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Muslim Enjoy Maximum liberty in India

Muslim Enjoy Maximum liberty in India

Author: A N Bismil
Publication: Gujarat Samachar
Date: April 2, 2002

It is the duty of every Indian Muslim to be free of foreign money and foreign influence.

Indian Muslims, who are staying in this country for their own well-being and happiness should come together to show their commitment to this country They should not get influenced by all the rumours, foreign powers and foreign money and also should keep distance from those few elements which are involved in anti-social and anti-national activities. The self-proclaimed Muslim leaders who raise communal passions are the real enemies of peace-loving true Muslims. The only motive of these leaders is to save their own power by burning other's houses.

My dear fellow Muslim brother! Even being in Hindu majority country, we have great freedom to follow our religion. We can establish Muslim University and teach Urdu. We can follow our tradition of polygamy. We can freely take processions of our community. Indian government declares general holiday on the festivals like Id. We can buy land wherever we like and set-up business, set up mosques and Madarsas and propagate Islam. Because of our minority status, we can contest elections, get job opportunities. In this Hindu majority country, we can join politics and even become President of the country. No other non-Muslim country in this world gives so much freedom. Even in China, we cannot enjoy polygamy and give birth to more than two children.

In Singapore, all the graves were dismantled and the dead bodies of Muslims were burnt in the electric crematorium. Japan does not allow building graves. In Israel, no Muslim is allowed to propagate his religion. In Nepal, no Hindu can be converted to Islam and if done, it is severely punished.

In this country, Jain, Buddhists and Sikhs can not enjoy even a fraction of special facilities available to Muslims. In short, no Sikh or Buddhist can open a religion or language based school in any Muslim country and unlike India, cannot provide education in Hindi through Jamia Milia or Aligarh Muslim University.

Unlike in India, where, thousands of religious school and Urdu medium schools are present, no Sanskrit School for Vedas can be opened in other Muslim country and as we get Friday holiday for the Namaz, Minorities do not get special weekly holiday. No Hindu can use Hindi in public places and like Id, nobody gets holiday on Ram Navami, Dashahara or Diwali.

No Hindu living in Muslim country can listen to Hindi or Sanskrit programmes on TV and radio and not even programmes in their mother tongue, forget about religious programmes on Ramayan.

We can have even Muslim President in India, but Hindus in Muslim countries can neither join politics nor contest elections. They can not ask admission in schools, colleges or get jobs on the basis of their minority status, cannot ask for a separate place for their own organizations. We keep the portraits of our Muslim President in government offices but in those countries, no Indian can display a photograph of a Hindu leader. We, in India, have allowed Zia Ul Haq of Pakistan to offer Namaz in Rashtrapati Bhavan (President's residence), but in Muslim countries, no Hindu will be allowed to have Hindu religious ritual in any government place. Hindus are not allowed to take any procession with musical band and unlike our Tazia, they cannot propagate their religion. Unlike in Meenakshipuram, they cannot convert anybody to Hinduism. We have thousand of meat shops selling halal (Kosher) meat, but in Muslim countries, if someone opens a shop to sell pork, he will be inviting his own de ath.

No Hindu can publish books on Veda, Ramayan, Geeta or even display them in the book shops. "Satyarthprakash" of Arya Samaj is totally banned in Muslim countries.

Arya Samaj is totally banned in Muslim countries.

In India, you can easily open a liquor shop in Muslim dominated Shrinagar, but in many Muslim countries, a drunken person is severely beaten up as a punishment. I watch my Muslim brothers block highways with the tombs but in these Muslim countries, Hindus cannot even put a brick in the name of temple or Gurudwara even in the remotest part of the country.

Hindus cannot wear Dhoti or carry Kirpan in these Muslim countries. They are afraid of the law not only outside but also inside their homes. You may be aware that even today, no Sikh can enter Saudi Arabia. No Hindu, whether he is Pundit or Sikh, can get a job in police force or any other government office.

In India, we have several riots on the issue of cow slaughter. These riots are not beneficial to either community. But in Saudi Arabia, a person killing a cow is put to death. In this situation, weddings take place without cow slaughter. Like our Muslim brothers in Saudi Arabia, if we Muslims also determine not to kill cows, Hindus and Muslims can live here peacefully.

Few traitor Muslims of this country always try to impress that Islam is not safe in India. As a Muslim, I feel that there cannot be any further lie than this false claim. Simply looking at the fact that after 1947, thousands of new mosques, Universities in Aligarh, Jamia Milia and Deoband, have been established one can dismiss this claim. On the other hand, only couple of Hindu religious places remained in Pakistan. Even though Pakistan is giving very bad treatment to Hindus there, Indian government continues to support Muslim establishments in India. It shows brotherly treatment to Indian Muslims and not of a torture.

In Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries, no Hindu can be a member of their national hockey or football team, while we have Muslims in every national team; to the extent that the captain of the Indian Hockey team in Asian Game was a Muslim (Jafar Iqbal).

If we understand ail these facts correctly, then we will realize that it is our duty that for our own prosperity, we Muslim should be loyal to India.

Today's self-proclaimed Muslim leaders, who dance on the tunes of foreign powers, and who, for their greed for power and money, instigate communal riots in Meerut, Muradabad, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Kashmir, Chambal, Bhivandi or Mumbai, are actually defaming Muslim religion and sowing thorns in our way. We should always carefully distance ourselves from them.

(This article has been translated from Gujarati)

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