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  • Non-saffron history unnerves reads
    • Meenakshi Jain - The Weekend Observer - December 4, 1999
      • >>> Leftist intellectuals are of late busy defending the Marxist contribution to history writing in India. Frightened by a perceived threat to their hegemony following  the loss  of formidable  positions of  intellectual  power  and patronage, they  are gearing up  to resist  the inevitable  challenge to their version of history. .....
  • Meaning of Ayodhya campaign
    • Virendra Parekh - The Weekend Observer - December 4, 1999
      • >>> It is tempting to approach December 6 this year against the backdrop of Kalyan Singh's revolt against the BJP leadership. If the BJP has shelved the temple and other Hindutva issues for political reasons, Kalyan Singh is trying to revive them for similar reasons. .....
  • Streaks of Dogma
    • Ashok Mahajan - The Weekend Observer - December 4, 1999
      • >>>It has often been asserted by Christian intelligentsia in the country that the latest Vatican encyclical Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason) shows its greater readiness to engage in dialogue with other cultures and philosophies. The predication is questionable because the past record of the -Catholic Church on dialogue has not been particularly outstanding. .....
  • The aesthetics of faith
    • Saeed Naqvi - The Indian Express - December 3, 1999
      • >>>The  news that  a  mosque is to  be  built in Nazareth saddened me. Unless you  have been to  Nazareth,  Bethlehem, walked  by  the side of the sea of Galilee or gone up Via Rosa in Jerusalem you will not be able to see things the way I do. .....
  • Compensate for Nazi slavery
    • The New York Times  - The Observer - December 7, 1999
      • >>> More than 50 years ago, millions of citizens of Central and Eastern Europe were compelled to work under most severe for German companies and the Nazi state. Concentration camp inmates, mostly Jews. were used by the companies as staves in manufacturing facilities inside the camps. .....
  • Call a spade a sati
    • Sandhya Jain - The Pioneer - December 7, 1999
      • >>> The decision of the Mahoba district administration and the National Commission for Women (NCW) to call Charan Shah's death a suicide rather than a sati is reminiscent of the Joint Parliamentary Committee's assertion that commissions paid in the Bofors gun deal were 'winding up charges,' not kickbacks. .....
  • M.N.Srinivas: the man and his work
    • T.N.Madan - The Hindu - December 8, 1999
      • >>> To say that someone's death has created a void that is difficult to fill is often only trite, but sometimes it is true. The unexpected death of Mysore Narasimhachar Srinivas (better known as M. N. Srinivas) after a short illness on November 30, exactly two weeks after his 83rd birthday .....
  • Constitution and its failures
    • P. V. Indiresan - The Hindu - December 13, 1999
      • >>> MS. MALINI PARTHASARATHY'S forceful plea (TheHindu, November 29, 1999) to defend the core principles of the Constitution raises several important issues. She is right in arguing that the Constitution stood the country well in the difficult years of the infancy of Indian democracy. .....
  • The dialectics of murder
    • T.V.R. Shenoy  - The Indian Express  - December 16, 1999
      • >>> These days I often see college students occasionally even school students taking a day off from classes. Amazingly, many of them do so with the full knowledge, perhaps even approval, of their parents. This was almost unthinkable back in my own student days in Kerala  .....
  • Prophet-sharing
    • Varsha Bhosle  - Rediff on Net  - December 16, 1999
      • >>> We feel that it is an incumbent duty of Intellectuals like us to announce to the world via the Press, our private decisions concerning our personal life. Hear ye, hear ye: We have resolved to embrace the great religion called Islam  .....
  • Assam governor's report stirs hornet's nest
    • Nitin Gogoi  - Rediff on Net  - December 16, 1999
      • >>> Buried deep in President K R Narayanan's customary opening address to the joint session of Parliament was a comment that did not attract much attention among Members of Parliament except those from Assam. .....
  • 'No one looks at the problem from the national interest angle'
    • Rediff on Net  - December 16, 1999
      • >>> Assam Governor Lieutenant General (retired) S K Sinha recently submitted a report to President K R Narayanan drawing his attention to the influx of Bangladeshi immigrants into lower Assam regions. The report said parts of the state were fast turning into Muslim-dominated areas .....
  • Surayya caught in the eye of a storm
    • D Jose - Rediff on Net  - December 16, 1999
      • >>> The progressive sections in the Muslim community have viewed the utterances of writer Kamala Das, now Surayya, about Islam -- following her much trumpeted conversion to that religion -- with extreme concern. .....
  • Kerala caught in Marxist intolerance
    • T.K.Devasia - The Observer of Business and Politics - December 17, 1999
      • >>> The  political  violence  that  has rocked  north  Kerala's  Kannur district  has had  devastating  effects not  only on  the state  politics, but also on the state police force. .....
  • Thanks to Pope
    • Cho Ramaswamy - BJP Today - December 1-31, 1999
      • >>> "Christianity is synonymous with proselytisation is the view held by some Hindu organisations" wrote 'Economist', a leading magazine in U.K., before Pope's arrival to India. .....
  • 'An uninvited gate-crasher'
    • Bhalchandrarao C Patwardhan - The Observer - December 24, 1999
      • >>>It is necessary to counter yet another onslaught on the truth, to dispel genuine errors of understanding and to condemn deliberate distortion of facts. I am not sure in which one of these three categories Rajendra Prabhu's article, 'Where Shankaracharya Errs'  .....
  • Taliban militias gameplan is to gain credibility
    • Rajesh Ramachandran - The Hindustan Times - December 25, 1999
      • >>> File photo of Mustaq Ahmed Zargar, chief of now defunct Al-Umer Mujahideen, who is among the list of three militants, whose release has been demanded by the hijackers. .....
  • Fight the Ghetto Mindset
    • Tavleen Singh - India Today - May 17, 1999
      • >>> On a  hot, hot  evening  in Banaras  this  past week I attended a public meeting that left  me  feeling very worried about  Indian Muslims as  a community and  as a vote bank. .....
  • Ringing out the Red Regime
    • Sheshadri Chari - Organiser - December 26, 1999
      • >>> The Communist Party (Marxist) who is fast losing whatever popular base it had is now engaging in violent conflict with its political adversaries. On the other hand at various places its very survival has become doubtful. Consequent upon the recent elections the Election Commission has initiated' the process of .....
  • Wrecking from within
    • Arabinda Ghose - Organiser - December 26, 1999
      • >>> When in 1957, the undivided Communist Party won the State Assembly elections in Kerala, Chief Minister E.M.S. Namboodiripad was asked how was it that the Communists who believed in the philosophy of dictatorship of the proletarriat accepted the Parliamentary system and formed a Government in the State. .....
  • Freeze conversions: Walk the second mile
    • Dr. D. Babu Paul - Organiser - December 26, 1999
      • >>> Conversions from one religion to another-except perhaps from Hinduism to Sikhism-should be frozen for the present. This is not because large scale conversions as alleged take place now, .....
  • Silent protagonist of hijacking drama was behind merger of two fanatic bodies
    • Observer Political Bureau - The Observer  - December 29, 1999
      • >>> Mohammad Masood Azhar, the jailed Pakistani militant whose release is being sought by the hijackers of the Indian Airlines plate had come to India in early 1994, on a Portuguese passport supplied by a Pakistani national based at the United Kingdom. Azhar was involved in recruiting Kashmiri youths for arms training and subversive activities in the Valley. .....
  • A Touching And Warm Send-Off
    • Ramesh Patange - Vivek   - December 19, 1999
      • >>> It was the evening of 8th December in Pune. Damuanna asked me if I could accompany him to a Send-off function to a Pracharak ( a full time worker). I thought it must be for a new Pracharak leaving for his assignment. However, he clarified, 'No, the function is for our Pracharak of Jalgaon District - Soumitra Gokhale who would be leaving for Trinidad, South America as Pracharak for that area'. .....
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