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Shunted Out - India Today

Bhaskar Paul ()
March 30, 1998

Title: Shunted Out
Author: Bhaskar Paul
Publication: India Today
Date: March 30, 1998

Jyotirmoy Mondal's transfer order last week would have been seen
as a routine exercise, were it not for the fact that he is the
principal accountant general who last year initiated the probe
into unauthorised holding of personal ledger accounts (PLAS) in
the state. It had upset the West Bengal Government's tall claims
to financial propriety. Mondal's abrupt transfer, many believe,
means that the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) is also
susceptible to political interference. Sympathisers in the CAG
not only entertained periodic visits from senior officials of the
Jyoti Basu Government, but may have caused the delay in tabling
of the final report. It now appears that the report, supposed to
have been tabled in February, may not be made public until after
the panchayat elections in the state due for May. Mondal,
insiders say, may be paying the price for trying to take his
investigation to a logical conclusion.

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