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HVK Archives: Corruption complaints had last breath at Gujaral's door

Corruption complaints had last breath at Gujaral's door - Jansatta

Sushil Kumar Singh ()
March 19, 1998

Title: Corruption complaints had last breath at Gujaral's door
Author: Sushil Kumar Singh
Publication: Jansatta
Date: March 19, 1998

New Delhi 18th March. The complaints of serious nature of
corruption against the several Central Ministers and bureaucrats
had last breath at the door of Prime Minister, Shri Inder Kumar
Gujaral. The most talked "Anti Corruption Cell" at Prime
Minister's office had disfate. The number of complaints which
were of serious nature numbering about 30, could not be dealt by
this Cell and hence they decided to forward them to Shri Gujaral
for his perusal and necessary action. These complaints were those
which carried certain documentary evidences but the Prime
Minister just sat over the complaints and fate of these
complaints are yet to be known.

Out of thses complaints, many were against the Ministers of
different States. In one of the case, one Minister of particular
State has done burglary in Public Distribution System in his
rural area. Under this system, for supply of flour (Atta), the
Minister has ordered that wheat should be given to a particular
flour Mill for making atta, which belongs to one of his relative.
This particular complaint alongwith documentary evidence was sent
to Anti Corruption Cell of P.M.0. Anti Corruption Cell in turn
forwarded this complaint for the perusal of the Prime Minister,
Shri I.K. Gujaral which was held up. According to sources the
complaints received from different States, most of them were from
Rajasthan (BJP) and Assam (i.e. constituent of United Front,
A.G.P.). The complaints regarding Central Minister had direct
attack on U.F.

In last year in Aaugust, the Prime Minister Shri I.K.Gujaral
suddenly declared that this office will have a cell called "Anti
Corruption Cell". Nevertheless there was no preparation made by
P.M.0. in advance for this cell. But after few days it was
announced that said cell had started functioning. The Principal
Secretary to the Prime Minister, Mr. N.N. Vohrawas asked to keep
a watch and supervise the cell. There were only three officers in
the Cell consisting one Joint Secretary and one Director.. The
arrangement was almost informal. Since this announcement was
made by the Prime Minister, people started sending complaints of
corruption to this office. This Cell more or less worked as
postman. The complaints received in last 7 months were about 3000
in number and most of them were of ordinary nature or unclear.
Many of the letters souught transfer for somebody or cast
aspertion on his boss for harrasement. In some of the letters,
the people even demanded money from the government.. The letters
which had clear and solid complaints were about 1800. The said
cell in turn registered these complaints in their computer and
forwarded all of them to the respective departments for necessary
action. It may be noted that even when this cell was not
existing, even then the P.M.0.. used to get the complaints and
acted in the same manner as this cell did.

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