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ISI threat to security persists: Rao - Migration from Poonch to PoK has stopped

ISI threat to security persists: Rao - Migration from Poonch to PoK has stopped

Author: B L Kak
Publication: The Daily Excelsior
Date: May 1, 2002
URL: http://www.dailyexcelsior.com/02may01/news.htm#6

Pakistan has adopted yet another anti-India scheme of things. It is according to the Union Minister of State for Home, Mr Vidyasagar Rao to exploit the presence in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) of Muslim migrants from some border areas in Jammu and Kashmir.

Mr Vidyasagar Rao informed the Lok Sabha on Tuesday that four families comprising of 30 members of village Kannari in Sawjian Section of Poonch District in Jammu region crossed over to Pakistan on the night intervening April 11 and 12 this year. He simply quoted Jammu and Kashmir Government as having informed the Centre that migration of these persons was a product of a land dispute.

Replying to a question by Mr Ram Mohan Gadde and Mr V V S Murthi, Mr Rao stated that the authorities in PoK invariably exploit the presence of such families by exhibiting them before the media and others. These migrants, Mr Rao said were extensively tutored to narrate the "concocted tales of harassment and atrocities committed by Indian security forces" in Poonch and elsewhere in J&K.

No migration has taken place after April 12 from Poonch District, Mr Vidyasagar Rao said that the J&K Government had informed the Union Government that, barring the April 11, 12 incident , the migration of people from this side side of Line of Control (LoC) has by and large stopped in view of various measures taken by the local administration.

Pakistan's Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) Mr Rao stated in reply to a question of Mrs Renuka Chowdhary and three others, continued to aid, abet and support terrorism in various parts of India for destablising the internal security situation. He assured the House that Government kept a close watch in order to ensure that the situation was not exploited by interests inimical to the country. Mr Rao also assured the House that the schemes for reimbursement of security related expenditure were being implemented in the State predominantly affected by the terrorist and the extremist activities.

While in respect of Jammu and Kashmir and North Eastern States the reimbursement is to the extent of 100 per cent of the eligible amount. States affected by Left wing extremism get 50 per cent of the security related expenditure from the Central Government. According to Mr Rao, Jammu and Kashmir got security related expenditure to the tune of Rs 337.82 crores in 1999-2000, Rs 363.30 crores in 2000-2001 and Rs 338.42 crore in 2001-2002.

"No" pat came the reply from Vidyasagar Rao when Mr Naresh Paglian and Mr Adhit Chowdhary asked if the bullet proof jackets purchased for paramilitary forces fighting the low intensity war in Jammu and Kashmir had been found to be sub-standard. Mr Rao raised that only offer of the firms whose samples successfully witnessed the test and are declared to be acceptable by the testing authority are considered for further promotion and placement of orders. In the past three years,as many as 1200 bullet proof jackets were purchased for BSF,CRPF and NSG at a cost of Rs 79,800.

Reiterating that various representative organizations of the Kashmiri Pandits had indicated their willingness from time to time for rehabilitation of migrants in the Valley, Mr Rao informed Mr Ananta Nayak that about 1.25 lakh Kashmiri migrants mostly residing in Jammu, Delhi and other states and Union territories will cost the exchequer an amount of Rs 2589.73 crores for their resettlement in the Valley. Mr Rao also reiterated that although none of the Kashmiri migrants had so far agreed to return the Valley, the Action plan of the J&K Government for their rehabilitation in the Valley should be implemented in phases in areas, particularly in the districts of Srinagar and Badgam where clusters of migrants "houses" are available and where security is already provided".

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