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  • Buddhist concept of wealth
    • Sita Arunthavanathan - Daily News, Sri Lanka. - August 27, 1999
        >>>Writers of western orientation have levelled accusations againstBuddhism as a religion responsible for Asian poverty. Except forJapan, the other Buddhist counties including Sri Lanka are categorizedunder the term 'suffering from poverty'. They attribute this to theteachings of impermanence (anitya) which according to them discourage.....
  • Whose culture is it, anyway?
    • Jamal Ahmad Anjum - DAWN Magazine, Karachi - August 22, 1999
        >>>GRACE, charm, beauty, social behaviour, even principles are said to berelative, and differ from country to country. They always refer tosomething, in one way or the other, in corresponding terms. Suchsociological patterns help make an individual - the basic unit of anysociety - what he is. Thus, religion and culture are said to be the.....
  • IB suspects Dawood-Osama tie-up for terror campaign
    • S Hussain in Bombay - Rediff on Net - August 21, 1999
        >>>Islamic terrorism may acquire a new, more dangerous dimension on theIndian subcontinent with two most wanted fugitives -- Osama bin Ladenand Dawood Ibrahim -- reportedly joining hands. According to a senior officer in the Bombay office of the IntelligenceBureau, gangster Dawood and his man Friday Chhota Shakeel, who are.....
  • 'The method followed at Siachen is irrelevant in Kargil'
    • Major General Ashok K Mehta - Rediff on Net - August 18, 1999
        >>>Kargil has revived two dormant issues: counterinsurgency, CIS and defending LoC inKargil. The first feeds on the second. The diversion of troops from the valley toKargil disturbed the CIS grid carefully set up over the last ten years though theRashtriya Rifles, RR have filled some of the voids. Pakistan used Kargil as adiversion to pump in large number of Taliban into J&K. .....
  • Burden of proof
    • Varsha Bhosle - Rediff on Net - August 16, 1999
        >>>June 13, 1997: "...on June 6, you couldn't have missed the day's top story on MajorAvatar Singh being arrested for his involvement in the murder of J&K human rightsactivist Jalil Andrabi... If Andrabi's was a custodial death, we can guess whathappened. But what I'd like to know is, what had provoked the army to pull the lawyerin for questioning? No newspaper has bothered to investigate. We're told that the.....
  • 'Sonia's running scared of losing in Amethi'
    • Amberish K Diwanji - Rediff - August 18, 1999
        >>>So what was all that drama about Congress president Sonia Gandhi contesting fromthis, that and the other constituency?Ask Congress leaders and you get nothing satisfactory. Try again, ask them why Gandhiwent for Bellary when Amethi, her late husband's constituency, is ready and waiting.Was it because that constituency goes to the polls in the latter part of September.....
  • PM's address to the Nation
    • Editorial - Daily Excelsior - August 17, 1999
        >>>Prime Minister AB Vajpayee during his address to the nation from the ramparts of RedFort on the occasion of 53 Independence Day makes it amply clear that nationalsecurity occupies top priority. He elaborates the same by informing the nation thatAgni-II missile is being mass produced for induction in the Army. This missile wastest fired after the previous Governments capped it for almost five years. The.....
  • Vajpayee's truth : Akhand Bharat
    • Sandhya Jain - The Pioneer - August 17, 1999
        >>>When the first BJP-led coalition was sworn-in last year, Congressmen proposed afunny though inane cliché - that Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the 'rightman in the wrong party'. The fact that it sounded witty and no doubt riled the Sanghparivar must have lent it legitimacy in the eyes of 'secular' commentators and socialscientists, for I have heard it repeated mindlessly over the past year. .....
  • Bombs defused, catastrophe averted
    • UNI - Rediff on Net - August 17, 1999
        >>>Prompt action by the army and railway staff led to the timely defusion of twopowerful bombs kept by suspected National Democratic Front of Bodoland militants on abroad gauge rail bridge west of Kaithalkuchi railway station in Nalbari district ofAssam last night. Official sources today said a party of gangmen noticed suspicious objects attached to.....
  • Christians organizations get lion's share of foreign funds
    • Inder Sawhney - Times of India - August 16, 1999
        >>>NEW DELHI: Christian missionaries and alliedgroups continue to be largest recipients offoreign funds. They received Rs 15.88 crore(75.69 per cent of the total foreign funds) inApril-June this year compared with Rs 11.41 crore.....
  • India Today poll gives big victory for BJP, allies
    • The Times of India News Service - Times of India - August 14, 1999
        >>>NEW DELHI: An opinion poll conducted by IndiaToday-Insight has come to more or less the sameconclusion as The Times of India poll.The India Today poll gives the BJP and its allies322 to 336 seats in the coming elections. This is.....
  • In Kargil's afterglow: BJP & allies are on a roll
    • K Balakrishnan and GVL Narasimha Rao - Times of India - August 14, 1999
        >>>NEW DELHI: Filing of nominations is on, andserious campaigning is yet to begin, but it isbecoming clear that the BJP-led alliance is wellon the way to a big win in the forthcoming LokSabha elections......
  • It's Sonia's competence, not foreign origin, that is the issue
    • K Balakrishnan and GVL Narasimha Rao - Times of India - August 14, 1999
        >>>NEW DELHI: When after the fall of the Vajpayeegovernment last April Sonia Gandhi had staked herclaim for prime ministership, it set the stagefor a new phase of polarisation in Indianpolitics - between Prime Minister Atal Behari.....
    • Editorial. - The Statesman - August 15, 1999
        >>>Sonia tries again to scuttle BoforsIT seems easy to get under the skin of the Congress President andprime ministerial hopeful, Sonia Gandhi; journalists at the pressconference to release the party manifesto did it repeatedly andwithout apparent effort. She tried to make up for lack of substance by.....
  • Islamised Pak army believes Jihad is military salvation to
    • Major General Ashok K Mehta - Rediff - August 15, 1999
        >>>There is no difference between the best and worst oftimes in the context of military to military relationsbetween India and Pakistan. At one level, it is a ratherstrange relationship when senior retired militaryofficers of both countries who studied in the former.....
  • The autonomy virus
    • Arvind Lavakare - Rediff on Net - August 11, 1999
        >>>The autonomy virus would seem to have suddenly spread from Kashmir toKancheepuram. The symptom was the two-day state autonomy conferenceheld in that city in Tamil Nadu in the last week of July. The hosts,the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazagham (a tiny constituent of theVajpayee-led government) came out with a state autonomy declaration.....
  • Other myths to "internalise"
    • Varsha Bhosle - Rediff on Net - August 9, 1999
        >>>"Only those whose heart beats for the Sangh Parivar willtake the Wadhwa Commission's findings on the murder ofAustralian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons inOrissa earlier this year at their face value. Any suchbestiality may have a single individual pressing the.....
  • In Manoharpur, Graham Staines is just a distant memory
    • Bibhuti Mishra in Bhubaneshwar - Rediff on Net - August 7, 1999
        >>>An early morning shower had left the village main street sodden and anovercast sky gave the place a rather gloomy and sleepy look. It wasdifficult to believe that this nondescript and peaceful village ofManoharpur had witnessed one of the most ghastly crimes in recentyears -- the Graham Staines murder -- just a little over six months.....
  • BJP coalition heading for majority: Opinion Poll
    • Posted by Ashok Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in) - Outlook - August 8, 1999
  • Setting Wrong Precedents
    • Seshadri Chari - Organiser - August 8, 1999
        >>>HAVING met with total failure in driving the Vajpayee Government tothe wall on the political front the exasperated Opposition is nowtrying to hit the PM from behind the shield of various constitutionalbodies. Government's telecom policy has since become the main ploy of this.....
  • Making Genocide a Non Event
    • Posted by Ashok Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in) - Kashmir Sentinel - June 16 - 31 July, 1999
        >>>"It is the greatest service done by an institution created to upholdhuman rights towards the cause of Political Terrorism. The judgementhas imparted a secular legitimacy to a militant movement which theentire world now recognises as Pan-Islamic terrorism", these were theinitial reactions of the Chairman of Political Affairs of Panun.....
  • Honours like nishan-e-pakistan are trivialities before love
    • Vikram Gokhale - Maharashtra Times - July 20, 1999
        >>>I am deliberately and purposely avoiding use of normal mode ofaddressing a letter in this communication. The reason is obvious. Therespect for your art has given way to deep indignation. What you havebeen doing in respect of the honour of Nishan-E-Pakistan bestowed onyou by the enemy nation during the last 15 days, is not only.....
  • Wadhwa report rules out any involvement of Hindu outfits
    • PTI - The Times of India - August 6, 1999
        >>>The Wadhwa Commission, which probed the gruesome murder of anAustralian missionary Graham Steins and his two sons in Orissa inJanuary, is understood to have ruled out the involvement of any Hinduoutfit in the crime.The commission's 300-page re-port was made public on Thursday after.....
  • Cong bowed to foreign pressure: BJP
    • Observer Political Bureau - The Observer - July 27, 1999
        >>>Introduction: 'Severe cuts imposed on defence expenditure'The BJP on Monday charged the Congress with succumbing to "foreignpressure" when it was in power and seriously "compromising" 1ndia'snational security by "imposing severe cuts on defence expenditure."The BJP also asserted that since 1947 the Congress Governments had.....
  • Terror web
    • Arup Chanda - Mid-Day - July 26, 1999
        >>>The arrest of the imam of a mosque at Rishra, Hooghly district, hasrevealed the extent of the operations of Pakistan's Inter-ServicesIntelligence (ISI) in the country's eastern and north-eastern region.On Wednesday, five youths from Manipur who had come in search of ImamZakir Hussain Noori, were picked up by the police. During.....
  • Clergy's demand for adequate representation creates havoc
    • T K Devasia - The Observer - July 27, 1999
        >>>Introduction: Christian from Kerala term it as an unchristian moveThe demand for proportional representation for religious communitiesmade by the Kerala Catholic Federation has created flutters in thepolitical and social circles in Kerala.The call made at the Visala Catholic conference held at Kottayam on.....
  • Lessons from Kargil
    • Ganesh Natarajan - Mid-Day - July 15, 1999
        >>>The absorbing tales of Kargil have brought the nation together likenever before, with Indians from every strata of society bondingtogether to support the brave soldiers fighting on the craggy peaks.In our own organisation, we suggested a month into a conflict thatevery employee should consider donating a part of their salary to the.....
  • Parroting the Pak line
    • T.V. R. Shenoy - The Indian Express - July 29, 1999
        >>>Introduction: When the Congress crosses the LoCIn her bid to win power, Sonia Gandhi has been striking up alliancesleft, right and centre. (Especially 'Left'!) But there is no realconvergence of views between her and the likes of Jayalalitha, JyotiBasu and Laloo Prasad Yadav. (The former is the woman who rhetorically.....
  • Injecting politics in Kargil counter-productive
    • Virendra Kapoor - The Free Press Journal - July 28, 1999
        >>>Natwar Singh has got company. Legal eagle Kapil Sibal is nowfuriously engaged in trying to make the mini war in Kargil a greatdefeat for India. And, oh boy, how the Government and the BJP-ledcoalition are indebted to the S and S duo! That is the best thingthat could have happened to the Vajpayee-led National Democratic.....
  • Govt to probe Kargil intrusion
    • UNI, PTI - Newstime - July 18, 1999
        >>>National security advisor Brajesh Mishra has said the government wouldsoon institute an inquiry to find out how the Pakistani troopsintruded into the Kargil sector.Asked whether there was any intelligence failure as the intrusionremained undetected for some time, Mishra said during a programme on.....
  • A question of answers
    • Editorial - The Free Press Journal - July 28, 1999
        >>>What led to the armed conflict in Kargil? Intelligence failure? Amisplaced sense of complacency? Or the plain perfidy of the enemy whowas bent on fomenting trouble in the name of Kashmir somehow or theother? Following the end of armed hostilities in the craggy mountainsand the eviction of the last of the intruders, these questions were.....
  • There's thaw on the Hill
    • Chidanand Rajghatta - The Indian Express - July 23, 1999
        >>>Introduction: How Washington used Kargil for a foreign policy coursecorrection.Adrastic and possibly fundamental shift is taking place in Americanpolicy towards India amid some thoughtful reflection in bothgovernments about whether they can carry the change beyond the.....
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