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No appeasement in name of secularism: Vajpayee

No appeasement in name of secularism: Vajpayee

Author: Kamal Kant Gouri/New Delhi
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: May 15, 2002

An aggressive Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on Tuesday said, appeasement cannot be pursued in the name of secularism. BJP is committed to secularism, however, it would not pursue the policy of appeasement, Mr Vajpayee said while speaking in the BJP parliamentary party.

Though no details of the speech were provided, sources confirmed the Prime Minister having made the remark.

The Prime Minister also stood firm on his Goa speech despite criticism from a section of the Opposition.

It seems he wants to convey the message that it was time when a clear differentiation was made among liberal Muslims and jehadi elements and that no efforts be made to defend the deeds of the latter in the name of secularism.

Mr Vajpayee reiterated that the country did not need lessons on secularism from others. India and its culture have always been secular and would remain so, he said.

Suggesting that the root of the Islamic fundamentalism was nearer home, the Prime Minister said, there was comparative peace in West Asian countries where the predominant religion was Islam. Temples and gurudwaras exist there, he said.

Sharing his experience, Mr Vajpayee said that when he asked a diplomat from these countries whether he could name a liberal Islamic group, the latter had no reply. Mr Vajpayee also clarified the speech made in Banaras that was allegedly attributed to him. He said that he never said that the party did not need Muslim votes.

The Prime Minister snubbed a MP, supposedly from Rajasthan, who suggested that the party could win even without votes of Muslims. This was not true, Mr Vajpayee said.

Summing up the Budget session as it was the last meeting, the Prime Minister expressed happiness at the difference of margin during debate on Gujarat under Rule 184.

Mr Vajpayee said, he was confident of the victory during the debate. However, the margin even surprised him, he remarked.

He said, this shows that there were MPs in Opposition who did not want yet another election. These MPs wanted the present Government to continue, Mr Vajpayee added.

Many MPs questioned the Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha on Flex Industries. Mr Sinha clarified that he has printed some material from this industry and had paid the bill through cheque. The bills were submitted to the Election Commission after the elections, Mr Sinha said.

The Finance Minister said, there was nothing to hide. He exhorted the MPs not to be defensive over the issue. Mr Sinha would be replying in Parliament on Wednesday over the issue.

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