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  • Violence in Bangalore over article on Muslims
    • The Asian Age - January 3, 2000
      • >>> The police  used  teargas  and a  lathicharge to  disperse  an  angry  crowd  of Muslims gathered outside the New Indian Express office here on Sunday evening. .....
  • Protesters want ban on Dante
    • Azmath - The Asian Age - January 3, 2000
      • >>> Protesters gathered outside the New Indian Express office in Bangalore on Sunday demanded a ban on Dante's Inferno, quoted in an article The millennium is dead...Long live the millennium. They said the book insults Prophet Mohammed. .....
  • Bofors, with bated breadth
    • Chitra Subramaniam - The Indian Express - January 3, 2000
      • >>> Why don't you write about what it really was? People don't know what the issues are any more'', said the editor of this newspaper as we spoke about l'affaire Bofors. Thirteen years is a long time to despair and hope. .....
  • India as a teacher in a new era
    • Francois Gautier - The Indian Express - January 3, 2000
      • >>> India is entering the third millennium. It doesn't matters that this is a bit of an artificial date created by the West, which arbitrarily decided that the year zero started with the birth of Jesus Christ. India is entering the third millennium. .....
  • Muslim mob forces New Indian Express to apologise
    • Observer Political Bureau - The Observer - January 5, 2000
      • >>> The New Indian Express, has been forced to "apologise" under the threat of violence by a Muslim mob. .....
  • 'They had a gun at my neck all the time'
    • Interview with Captain Devi Saran - Rediff on Net - January 3, 2000
      • >>> Captain Devi Saran, the commander of the Indian Airlines Flight IC 814 which was hijacked by five Pakistani nationals on Christmas eve is, understandably, a much relieved man now. For seven days and nights Saran, because of the responsibility he had to shoulder, . .....
  • Animal farm
    • Editorial - The Telegraph - January 4, 2000
      • >>> Dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the world because they failed to adopt to changed circumstances and failed the test of the survival of the fittest. The same fate met the communist parties all over Europe. In China, the communist party survives by wearing a free market hat. .....
  • Kerala shelves Christian divorce bill after uproar
    • Suchandana Gupta - The Telegraph - January 5, 2000
      • >>> The Left front government in Kerala has shelved a divorce Bill amendment with parallels to a uniform civil code after the move threatened to pit the state against the church. .....
  • Release of hijackers to demoralise security forces: RSS
    • Observer Political Bureau - The Observer - January 6, 2000
      • >>> Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) chief Rajendra Singh on Wednesday said that the release of three dreaded terrorists by the Vajpayee government in the Indian Airlines hijacking episode would hav6 a "demoralising effect" on the security forces.  However, Bharatiya Janata Party vice-president J P Mathur asserted that the episode "has damaged the image of the party."  .....
  • Engaging the Islamic world
    • C. Raja Mohan - The Hindu - January 6, 2000
      • >>> The Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, in his statements immediately after the end of the hostage crisis, pointedly referred to the fact that many Islamic nations had strongly condemned the hijacking of IC 814. The External Affairs Minister, Mr. Jaswant Singh, has hinted at the co-operation India received from some key Islamic countries during the crisis.  .....
  • Eight tribals die in police firing unsung
      • Imran Khan - The Weekend Observer - January 8, 2000
        • >>> Gunning down of eight tribals at Majhiguda village in Orissa last week, who were part of a group trying to retrieve their land from Christians, by the police on December 30 has gone totally unnoticed and unsung. .....
  • Anticlerics: Men who police the clergy
    • Ashok Mahajan - The Weekend Observer - January 8, 2000
      • >>> The name 'Antichrist' (the chief enemy of Christ) figures in Christian eschatological literature 'in the letters of St John (1 John 2:18).  Western theologists dealing with apocalypses saw Antichrist in the form of the emperor Nero at one time and Frederick II, at another.  Preachers spread warnings of the coming of Antichrist in order to call the people to repentance throughout the 14th and 15th centuries. .....
  • Losing self for a new identity
    • Virendra Parekh - The Weekend Observer - January 8, 2000
      • >>> One full week after the event, the bitter taste in the mouth refuses to go away. Even as the BJP-led government at the Centre was preparing to surrender to barbarians of Islamic jehad in order to save some precious lives, the BJP which was long regarded by friends and foes as a party of hardcore Hindu nationalists was trying to jettison what was perceived as heavy ideological baggage from the past.  .....
  • Dissent in the RSS - The delusions of Kalyan Singh
    • Rakesh Sinha - The Times of India - January 6, 2000
      • >>> Mr Kalyan Singh's expulsion from the BJP and his disassociation from the RSS were neither unexpected nor inexplicable.  The UP state party unit had, in fact, been in disarray even before the Lok Sabha elections.  The rift between the pro-and anti-Kalyan Singh factions has proved disastrous for the party.  .....
  • Judge defends Pope call for 'conversion'
    • The Hindu - January 2, 2000
      • >>> Mr Justice Cyriac Josep of the Delhi High court has defended the call made by Pope John Paul II during his recent visit of India, for more conversions to Christianity.
                Inaugurating the jubilee celebrations of the Thrissur Archdiocese here today, Mr Justice Cyriac said the Pope had really meant 'conversion' of people to Christianity and not mere 'conversion of hearts', as is being projected by some Catholic leaders. .....
  • What, Not Who, of Kargil
    • Jyotirmaya Sharma - The Times of India - January 8, 2000
      • >>> After the Kargil crisis the government set up a committee on July 29, 1999 to go into the causes that led to yet another war with Pakistan. The committee comprising of Mr B G Vergese, Lt-Gen (retd.) K K Hazari and Mr. Satish Chandra has now submitted its report to the government and  has done so in record time.  Mr K Subrahmanyam,  chairman of  the committee,  spoke to  Jyotirmaya Sharma about what went into the making of the Kargil Review Committee report. .....
  • 'Dissident' CPI(M) leader for departure from Soviet model
    • Hasan Suroor - The Hindu - January 7, 2000
      • >>> The "dissident" CPI(M) leader, Mr. Saifuddin Chaudhury, who is in the dock for alleged "breach" of organisational discipline, reiterated today that the party needed to "open up" and change its "closed" style of functioning. .....
  • Hostages freed at a price
    • Seshadri Chari - The Organiser - January 9, 2000
      • >>> As the sun set on the last day of the century, all the hostages of the ill-fated Indian Airlines plane IC-814 returned home ending the eight-day-old hijack ordeal, the longest in the Indian civil aviation history. .....
  • Our two-faced media
    • M.V. Kamath - The Organiser - January 9, 2000
      • >>> When the Australian missionary, Staines, was along with his two young sons torched to gory death while sleeping in a van in the midst of an Orissa jungle there was understandably a lot of hue and cry in the country. A Christian missionary who was serving the sick and the poor in tribal Orissa naturally evoked a great deal of sympathy. .....
  • Abundant caution, but not abundant enough
    • The Indian Express - January 16-17, 2000
      • >>> Quattrocchi was the representative of Snamprogetti in India. He had no locus standi here in the deal. Snamprogetti was not a party to this deal. Its corporate status is much larger than Bofors. Quattrocchi was independent of Snamprogetti in whatever he did with respect to Bofors. .....
  • Swiss currency king was on board hijacked plane
    • PTI - The Asian Age - January 10, 2000
      • >>> One of the hostages aboard the Indian Airlines plane recently hijacked to Kandahar was Swiss tycoon Roberto Giori, who controls 90 per cent of the world's currency printing business. .....
  • Religion erodes authority in China
    • AP - The Times of India - January 17, 2000
      • >>> Xu Yonghai has lost faith in Communism and democracy -the last 20 years of living in China saw to that.  So, like countless other Chinese staring into a spiritual void, Xu turned to religion. .....
  • 'Islamic fundamentalists float front companies to secure funds for militant activities'
    • PTI - The Times of India - January 17, 2000
      • >>> Islamic fundamentalists living in Britain have established a network of front companies and bogus societies to work undetected for Muslim militants operating in Kashmir and other places abroad, Sunday Telegraph said. .....
  • Unresolved issues of Indian Islam
    • Meenakshi Jain - The Weekend Observer - January 15, 2000
      • >>> Two recent, apparently unconnected events, the hijacking of an Indian Airlines plane IC 814 by Pakistani nationals, and the attack on The New Indian Express in Bangalore by agitated members of a minority community, have brought into sharp focus some fundamental issues that have bedevilled Islam since its advent in the subcontinent. .....
  • Hardly a defeat
    • Keki N Daruwalla - The Observer Of Business And Politics - January 14, 2000
      • >>> 'Upon my belly sat the saw of fear,' wrote Carl Shapiro in one of his poems. One can't think of a more startling image. From Christmas eve to the new year, the sow of fear sat on the nation's belly, as it morbidly watched the goings-on at the Kandahar airport and hoped that the IC-814 flight would not come to greater harm. And the thought that this is not a one-time affair and events like this will keep repeating is more galling. .....
  • CPM drops Constitution from syllabus in West Bengal
    • Ambarish Mukherjee - The Observer Of Business And Politics - January 14, 2000
      • >>> Jyoti Basu-led Marxist government in West Bengal wants to chalk out a separate course for its education system and wants to keep school children ignorant of the Constitution of the country.
                The state government was gradually reducing the course content of civics in school syllabus to such an extent that it deprived the children of any knowledge of even the basics of the Constitution, Trinamul Congress charged. .....
  • The source and the story
    • Saeed Naqvi - The Indian Express - January 14, 2000
      • >>> The Indian Airlines hijack and lie sudden arrival of the Karmapa Lama from Tibet has sparked off a debate. is it the government or the media which is to blame for the unfortunate projection? In other words, is it a messy projection of events by the media or a simple projection of the mess for which the government must take the blame? .....
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