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After Lajja, a new novel on atrocities on Bangla Hindus

After Lajja, a new novel on atrocities on Bangla Hindus

Author: Sumit Sen
Publication: The Hindustan Times
Date: May 6, 2002
URL: http://www.hindustantimes.com/nonfram/060502/detNAT13.asp

Rahul Roy, a Delhi based journalist visits Bangladesh in October, 2000 to cover elections there. Before returning, a trip to his ancestral home in Bhola is an eye opener - he sees the atrocities inflicted on minorities. He files a series of reports which attract international attention, following which he is forced to leave Bangladesh.

Nine years after Taslima Nasreen wrote her explosive novel- "Lajja", Salam Azad, a prominent Bangladeshi human rights activist and writer has drawn attention to the fierce anti-minority campaign through his central character, Rahul Roy. The novel, Ethnic Cleansing is scheduled to be released late this month.

Another book---"Post election atrocities on the Hindus in Bangladesh", edited by him, is also scheduled to hit the stands at the same time.

The explosive ingredients of the books can lead to a backlash from Bangladesh's political circles - and Azad knows this. He is also aware of Nasreen's fate after "Lajja" was published, but is unperturbed and determined, his friends in Kolkata say.

"I am ready for anything. I have written what I have seen and heard from authentic sources. A deliberate attempt is being made to ensure faster Islamisation of a nation founded on the spirit of secularism. Hindus and other minorities are no longer safe. Post election atrocities have made it clear that they have no place in Bangladesh. " Azad told Hindustan Times before leaving for Dhaka.

"No publisher in Bangladesh has the courage to publish these books so I had to come to Kolkata."

In 'Post election atrocities on the Hindus in Bangladesh' he refers to how minorities,had been tortured for backing the Awami League.

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