Event," the report
concluded that the situation still did not call for despair
because the emerging trends signified the "eventual birth of a
strong, effulgent, Hindu entity shedding off the debris of the

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