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  • A Gypsy awakening
    • Posted by Ashok Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in) - The Economist - September 11, 1999.
        >>>THREE dozen or so bloated corpses of Gypsies from Kosovo were recentlyfished out of the turquoise waters off the coast of Montenegro.Perhaps more than 100 had drowned when a boat smuggling them to Italy- for about $1,100 a head - sank in a summer storm. Though most wereilliterate, they had hoped against the odds to make a new life......
  • U.S. says Pakistan has full Chinese missile system
    • Posted by Ashok Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in) - San Jose Mercury - September 13, 1999.
        >>>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A new U.S. intelligence report states publiclyfor the first time that Pakistan has received M-11 short-rangeballistic missiles from China, raising once again the question ofwhether U.S. law warrants imposing tougher sanctions against Beijing,administration and congressional sources said Monday......
  • Bin Laden helped bankroll Dagestan war, expert says
    • DAVE MONTGOMERY - San Jose Mercury News - September 10, 1999
        >>>MOSCOW -- The war unfolding in Russia's Dagestan province is beingwaged by a well-trained international force of more than 10,000 thathas been planning the insurgency for more than a year, apparently withthe support of fugitive Saudi millionaire Osama bin Laden, militaryand anti-terrorism experts say......
  • Anti-Christian mood seen in Texas killings
    • Andrea Billups - The Washington Times - September 17, 1999
        >>>A "virile and fertile" anti-Christian sentiment is growing around thecountry, religious groups said Thursday, a day after a gunman spoutingblasphemous rhetoric burst into a youth service at a Fort WorthBaptist church and fatally shot seven persons."I believe there is a growing climate of hostility that is directed.....
  • Global axis against terrorism taking shape
    • Seema Guha - Times of India - September 15, 1999
        >>>NEW DELHI: US State Department co-ordinator for counter-terrorismMichael Sheehan will arrive here on Friday to hold talks with Indianofficials. He will meet Alok Prasad, joint secretary in charge of theAmericas, and Vivek Katju who oversees Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.The two Indian officials were in Washington earlier this month to.....
  • BJP-Sena Saffron rally at Mumbai
    • Varsha Bhosle. - Rediff on Net. - September 10, 1999
        >>>Shivaji Park -- the bastion of the Shiv Sena -- could have beenfuller. Sharadrao had managed a little over a lakh. But today, ourseasoned eye put the crowd at between 60 to 75,000. Just three daysbefore Bombay votes...We have now become adept at making sad eyes at the cops when they ask.....
  • Sonia - The Pasta of Politics
    • Sandhya Jain - The Pioneer - 14th September 1999
        >>>Sonia Gandhi has wisely refrained from fielding daughter, PriyankaVadra, against Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Lucknow.Notwithstanding the carefully crafted media hype, Priyanka aspolitical piece the resistance strains credulity. For the past severalyears, her public profile consists exclusively of the parties, fashion.....
  • Sonia is unfit to become PM, says sis-in-law Maneka
    • UNI - Rediff - September 11, 1999
        >>>Union Social Justice Minister Maneka Gandhi today saidCongress president Sonia Gandhi is unfit to be India'sprime minister because she lacks experience."It is true that she is a foreigner. But more than that,she has never done any social work and does not have any.....
  • Democracy in Danger (Guest Editorial)
    • Dr. Ambrose Pinto, S.J. - Renovacao - August 16-31, 1999.
        >>>We have entitled our newsletter as "SUBALTERNS" from the present issuewith reasons. In the vision statement of the Institute, we hadcommitted ourselves as an Institute of Research, Training and Actionfor the cause of Dalits, Tribals, minorities and Women. These are thesubalterns we are committed to and we would like this newsletter to.....
  • Take a Better Look at the Work of a Rebounding India
    • Prasenjit Basu - International Herald Tribune - August 20, 1999
        >>>SINGAPORE - India recently passed two milestones: the 52d anniversaryof its independence and, by some estimates, the birth of its billionthliving citizen. The latter event was accompanied by a lecture fromLester R.Brown and Brian Halweil (''The Billion Mark Should Be aSobering Feat for India,'' IHT, Aug. 11) about the need to spend on.....
  • Desperate ISI bid to spread terror during election
    • Josy Joseph in New Delhi - Rediff on Net - September 7, 1999
        >>>Pakistan-trained militants are targeting minority localities to set upbases, intelligence sources have said. Interrogation of several militants arrested across the northern andeastern regions of the country have revealed an intensified effort byPakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence to spread terror in the country.....
  • RSS decides to sue Manmohan Singh
    • H Bula Devi - The Hindustan Times - September 04, 1999
        >>>The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has decided to sue seniorCongress leader and candidate from South Delhi parliamentaryconstituency Manmohan Singh for alleging the Sangh Parivar'sinvolvement in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.Speaking to The Hindustan Times, RSS chief Prof Rajinder Singh, more.....
  • India's dynasty gambles on old loyalties
    • Posted by Ashok Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in) - The Independent, London - September 5, 1999.
        >>>The hamlet of Vittalapora clings to the side of a granite hill in themiddle of nowhere in Karnataka, southern India. The empty landscape ofscrub, pasture and cotton fields stretches away to a chain of bluehills in the far distance. It's 4.20 pm on 3 September: pumpkin timeapproaches. .....
  • BJP front to cross 300 mark: Survey
    • Pioneer News Service / New Delhi - The Pioneer - September 3, 1999
        >>>The Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance would geta total of 308 to 318 seats in the forthcoming elections, according tothe national poll survey carried out for The Pioneer by the Research &Development Initiative.The Congress and its allies are tipped to secure 145 to 150 seats, 20.....
  • Wild Allegations
    • Editorial - Daily Excelsior - September 01, 1999
        >>>As the election day approaches nearer, Congress Party has startedindulging in wildest possible allegations against the VajpayeeGovernment. This time round, the latest is that sugar imports fromPakistan involves scandalous affair in PMO's office which has resultedin siphoning of about Rs. 900 crore. PMO office has already clarified.....
  • My case is in court of people: PM
    • Rajiv Deshpande / Bellary - The Pioneer - September 2, 1999
        >>>Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee struck a responsive chord herewhen he said he was appearing in the "court of the people" to seek afitting reply to the Congress' hunger for power which had repeatedlyforced political instability and costly general elections upon thenation......
  • Absolute majority for BJP front predicted
    • Posted by Ashok Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in) - Hindustan Times - August 31, 1999
        >>>THE BHARATIYA Janata Party and its allies are poised to gain anabsolute overall majority in the 13th Lok Sabha. This is the outcomeof a poll survey conducted earlier this month in 76 Lok Sabhaconstituencies spread over 15 States.While giving a total of 300 seats to the BJP-led alliance, called the.....
  • 1999 : Election of the Hindu vote
    • Sandhya Jain - The Pioneer - August 31, 1999.
        >>>For most political analysts and social scientists, Bellary is simplythe constituency where an uncharacteristically aggressive BJP hopes tomake Sonia Gandhi eat humble pie. Certainly Sushma Swaraj's wholesomeHindu appeal and passionate declamation of the Congress president'snon-native origins have sufficiently underscored her 'outsider' status.....
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