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80 questions about the Relief & Rehabilitation in Gujarat which Indian Media does not cover.

80 questions about the Relief & Rehabilitation in Gujarat which Indian Media does not cover.

1. How many persons were killed in the Godhra incident?
59 persons were killed in Godhra incident.

2. Which districts do they belong to?
59 persons who died in Godhra incident belong to the following districts:


3. How many bodies were identified and how many remained unidentified ?
Identified bodies  40
Unidentified bodies  19

4. In how many cases, death relief has been paid to the next of kin of the above?
Out of 40 Identified bodies, death relief in 39 cases has been paid (Amount Rs. 39 lakhs i.e. US$   80,000). In one case death was reported from Civil Hospital Ahmedabad after prolonged treatment.

5. In the remaining cases why has payment not been made?
Only one case is pending in the identified category, payment for which will be made shortly. Payment is in progress and will be completed very Soon except in the case of unidentified bodies and where lega1 heirs not available or where the dead persons have been involved in a crime / mentioned in FIR.

6. What procedure is being followed to pay ex-gratia relief for unidentified bodies?
The State Government of Gujarat vide resolution dt.6-4-2002 prescribed the procedure & a committee as under has been formed to decide such cases
A. Collector       -  Chairman
B. Superintentdent of Police / Police Commissioner - Member
C. District Development Officer    - Member
D. R.D.C. (Addl. District Magistrate)   - Member Secretary

The committee is empowered to take a decision based on secondary evidence like DNA test report, Affidavit & Panchnama.

7. Why death relief was declared @ Rs. 2 lakhs (US$ 4,080) for each case in Godhra incident and later reduced to Rs.1 lakhs (US$ 2,040) and than stepped to Rs.1.5 lakhs (US$ 3,060)?
On the morning of 27th February 2002, in an emotionally surcharged atmosphere Chief Minister announced Rs.2 lakhs (US$ 4,080) enhanced compensation on the floor of the Vidhan Sabha (Gujarat State's Legislative Assembly) to the heirs of those who perished in the attack on the Sabarmati Express at Godhra. This was in response to sentiments expressed by all political parties on the floor of House (Vidhan Sabha). After the incidents on 28th  February 2002, a policy formulated in 1991 to pay Rs. 1 lakhs (US$ 2,040) to those who die in communal riots was invoked. However, on behalf of Kar Sevaks (Hindu Pilgrims returning from Ayodhya) a letter was received by the Chief Minister that they would welcome the financial help of Rs.1 lakhs (US$ 2,040) instead of Rs. 2 lakhs (US$ 4,080) to the bereaved families of Godhra massacre.

Consequently on 9th March, 2002, the State Government issued orders reducing death compensation from Rs.2 lakhs (US$ 4,080) to Rs.1 lakhs (US$ 2,040) thus establishing parity in cases of death including those who perished in the recent earthquake.

On 4th April, 2002, the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced additional assistance of Rs.1 lakhs (US$ 2,040) from the Prime Minister's Relief Fund at Ahmedabad. Thus the total amount payable is now Rs. 1.5 lakhs (US$ 3,060).

8. In how many cases death relief has been paid?
In 519 cases an amount of Rs.451.20 lakhs (US$ 1 million) has been paid as a death

9. Why are there so many cases still pending for payment? State the reasons with number of cases for non-payment of death relief.
As against the total number of 824 deaths reported as on date 25th April 2002, in 63% cases, payment has been made so far. Procedure laid down before payment has to be observed so as to see that legal heirs alone get financial assistance. Besides the Government does not pay ex gratia relief to those who participate in riot or are involved in the violence.

10. Has the enhanced death relief @ Rs. 1.5 Lakhs (US$ 3,060) been paid to the heirs of the deceased?
Honourable Prime Minister Of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee has announced death relief of Rs. 1 lakhs (US$ 2,040) from The Prime Minister's Relief Fund during his visit to Gujarat. Accordingly the State Government has revised the norms and taken step for disbursement of
the enhanced amount.

11. Whether any amount has been received from Prime Minister's National Relief Fund (PMNRF)?
Rs 3.80 crores (US$ 775,000) has been received on 17th April, 2002. from PMNRF.

12. What is the share of State Government of Gujarat in ex-gratia death relief of Rs. 1.5lakhs (US$ 3,060) declared by the Government?
Out of Rs.1.5 lakhs (US$ 3,060) payable as death relief, the State Government of Gujarat pays Rs. 40,000/- (US$ 825) from Government fund and Rs. 10,000/- (US$ 205) from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund ( Rs.1 lakhs, i.e. US$ 2,000 from PMNRF)

13. How long it well take to complete the payment of death relief?
Out of 824 deaths reported, ex-gratia payment has been made in 519 cases, and in the remaining cases (except where legal complications are involved) payment will be completed within 2 weeks (15 days)

14. What action is being taken to pay ex-gratia for missing persons?
Legal formalities have to be completed before making any ex gratia payment to the legal heirs of the missing persons. Payment will be made after completion of the legal requirements. 76 persons are reported to be missing. There is exaggeration of figures of missing persons for which careful verification is required.


15. What was the scale of ex-gratia assistance for injured immediately declared by State Govt?
The Government had announced simplified norms and procedure for assistance for injuries. Under the new norms, the injured are eligible for immediate cash assistance on the basis of the following disabilities:
Up to 10 % disability    Rs. 2,000/- (US$ 41)
More than 10% and up to 30% disability Rs. 3,000/- (US$ 62)
.More than 30 % and up to 40 % disability Rs, 5,000/- (US$ 101)
.Disability of more than 40% will be entitled to immediate disbursement of Rs. 10,000/- (US$ 202) and an additional Rs.40,000 (US$ 816) after permanent incapacitation is duly certified.

16. What additional help was received from. Government of India / PMNRF?
The assistance paid for the injury cases by the State Government of Gujarat is being reimbursed from the PMNRF.

17. What is the latest Scale of assistance for injured after the announcement of the Honorable P.MTo uant to the announcements made by Hon. P.M., the scales of assistance to the injured persons are under upward revision and the proposed norms are as follows:
Up to 10 % disability    Rs. 5,000/-  (US$ 100)
More than 10% and lJp to 30% disability Rs. 15,000/-  (US$ 300)
More than 30 % and up to 40 % disability Rs. 25,000/-  (US$ 500)
Disability of more than 40% will be entitled to immediate disbursement of Rs.10,000 (US$ 200) and an additional Rs.40,000 (US$ 800) after permanent incapacitation is duly certified.

18. How many injury cases have been identified?
Total of 1,446 cases have been identified, of which assistance has been paid in 651 cases (Rs.15.82 lakhs i.e. US$ 32,300) as on 25th April,  2002.
19. State reasons with number of cases in which assistance has not been paid.
The assistance is paid on the basis of percentage of disability certified by the medical officer. The process of obtaining certificates and and payment is in progress, and will be completed soon.

20. What is the percentage wise disability cases and no. of such cases paid?

Up to 10% disability
376 cases
10% to 30% disability
229 cases
30% to 40% duality
35 cases
Above 40% disability
8 cases

21. Has anybody been paid maximum assistance of Rs. 50 000/- (US$ 1,000) for disability?
Yes, Three persons (Rs. 1.50 lakhs paid US$ 3,000)

22. Has the State Government failed to provide adequate cash doles and the payment has not been made to many affected persons?

The existing norms dates back to 1985, under which cash doles for victims of communal riots were paid Rs. 5 per day per head and total compensation including compensation for Household kits was limited to Rs. 650 (US$13.25) No government after 1985 cared to revise these norms even though there were communal riots after 1985. This Government has taken care to revise these norms and increased compensation by 300% to Rs. 15 per day per person, for 5 persons per family for 15 days. It is thus wrong to say that the state government has failed to pay adequate cash doles .

The disbursement is almost complete and those who were eligible for cash doles have been paid cash doles in time. It may be noted that as on 25th April, 2002, 38,123 persons have been paid Rs 60.57 lakhs (US$ 125,000)
23. Is it true that cash dole is being paid by cheques?
No. The Cash doles is being paid in cash only.

24. What is the scale of assistance for house hold kits and who is eligible to get the same? Has the State Government revised the norms?
Since 1985 assistance for household kits has been clubbed with cash doles and the victims of communal riots were paid only Rs.650/- including cash doles. This government has revised the norms under which the assistance has been increased to Rs.1250/- per family over and above the cash doles paid.

25. In how many cases have the house hold kits assistances has been paid? Why so many families have not been paid the assistance?
The disbursement is still under progress and the relief provided as on 25April, 2002 is as under .

Household kits: Rs.206.81 lakhs (US$ 425,000) provided to 16,636 families. For the purpose, survey is on for those in the relief camps. Payment is being made simultaneously. Work will be completed soon.

26. What is the assistance / help received from Govt. of India /PMNRF for House hold kits?
As per announcement by Honorable Prime Minister at Ahmedabad on 4th April, 2002 the assistance paid by the State Government is fully reimbursed by the Govt. of India / PMNRF.

27. Why were the inmates of relief camps not been paid the assistance for household kits?
The assistance for the household kits can be distributed only after completion of the survey of the houses damaged. As the inmates of the relief camp are away from their original place of dwellings, survey could not be conducted in their absence mainly at Ahmedabad.

28. Is there any discrimination in payment of assistance among the deferent communities?
No, There is no discrimination. The relief assistance is applicable to all affected irrespective of community, caste, religion or any other affiliation.

29. What is the scale of assistance for the loss of earning assets?
During the riots in February/March 2002 in the state, several self-employed persons lost their earning assets like handcarts; lari, galla, cabins etc. With a view to give impetus to the economic activities in the State and allow these affected persons to earn their livelihood, Govt. had considered a consolidated, simple and clear policy resolution in super cession of the earlier resolutions by merging the two types of assets (moveable and earning assets)

This Govt. Resolution pro'/ides assistance up to Rs. 10000/- (US$ 200) depending upon the actual damage. The persons availing assistance under this provision are not entitled for any assistance under any scheme of the Industries and Mines Department. The survey teams, while conducting such surveys are required to expressly enquire from he affected persons whether they wish to take the benefit under this GR of the Revenue Department or under the scheme of the Industries and Mines Department and appropriate consent is to be taken.

30. What kind of earning assets are considered for the assistance?
Earning assets like hand lari, petty shops, cabins, and other small vehicles like cycle, rickshaw etc are considered for assistance if damaged.

31. How is the survey of damage conducted and who is authorized to sanction the assistance?
Survey team constituted by the Collector/Revenue officials conduct the survey. The survey team consist of following officials,

i. A representative belonging to the cadre of Deputy Mamlatdar / Circle officer/Extension officer / Deputy Chitnis of the Revenue/ Panchayat administration.

ii. An official of the cadre of assistant engineer / additional assistant engineer / section officer / overseer of the Panchayat / State Roads and Buildings department.

iii Local Kasba talati / Talati cum Mantri

The committee conducts survey in the affected areas and ascertains actual damage in the presence of the affected persons.

The Collector is authorized to sanction assistance based on this survey report.

32. In how many cases payment has been made?
The survey work has almost been completed in all the districts except Ahmedabad Urban and Vadodara Urban.

Till 25th April, 2002, Rs. 360.36 lakhs (US$ 750,000) have been disbursed in 5,636 cases,

33. What is the scale of assistance and who is .eligible to get the assistances?
Revenue Department's resolution no. RHL/1092/4077/S-4 dated 19th Decedmber, 1992 provides an assistance of Rs. 5000/- to 50000/- (US$ 100 to US$ 1,000) to the affected persons whose residential houses were damaged/ destroyed. These provisions was immediately invoked.

34. What is the help received from Govt. of India as declared by the Honorable PM?
The entire amount of assistance for housing damage being paid by the State Government is to be reimbursed from the Ministry concerned of the Government of India. .

35. What is the mechanism to survey the damage to houses and sanction the assistance?
With a view to ensure speedy disbursement of the assistance to the persons affected in the communal riots, the state Government has taken following measure.

i. The sanction of assistance for houses damaged in the communal riots shall be issued by the Collector for the urban areas while in rural areas, it will be sanctioned by the District Development Officer concerned.

ii. In order to assess the damage, the Collectors / DDOs concerned shall form a team as given below:-

a. A representative belonging to the cadre of Deputy Mamlatdar / Circle officer / Extension officer / Deputy Chitnis of the Revenue / Panchayat administration.

b. An official of the cadre of assistant engineer / additional assistant engineer / section officer / overseer of the Panchayat / State Roads and Buildings department.

c. Local Kasba talatirralati cum mantri

On the basis
As on 25th April, 2002, 13,887 partially damaged houses have been surveyed against which payment of Rs. 895.43 lakhs (US$ 1,827,408) has been made for 8,411 houses.

37. What is the average of payment in the case of. partially damaged houses case?
The average of payment in this category comes to Rs. 10646/- (US$ 208)

38. Why so many cases remained unpaid? When will it be completed?
The payment is in progress and except Ahmedabad city, it will be completed in two weeks.

39. How many completely damaged houses have been surveyed and in how many cases payment has been made?
As on 25April 2002, 5,536 fully damaged houses have been surveyed. Payment of Rs. 484.75 lakhs (US$ One million) has been made to 2,701 houses.

40. Why are so many cases pending for payment and when will it be completed?
The payment is in progress and payment for all places except Ahmedabad will be completed in two weeks.

41. Why houses are not being built by Government. ? Why the earthquake assistance norms have not been followed?
Government does not built house in any , disaster whether manmade or natural. Government provides only financial assistance and the construction is Owner driven. In case of earthquake, international funding agencies came forward recognizing the gravity of the disaster. The housing assistance was decided .with mutual consent of the government and the World Bank and ADB. Even then, Government adopted owner driven policy towards housing.

42. What is the plan for interim shelter for the affected?
The total housing assistance is paid immediately in one installment and therefore interim shelter is not provided. Payment has already been made for 11,112 totally damaged /  destroyed houses and Rs. 13.80 crores  (US$ 3 million) have been disbursed which will enable the affected to rebuild / repair their houses quickly.

43. What is the package for trade, commerce & industry? Who assesses the damages and who is authorize to sanction the assistance?
The Industries and Mines department of the Govt. of Gujarat has announced a liberal industrial package which gives following assistance to the affected industries / business like shops. Hotels, restaurants and big stores. commercial units and self employed:-

A. Interest subsidy at 4% flat rate to affected units on loans sanctioned by Banks / Financial Institutions I Financial Corporation.

B. This interest subsidy will be eligible on the amount of loan sanctioned by such institutions or the amount twice the estimated loss whichever is less and limited to Rs. 1 lakh (US$ 2,000) yearly for three years.

C Deferment of sales tax for a period of 5 years subject to conditions.

D. Deferment of electricity duty for a period of one year to be paid next year in 36 equal installments .

E. Reschedulement of existing loan as per RBI's guidelines by State owned financial institutions like GSFG.GIIG.

F. Job security to all the workers working before the riot in the affected units.
The damage assessment IS being made by a Committee consisting of the following:
i. Representative of the DIC
ii.  Representative of the R&B Dept.
iii. Representative of Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation

On the basis of this survey, the Gm, DIC so defected of estimated damages.  On this basis, a proposal would be submitted to the concerned bank. A time limit of two months has been prescribed.

The work of detailed survey and assessment of the damage caused to the industries, trade and commerce is in full swing, and it is expected to be completed soon.

44. How much damage assessed so far?
The preliminary the first site damage assessment daddy called by the District Industries' Centers, a total of 462 industrial units have been affected by the decent riots with an estimated damage of Rs. 60.56 crores (US$12,360,000). Survey has been completed for 190 industrial units, 642 shots / showrooms / godowns and 37 hotels.

45. In how many cases recommendations have been made for institutional finance?
The DIC Rajkot has recommended 11 cases to various banks for finance to the tune of Rs. 1.36 crores (US$ 280,000)

46. How long would it take to complete the work?
Looking to the present quantum of work, it seems that it will take two months to complete the work.

47. What is a total amount of insurance claim?
The damage to commercial establishments has not been assessed so far, but as statement from the coordinator of all Insurance companies in Gujarat puts the total number of insurance games at 4,896 with it a claim amount of Rs. 169.90 crores (US$ 34,673,469). This includes gains for residential houses, industry, shops, hotels as well as vehicles. The state government has also instructed District Collector to get in touch with the Insurance Companies and facilitate to expedite the settlement of such insurance claims by providing appropriate facilties to process the claims at the Relief Camps itself.

48. What action has been taken to expedite the implementation of the packages?
The government of Gujarat has launched Speedy survey in this regard. Implementation has been expedited and coordination with the financial institutions has been established,

49. Why Relief camps are not being run by the Government. ?
Gujarat has a long history of NGOs helping government in disasters. In all disasters NGOs have come forward and extended helping hand in relief and rehabilitation. The Government has set up an office of Director of Voluntary Organizations which coordinates the relief efforts by the NGOs. Immediately after the riots community leaders and NGOs started relief camps in safe localities, People from different communities took shelter in the relief camps run by the respective community groups where they felt secure. The Government decided to
support liberally such camps and provided relief in cash and kind to the organizers, The Government appointed Secretaries in charge of group of relief camps and the Collectors provided Camp Officers at the Relief camps to coordinate the relief efforts

50. How many Relief camps are running?
As on 25th April 2002, there were 103 Relief Camps operating in the state of Gujarat, out of which, 55 were in Ahmedabad City alone. These Relief Camps housed some 105,121 affected persons of which, 73,579 were in the city of Ahmedabad alone.

51. How many inmates (Male / Female / Children) are housed in these Relief Camps?
As on 25th  April 2002, the number of Relief camps set up are as under.

Name of Place
Relief Camps
Ahmedabad City

52. How long these Relief camps will continue?
Confidence. building measures like meeting of majority community leaders. village elders with inmates of the relief camps have been taken up. So far more than 24000 inmates from different relief camps have returned to their respective places. The atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence is being created so that the inmates can go back to their original places. The Relief camps will be continued till the inmates feel confident to return to their places.

53. Why Relief camps are not being sanctioned by the Collectors?
As per the government orders Collectors are authorized to recognize the relief camps run by the community leaders and NGOs so that relief assistance can be coordinated properly. There are certain requirements like minimum no of inmates, adequate facilities for housing, drinking water, sanitation etc.. which are required and this is being ascertained by the Collectors and the. camps are being recongnized.

54. What is the assistance given by the Government to Relief camps / inmates?
For the first time in the history of communal riots, the State Government has considered the over all need of relief camps and responded very proactively and decided to support to the relief camps bth in cash and kind. Apart from providing basic facilities like drinking water, health care and sanitation, the State Government is giving liberal free food grain assistance to all these camps, which are run by the local NGOs, Voluntary Agencies and community leaders. The assistance per capita per day is as under:-

Wheat flour
400 gms
100 gms
50 gms
50 gms
Dal / pulses
50 gms
Milk powder
50 gms

In addition, a grant at a rate of Rs. 5/- per person per day is being paid to the organizers of these camps. As per the announcements made by Hon. P.M., the amount Is being increased to Rs 7.per day per person.

55. How much assistance has been given by the Government to the Relief camps?
As on 25th April 2002, following quantities of food grains have been provided to these camps.

kgs.  of Wheat flour,
kgs.  of Rice,
kgs.  of Pulses,
kgs.  of Edible Oil,
kgs.  of Sugar 
kgs.  of Milk Powder

In addition as on 25th April 2002, Rs.195.64 lakhs (US$ 400,000) disbursed to the organizers of these camps as miscellaneous and contingent expenditure.

56. The facilities in the relief camps are very poor-, There is no proper sanitation, drinking water and health care in the relief camps What are the facilities provided to Relief camps In terms of health care, sanitation and drinking water ?

In the urban areas particularly in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, the over all responsibility of providing basic facilities like drinking water supply. sanitation. and medical care rests with the Municipal corporation. Incidentally the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is ruled by the Congress party .In fact to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. in addition to the existing toilet facilities (370 nos.) of these camps. 203 new toilets have been erected while 6 mobile toilet vans having ten toilet units each have been deployed. In order to clean them at regular intervals. 198 sweepers have been posted at these camps by Ahmedabad Municipal
Corporation and are regularly supervised by 136 sanitary officials. Apart from 124 existing bathrooms. 148 new bathrooms have also been erected.

Ambulances have been given to each of the 12 assembly constituencies in Ahmedabad with team of doctors, paramedical workers and medicines. Chlorination and disinfection is also being done at regular intervals. Medical teams are positioned at these camps for conducting medical checkup of the inmates, and giving medical treatment. As on 25/4/200.'2, 109 Medical officers and 92 para-medical workers are on the job in Ahmedabad city whereas 53 Medical officers and 126 para-medical workers are on the job in other affected districts. Fixed / stationary medical teams are provided in each of the 29 large camps in Ahmedabad and mobile team are available for other smaller camps. As on 25th April 2002, these medical / health teams have attended to 307,591 cases, checked 5,810 water samples for chlorination, and distributed 1,821,298 chlorine tablets. 74277 health cards have also been distributed. In fact these teams, during their checkup, detected 229 cases of cataract and performed surgery in 213 cases. In 5,050 cases refractive errors were found and they were suitably treated.

Adequate drinking water is being supplied through tankers to the relief camps whereever required.

57. Is it true that there was an out break of epidemic in the Relief camps?
There is no epidemic reported in Relief camps. The State Government has taken care to provide free medical facilities including the expert health services in the Relief camps. 162 Medical officers and 218 paramedical workers are on the job. There are 29 fixed medical camps and mobile units to cater to the Relief camps in Ahmedabad alone. Specific responsibilities have been assigned for drinking water supply and sanitation facilities. The prevalence of diseases like diarrhea and gastroenteritis is negligible and is the same as is prevalent outside in the state. In Panchmahals district, 34 cases of measles were reported in the past 15 days. 25 out of 34 cases have been cured and all the remaining cases are being treated.

58. Has the High Court of Gujarat passed any comment on the working of these Relief Camps?
Yes. In SCA No.3,773 of 2002 the honorable High Court of Gujarat has made following observations on 19-4-2002.

"Considering the report submitted on behalf of the State Government, it is clear that in the said exhaustive report, minute details have been given about the facilities given to the inhabitants of camps. Reading the report, prima-facie, I am of the opinion that more than reasonable care is taken by the administration in looking after the inhabitants of the Camp. Since nobody is present on behalf of the petitioners, I am not dealing with the report in detail at this stage, but suffice it to say that great pains have been taken by the Administration in maintaining the Camps in question."
59. Is it true that inmates are being forced to leave Camps?
No, It is not true. As mentioned earlier confidence-building measures are being taken up. Senior Secretaries with specific responsibilities have been appointed to supervise the relief camps. They will look after the well being of the inmates and take necessary steps to build confidence with the help of community leaders and village elders. As normalcy is returning, the inmates are leaving the camps on their own. Already 24,000 people have left the camps to their respective place~. Government is providing appropriate assistance.

60. What assistance is paid to those who intend to leave Relief Camps?
Apart from the assistance being provided in the relief camps, pursuant to the PM's declaration, two months rations at the rate available in the relief camp is provided to the families who leave the relief camp.

61. Why cash assistance is not being paid to inmates of the Relief Camps?
As the relief camp is assisted in cash and kind to maintain the camps, cash doles is not paid to the inmates of the camps. However they are eligible for other assistance as per the norms.

62. What is the arrangement made by Government for supervision / liaison of Relief Camps.
The State Government issued orders Vide orders No. RHL:232002:513(8)S4 dated 6.4.2002, under which I/c Secretaries have been given special responsibility for overseeing and supervising
the relief camps in the district.

For Ahmedabad City, camps have been divided into 6 groups and an officer of the rank of Secretary to Govt has been identified by name to supervise and monitor each group of camps.

The district wise list of In-charge Secretaries are as under:

1. Anand Shri P.K.Laheri (PS Rural Developement Dept.)
2. Dahod Shri Arun K. Sutaria (SettlemeNt Commissioner)
3. Kheda Shri R.S Saxena( MD, Guj. Handloom Corporation)
4 Mahesana Shri N.R. Varsani (Secretary Cooperation Dept.)
5. Panchmahals Shri H.K. Dash (Secretary, Food & Civil Supplies)
6. Sabarkantha Shri I.P. Gautam (Director Finance SSNL)
7. Vadodara Shri G.R. Virdi (PS, Tribal Dev. Dept.)
8. Ahmedabad (City) ShriD.K.Rao (M.D.Gujarat Export Corporation)
Shri Amarjit Singh (Health Commissioner)
Shri M. Shahu (Addl. CEO, GSDMA)
Shri P. Paneervel (Municipal Commissioner, Ahmedabad)
Shri Varesh Sinha (Principal.Secretary. Education Dept.)
Shri ArvindAggarwal (Commissioner Agriculture)
63. What action is being taken to help women and children?

Establishment of ICDS Infrastructure in Camps

a. From 7th March onwards, Ready to Eat(RTE} food. is being distributed amongst the riot affected women & children in the relief camps. (58 camps in Ahmedabad and camps in districts Anand, Godhra, Himatnagar, Modasa, Dahod, Baroda Mehsana).

b. About 45,829 kgs. of RTE and 10,543 kgs. of India Mix has been distributed amongst the beneficiaries.

c. Average 11,624 children and 4690 women are provided supplementary nutrition every day.

d. 12 CDPO and 40 paramedical team are visiting all camps every day. State Control room is set up in the Commissioner's Office.

e. 104 temporary Anganwadis have been set up. As have been selected from amongst the affected people of the camps in consultation with camp organizers.

f. WFP has provided 1,20,000 kg. of "India Mix" for relief camps in Ahmedabad, and this is being provided as Ready to Eat food.

g. In other places supplementary nutrition is being provided from regular nutrition programme of the State Government.

h. In Anganwadis (child Health Care Centres), following activities are taken up.

i. Supplementary Nutrition
ii. Growth Monitoring
iii. Pre-School Activities.
iv. Health Check up & immunization.
v. Programme for Adolescent girls 11-18 years.

i  In order to start pre-school activities in anganwadis pre-school kits and games/toys kits are being procured through UNICEF and WFP.

j.  Immunization of Children and preJnant mothers has been taken up in coordination with the Health Department.

k. Basic hygiene family kits are being arranged through UNICEF .

l. SEWA Ahmedabad has been entrusted responsiDility for managing ICDS programme in 5 camps.
m. Adolescent girl survey has identified 2768 girls. They will be provided nutrition, iron folic supplements and training under Kishori Shakti Yojana.

n. Malnourished children have been surveyed 116 Grade III & Grade IV children have been identified and are being provided double ration. Double ration is also being provided to pregnant and lactating mothers.

o. The Education Department has been requested to provided non-formal education to the children above 6 years in the camps. Request has also been made for school supplies.

64. What actions have been taken to identify widows, old destitute & orphans?
The Director of Social Defence has taken up a survey of orphan children and destitute women under shelter in the camps. NGOs like ASAG, SEWA, Akhand Jyot Founddation and Officers of the Social Defence Department are involved in this survey work. 7 teams have been formed and they have visited the Shelter Camps.

65. How many old, destitute orphans, widows have been identified?
About 919 widows have been identified till. now. Out of these widows 555 have been sanctioned the widow pension and will be paid in the -camps in the first instance. Identified widows include women , widowed prior to 26th February 2002.

66. What action has been taken to rehabilitate them?
The Gujarat Women Economic Development Corporation Ltd. has taken up the survey of destitute women to provide them livelihood under the Corporation's prevailing schemes like Ghar Diwada (Bankable), and NORAD SCHEME of training. As soon as the survey. work is completed, GWEDC will prepare the proposals. The Government of India has approved an additional amount of Rs. 100.00 lakhs for the Norad scheme of train!ng cum production for the riot affected women.

The Women and Child Development Department. after convening a meeting of the State Government Official and' MDs of various Corporations, has requested the Cottage Industries Commissioner to provide assistance under the Manav Kalyan Yojana of giving kits-tools up to Rs. 1700/- (US$ 350) to women artisans and to prepare loan cases of needy women under Bankable scheme as well as PMRY scheme where loan up to Rs. 100,000/- (US$ 2,000) and subsidy up to Rs. 30,000/- (US$ 612) is available from State Government and Central Government respectively, Likewise the Managing Director of Gujarat Minorities Finance & Development Corporation has also been requested to prepare the project profiles for various professions under the scheme of NMFDC where the rate of interest is up to Rs. 5.00 lakhs (US$ 10,204). Details of GWEDC survey have been furnished to these Corporations. Proposals for revolving funds to women's group are also being invited.

67. What precaution is taken of payment of ex-gratia relief to 'orphans'7
Action is being initiated to open joint account of the orphans with the Collectors concerned cf the affected districts for the assistances payable by the Government.

68. What is the role of NGO's in relief and rehabilitation?
There is a healthy tradition of voluntary efforts in the state. NGOs are involved in relief and rehabilitation activities in various degrees in all calamities. Aftermath of Godhara incident, NGOs have come forward to distribute food and non food items in some Relief Camps. They are
involved in medical care, survey of affected women &children and other relief activities also.

69. How many NGO's are involved and what kind of assistance provided by them?
The Director of Voluntary organizations is coordinating the relief and rehabilitation efforts by the NGOs. There are about 34 NGOs. The NGOs involved are Behavioral Sceince centre (Bsc), Unath, Saath, Anala, Janvikas, Navsarjan, Sanchetna, Darshan, Vishva Gujarat samaj, Anjali hospital (Ranasar), Gurjarvani, Premal jyoti, St. Xavier's College, Ahmedabad Community Foundation, Samarth, Mahila patch work, Action AID, Oxfam, Abhigam Collective, Darpan Acadcmy, Ekfavya Foundation, Sewa, Islamic Relief committee, DMI, Red Cross, Vikas, Eficor, HolsalAsag, Sadvichar parivar, Gujarat Rahat Samiti, Akshardam. World vision Davidson, Shah-E-Alam Roza Trust, Nobel Society Trust.

70. Has the Government has forced examinations upon the traumatized students. Students from Relief camps have not been able to appear for SSC/HSC examinations from 18th Apri12002?

The SSC and HSC examinations were conducted in March 2002. In  few places the examinations were rescheduled to enable the students write their examinations. The cancelled exams were held again from 18th  April 2002. Special care was taken to select exam centers to enable the students from relief camps to appear. Special police protection was provided in the exam centers. Bus services with security and provision of allowing the guardians of the students to accompany the
student to the exam centers were provided. In spite of instigation by some elements to boycott the examinations' 139,330 SSC/HSC students appeared for the examinations commencing from 18th April 2002 at Ahmedabad, Bharuch, Vadodara, Sabarkantha and Godhra.

In Ahmedabad city where SSC /HSC students were in Relief camps also appeared for the examinations.

71. How many .sets of Text book/ Note books etc. have been distributed?

Text Book
Note Books
Compass Box, Pencils, Rubbers etc
745 sets
Assignment books

72. How many school uniforms have been distributed?
The summer vacations have commenced. The question of providing uniforms will be taken up there after.

73. What action has been taken to provide skill training to inmates of Relief camps?
Short term skill imparting courses are being planned in coordination with NGOs.

74. Is there any plan to give food grain assistance to BPL (Below Poverty Line) families in riot affected areas?
Yes, BPL families of riot affected areas, where curfew was imposed or where HSC and SSC exams were postponed will be provided 35 kgs of food grain free of cost for 2 months.

75. How much food grain allotted for this scheme by the Government of India?
49,538 Metric Tonness of food grain has been recently allotted by the Government of India. The distribution of food grain is under progress.

76. What is the composition of All Party Committee under the Chairmanship of H.E. the Governor of Gujarat?
Consequent upon the statement made by the Honorable Prime Minister in the House of t:'e Parliament on 16th March 2002, a Committee has been set up under the Chairmanship of H.E. the Governor of Gujarat.. The committee will monitor the functioning of the Relief Camps in the State and review the action taken by different departments of the Government as required by the various provisions of Government Resolutions to support the Relief Camps. The committee consists of following 13 members including the Chief Minister.

1. Shri Narendra Modi, Honorable C.M.
2. Shri Naresh Raval, Hon.Leader of the opposition party in the Assembly,
3. Shri Keshubhai Patel, Ex- C.M.,
4. Shri Rajendrasinh Rana, President State B.J.P.,
5 Shri Amarsinh Chaudhary, President State Congress Party,
6. Shri Suresh Chandra Mehta, Hon. Minister Industries,
7. Shri Ashok Bhatt, Hon. Minister Health and Family ~elfare,
8. Shri Siddharth Patel, Hon.M.L.A.
9. Shri Usmangani Devdivala, Hon.M.L.A.
10. Shri Kalyan Shah, President Gujarat Chamber of Commerce,
11. Shrimati Ila Bhatt Honorary Chairperson SEWA
12. Shri Ishwarbhai Patel, Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad,
13. Shri Amthabhai Desai, Mazoor Mahajan Sangh.

Beside the above members, the Chief Secretary and the Principal Secretary (Revenue) will be permanent invitee members of the Committee. The Committee held its meeting thrice till date, and has reviewed the progress in detail.

77. What is the scope of this committee and how many times the committee has met so far?

The scope of the committee is broad in the spirit of implementation of relief measures. The committee has met thrice formally and relief measures provided by the government is being reviewed by the committee.

78. Do the politicians / Officials visit Relief camps?
Yes. The Hon. Prime Minister, H.E. the Governor and the Hon. CM, have also visited some of the Relief Camps.

The Relief camps in Ahmedabad are being closely monitored by personal visits of Collector and the lv1unicipal Commissioner. In addition, senior officers like the Secretary (Health), Commissioner of Health, Secretary (Women and Child Development) and Secretary (Civil Supplies) have been regularly visiting the camps,. Similarly, in other Districts, the in charge Secretaries, Collectors and District Development Officers have been visiting the camps.

79. How many Places of worship have been damaged/ destroyed?
Survey is being carried out which is on the verge of completion. So far 286 Masjids, 14 temples and 4 churches have been reported damaged.

80. Whether any plan has been worked out to repair/restore damaged places of worship?
Once the survey is completed, necessary steps will be taken to repair to restore the places of worship with the help of respective communities and religious institutions.

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