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Musharraf scripts a comedy for the world

Musharraf scripts a comedy for the world

Author: Kamal Kant Gouri/New Delhi
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: May 24, 2002

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf thinks India has a short memory. His latest promise made on Wednesday that "no organisation in Pakistan will be allowed to indulge in terrorism in the name of Kashmir", seems to be based on this very belief. The same promise was made, word by word, in his "famous" speech of January 12.

The Wednesday's statement was made after a high-level meeting of Federal Cabinet and the National Council of Pakistan which deliberated on the situation on the border. The meeting was presided over by Gen Musharraf himself.
The meeting took place in view of the war clouds hovering over the two countries subsequent to the Kaluchak incident wherein the family members of Indian armed personnel were targetted by terrorists.

The General and his associates seem to have done little at the meeting except picking up some portions from the former's January 12 speech. These parts were presented as a "fresh assurance" to the world. However, the General and his associates forgot to change even the wordings so as to present it in new package.

The General has conveniently forgotten about all those assurances that he gave India in his January 12 speech. The Pakistani leader had come out with a long speech when India sent its armed forces on the border after the terrorist attack on Indian Parliament on December 13.

"No organisation will be allowed to indulge in terrorism in the name of Kashmir." This is a part of the statement that was made by General Musharraf on January 12.

Under pressure due to the Kaluchak incident, General Musharraf's assurance now reads, "No organisation in Pakistan will be allowed to indulge in terrorism in the name of Kashmir." Perhaps, General thinks that India does not even maintain record of his speeches!

However, a section in India seems prepared to be obfuscated by the General's new gimmickry as they allowed themselves after the January 12 speech. He was even termed Pakistan's Kamaal Ataturk by a section here.

In his January speech, the General said, "We condemn the terrorist acts of September 11 (in US), October 1 (on J&K Assembly) and December 13 (on Indian Parliament). Anyone found involved in any terrorist act would be dealt with sternly. Strict action will be taken against any Pakistani individual, group or organisation found involved in terrorism within or outside the country. Our behaviour must always be in accordance with international community."

He did not stop here. He further said, "...Pakistan rejects and condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestation. Pakistan will not allow its territory to be used for any terrorist activity anywhere in the world..."

However, after so many promises, there was no respite from violence. Instead, it reached one step higher.

The families of the armed personnel have been targetted in an effort to demoralise the armed forces.

The action is done in the anticipation that India again wouldn't respond militarily. It would be restrained by the international community from taking any punitive action across the border, seems to be the feeling.

At the same time, Pakistan is also making efforts to disrupt the peace process by targetting leaders like Abdul Ghani Lone who refused to toe its line.

The message was that all those who were inclined to take part in the forthcoming Assembly elections would meet the same fate.

Having achieved the two objectives - targetting the moderates in the Hurriyat and hitting at the morale of armed forces - the Pakistan has again begun the parrot-talk of "it would not allow terrorism in the name of Kashmir". Pakistan and its leaders seem to be mastering the art of obfuscation and also getting away with it.

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