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India tops list of terror incidents

India tops list of terror incidents

Author: S. Rajagopalan
Publication: The Hindustan Times
Date: May 22, 2002

India tops the table of "significant terrorist incidents" during 2001. While the September 11 attacks on the United States constitute the worst ever in terms of death and devastation, India has had the most number of incidents, major or minor, catalogued by the State Department. Its report, 'Patterns of Global Terrorism 2001', carries a chronology of 123 "significant terrorist incidents" across the world. Of these, as many as 38 pertain to India, followed by Colombia (9), Burundi (8) and the Philippines (6).

There were eight incidents in the Middle East (four in Israel, three in West Bank and one in Gaza).

The report, released today, heaps praise on Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf for his "unprecedented cooperation" in the US-led war against terrorism, but at the same time casts doubts on the durability of his crackdown on terror outfits.

As the report puts it: "Pakistani support for Kashmiri militant groups designated as Foreign Terrorist Organisations waned after September 11. Questions remain, however, whether Musharraf's 'get tough' policy with local militants and his stated pledge to oppose terrorism anywhere will be fully implemented or sustained."

The 38 attacks on India that have been chronicled include the most striking one on Parliament on December 13 and the car bomb attack in front of the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly in Srinagar on October 1.

"The incidents listed have met the US Government's Incident Review Panel criteria. An international terrorist incident is judged significant if it results in loss of life or serious injury to persons, abduction or kidnapping of persons, major property damage, and/or is an act or attempted act that could reasonably be expected to create the conditions noted," explains the report.

Secretary of State Colin Powell, in his preface, comments: "In 2001, terrorism cast its lethal shadow across the globe - yet the world's resolve to defeat it has never been greater."

Significantly, Powell emphasises that the campaign against international terrorism is not only about Afghanistan and bringing the perpetrators of the September 11 attacks to account. The terrorist threat is global in scope, so the world's response must be equally comprehensive. "No country has the luxury of remaining on the sidelines. There are no sidelines."

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