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Starting: Fri Nov 19 08:45:28 1999
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  • Logistics of Pakistan's Proxy War
    • Varsha Bhosle - Rediff on Net, - November 22, 1999
      • >>>Last week, a report in The Times of India stated that, following the Lashkar-e-Toiba attack on Badami Bagh Cantonment, the army banned all civilian vehicular traffic in the area: Residents, "particularly children returning from their schools," "patients bound for the maternity hospitals in the zone," "the common people," senior bureaucrats, the CM, all were denied entry...
  • My life as a virtual Christian
    • Meenakshi Jain - The Weekend Observer- November 27, 1999
      • >>> There has of late been a spate of statements by a vociferous group of missionary-educated Indians, extolling the virtues of the education they had received In these institutions.  Implicit In them declarations is the belief that Christian institutions are superior to all others in the country and that they produced the largest number of successful men.  The alumni of these schools ha" also been quick to absolve their former tutors of covert or overt bids to tamper with their faith.  Almost to a man, they have sung paeans to the secular disposition of their educators. ......
  • An American Odyssey
    • Nandini Dasgupta - The Weekend Observer - November 27, 1999
      • >>>Justin O'Brien is a well-known writer, theologian, philosopher and a long time explorer in 'wellness' and human consciousness. A former Catholic monk, he is also an ordained Pandit in the Himalayan tradition. He lived with Swami Rama - the master of yoga, spirituality, meditation and ayurveda - for over 20 years. ......
  • The Pope Dispels All Doubts!
    • Arun Shourie - The Observer, - November 19, 1999
      • >>>One thing to be said for the Pope's visit: he has silenced secularists, as well as missionary-apologists.

        Whenever attention has been drawn to the plans the Church has of converting India to Christianity, to its plans of "reaping the great harvest for Jesus," these propagandists and secularists have asserted that a miasma was being manufactured to sow hatred. .....

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