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Launch a full-scale war against Pak.: Jayalalithaa

Launch a full-scale war against Pak.: Jayalalithaa

Author: Our Special Correspondent
Publication: The Hindu
Date: May 18, 2002

"It is now time to come face to face with reality, sever diplomatic ties with Pakistan and launch a full-scale war", the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, said here today.

Expressing her anguish at the "gruesome terrorist strike" in Kashmir, in which over 30 persons were killed, she said, "now it is time for firm and deterrent action.

A decision to retaliate and teach Pakistan an unforgettable lesson has to be taken by the Government of India. I hope the Government of India will take necessary action before it is too late".

In a statement issued here, Ms. Jayalalithaa said: "Pakistan has made it meaningless to continue to maintain diplomatic relations between the two countries.

In fact, Pakistan has made a mockery of the term diplomatic relation. It is time for India to sever diplomatic ties with Pakistan and launch a full-scale war.

If the Government of India takes such a timely and bold decision, the entire nation will be solidly behind it".

Noting that there had been enough of such "outrageous incidents and killings", she said, "Western nations condemn these acts of terrorism and remain content with that. Political leaders in India express outrage and then nothing more is done. Unfortunately, everyone forgets these incidents after a few days. How long are we to allow this violence to go on in Jammu and Kashmir? What is actually going on in Kashmir is a proxy war being waged by Pakistan, which is encouraging separatism".

She said the Government could not fight terror by just making fiery statements.

"Words should be matched with deeds. There is no point in going on sacrificing our brave soldiers. After each such terrorist attack in the past, the border posts in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir should have been destroyed."

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