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Bharatiya Muslims must openly oppose terrorism

Bharatiya Muslims must openly oppose terrorism

Author: Feroz Bakht Ahmed
Publication: Punjab Kesari
Date: February 6, 2002

Imam Gazali in the 11th century had said about terrorism that if the Muslims do not give up terrorism, then terrorism will see their extinction. In fact it is the need of the day that the Imams and the religious preachers should have widely and loudly propagated this thought, but exactly reverse is what has happened.

Instead of following the path of religion, Osama has in fact followed the path of terrorism. Following the Al-Qaida organisation he gave birth to ten thousand Changejkhan like terrorists. He has pushed unemployed innocent Muslim youths into the well of darkness. His troops are more cynical, savage and atrocious than even Changejkhan's whims. His followers can eliminate anybody by resorting to any means. At times they enter prestigious buildings along with innocent accomplices, some other time they spread terrorism in Bharatiya parliament under some garb and many times they manage to boil people for some reason or the other. Not a single call in their brain has remained without this poison. They have been taught that Jehad mean hatred for non Muslims. How can such people be friend of humanity or of Muslims for that matter. They call themselves 'Fidaheen' because they feel that after their death their name will be amongst those who died during their fight for their religion and will be called brave martyrs who will ultimately secure best position in the heaven. In reality such a coveted position is for those who sacrifice their times for the prestige of Islam and certainly not for those terrorists who consider themselves a Mohammedan and yet kill the innocent people.

Like Osama bin Laden and Hasan-Al-Sab, even Daood Ibrahim is also a horrible vulture of Sarjami-E-Hind whose black deeds at Mumbai during 1992 explosion, killed 60 to 70 innocents, but what does this defamed terrorist know of the amount of damage he has inflicted on the Muslims here? Mohammedans are being known as traitors and terrorists. So much time has lapsed and those innocent Mohammedans suspects of this explosion booked under TADA are languishing in jails. What could be the condition of their family members? Could it be that the tears in the eyes of the mothers of those police men sacrificed their lives while protecting their country or even the terrorists who got killed outside the parliament would have dried away? After all what do those fourteen casualties during attack on the Sansad Bhavan prove? The explosions in America, Afghanistan or Bharat, in itself were very frightful, yet even more frightful are those effects of those explosions, which are now revealing. War between Bharat and Pak looks almost imminent should it really take place, we all very well understand the plight of the common man. Terrorism is the root cause of all this. It is time for the Muslims world over to introspect as to why they are the target of contemptuous look from the whole world and why are the Muslims hell bent upon adoring the image of terrorists all over. In fact it is required for the Muslims to meticulously follow Hazrat Mohammad. Hazrat sahab always distanced himself from terrorism and atrocities. Love and goodwill for others at any point of time were his characteristic revelations. Once he came to know that Masjid is being constructed by some over enthusiastic Muslims on a piece of land belonging to a non-Muslim, he immediately went there with a pick axe and brought down the construction and said that God will never appreciate an act which will bring displeasure from any quarter. Hazrat Mohammad had spiritual temperament, which had come to India through the Sufi saints.

In this context we are reminded of those preachings of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad when he said that it is the duty of every Mohammedan that he should be prepared to sacrifice his life for his country, irrespective of it is ruled by non-Muslims. In his news papers, 'Al Hilal' and 'Albalag', Azad had from time to time (1912-16) clarified about 'Darul Harab' and emphasised that it is the duty of every Mohammedan that he understands the greatness of his motherland to which he belongs. In that, it will be wrong to think that this would belittle his faith for Islam, on the other hand it would be rather increased.

For this reason only, during partition in 1947, responding to the call of Jinah, when Muslims had started emigrating to Pakistan then Maulana Azad from the historical Jama Masjid of Delhi had encouraged them by saying, "Forget those who have gone away, (you) make India a heaven." This was his very speech, listening to which many people had rolled back their beddings and accepted Indian soil as that soil in which they would vanish one day. One more complex problem amongst the Muslims in India is that there has not been a single patriotic warrior of the stature of Maulana Azad who would sacrifice his life for his country. The present day leaders, whether they be Hindu or Muslim, know only dying for themselves. Nobody is bothered about where the country is going. That is the very reason why patriotism of the Muslim community is put to test every time.

The Muslim community has to time and again prove its allegiance towards the country. It is possibly happening because of some terrorists who happen to be Muslims by name, however ,such verifications have been a practice both before and after independence. Perhaps an ordinary Mohammedan is as much a patriot as a Hindu, may be even more. It is unfortunate that people don't think so. Although it is a fact that hundreds of Muslim soldiers sacrificed their lives during the Kargil war. So long as there remains natural distrust amongst the Hindus and the Muslims, the whole country will remain backward.

There are countless examples like Brig. Abdul Hameed, Brig. Mohammad Usman, Col. Israr Khan etc. in India, who served the nation in every way. Muslims played a valuable role in enrichment of Indian culture. Hence, in the present day context, it would be a great blunder to see every Muslim through the garb of either Osama Bin Laden or Maulana Masood Ajhar. Similarly not only should every Muslim openly oppose these terrorists, but as and when they see some of their own brothers going astray or getting attracted towards terrorism, they should resort to legal action against them.

(This article has been translated from Hindi)

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