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US believes Musharraf has broken 3 promises

US believes Musharraf has broken 3 promises

Author: HT Correspondents
Publication: The Hindustan Times
Date: May 24, 2002

US intelligence agencies have concluded Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has reneged three promises he made to the Bush administration on terrorism in Kashmir.

In an article in Thursday's Washington Post, columnist Jim Hoagland says the US "misread" Musharraf.

One promise Musharraf made was to shut down terrorist camps in Kashmir. A US intelligence assessment, says the article, has concluded that Musharraf allowed 50 to 60 guerrilla camps in Kashmir to "come back to life" in mid-March. The camps hold about 3,000 militants.

Another promise was to prevent terrorist operations from Pakistan or Pakistani-controlled territory. The US is sure Pakistan has reneged on this.

The article quotes a US official as saying the rate of infiltration into Kashmir is undoubtedly higher than last year's. "What is still being debated is Musharraf's intention. Is he unable or unwilling to prevent what is happening?"

Finally, Musharraf had promised to "dismantle permanently Pakistan's Islamic fundamentalist organisations that preach violence". This commitment is also being seen as having "withered".

Diplomatic observers say the article is probably a deliberate leak by the Bush administration to pressure Musharraf.

The New York Times reported the US was urging Musharraf to keep militants on his side of the border. But Washington was looking for "the precise pressure point that would make the General fully change his ways". A US official, referring to Pakistan's help in the US's war against the Al Qaeda, said, "What ... will convince the General we're serious, when we need him so much?"

Media reports from Islamabad saidUS Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage's visit was yet to be scheduled. He will visit Pakistan only if Musharraf signalled his willingness to accede to the key demand of curbing infiltration.

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