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Secular Fascism gagging media

Secular Fascism gagging media

Author: MC Joshi
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: May 5, 2002

In 'Pioneer must oppose BJP' (April 22), Mr N Jamal Ansari wanted editor Chandan Mitra to fall in line with him and 'oppose the BJP on every front and join in the effort to save India from becoming another Lebanon or Bosnia'.

If India becomes another Lebanon or Bosnia, the blame for that should lie with the so called secularists- active within politics, the intelligentsia and the media-who are waging war with a political party simply because of its being reasonable towards Hindus, something indigestible to the secular fundamentalists. Treating Hindus and Hinduism with such insensitivity and contempt constitutes criminal apathy towards their sufferings. Secular people never felt the need for any discussion and debate-in Parliament or through the media-on the genocide, ethnic cleansing and frequent massacres of Kashmiri Hindus. They have never visited camps where scores of displaced Kashmiri pandits have been taking refuge for years. The same people are blasting the BJP and its Government on the Gujarat crisis through the forum provided by the print and electronic media. They stalled Parliament for six days demanding a debate under Rule 184-not on providing relief to riot victims, nor to find ways in restoring trust and communal harmony in Gujarat-only to blast the Centre and State, and, as in earlier debates, to spew venom on the BJP, RSS, VHP and the Bajrang Dal. These pseudo-secularists have always tended to undermine Hindu interest while continuing to appease the minority sections for their narrow political agenda.

French journalist Francois Gautier, in his article 'The vicious circle' (March 20), had written: "There is something that I have never understood. Although most of India's intellectual elite is Hindu, the great majority of them are Hindu haters-and it sometimes seems that they are ashamed to be Hindus. They always come out with the same clichés on Hindutva, the saffron brigade, the Hindu 'fundamentalists' and if you listen to them, you get the impression that India is in the hands of dangerous fundamentalists and that the Christian and Muslim minorities of India are being cruelly persecuted". The role of certain sections of the Indian media, particularly the TV channels, for which Mr Ansari sings paeans, has been extremely negative and malicious in reporting Gujarat and has unduly maligned India even among the international community. About television, Mr Gautier says: "This is the vicious circle of journalism in India: The negative goes from the Indian journalist to its western counterpart and comes back to India under the form of unfriendly reporting. The recent Sabarmati burning followed by the rioting in Gujarat showed again the veracity of that phenomenon. When a Graham Staines is burnt alive, all of India's English press goes overboard in condemning his killers, but when 58 Graham Staines are murdered, they report it without comment... when will the true India be sincerely portrayed by its own journalists, so that the Western press be positively influenced?"

The secular fundamentalists cannot relish The Pioneer because it is not with them in their unholy jihad against Hindus and Hinduism. It has the credibility that other newspapers- surviving on page-three journalism and columns by mentally bankrupt Leftists and hollow moral preachers-can never earn. The Pioneer is different because it adheres to serious, objective and positive journalism; it goes by the merits of issues and does not support or oppose anyone blindly. Mr Mitra is committed to the ethics of true and healthy journalism. In his column and even otherwise, he speaks with reason and fearlessly voices the truth. Any call by secular fundamentalists for arresting his free voice or destroying his journalism is nothing short of secular Fascism.

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