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Doomed from within?

Doomed from within?

Author: Dr. T.H. Chowdary
Publication: Organiser
Date: May 5, 2002

Introduction: The number of madarsas in India alone increased from 1,075 in 1975 to over 31,000 by now. They are financed by a few rich Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia. Forget about Indians: no less a person than the President of Pakistan, Gen Pervez Musharraf himself has said that the madarsas have become factories to produce hate-filled jihadi terrorists.

As a perceptive Indian who has no amnesia over India's history I am not a little surprised at the totally distorted view of Hindu-Muslim relations presented (Newsweek, March 18, 2002) by Ashutosh Varshney, especially as he happens to be Director of the Center for South Asian Studies at the University of Michigan. Consider not the 800year long struggle of the Hindus against the Islamic invaders from Central Asia and their determined but failed attempts to convert Hindus to Islam (recall that there is not one country in the world to save India, which was conquered by Islam's generals, sultans, free booster's and kings, but whose entire people had not been converted to Islam), but justs the ninety years preceding 1947 when India was partitioned to create the Muslim-majority state of Pakistan.

Muslims, in especially what is now India asserted that they are not part of the Indian nation; they are a separate Muslim nation (Recall that while the United Nations have a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Muslim nations in the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC), brought out the Islamic Declaration of Human Rights, differentiating themselves from the entire non-Islamic humans). Sir Syed Ahmed, the founder of the Aligarh Muslim University told the British rulers of India and lndia's Muslims that democracy is inappropriate for India as it would mean majority, that is Hindu rule over Muslims (exactly like white South Africans did not want till 1994, democracy, as it would mean black majority rule). As representative rule was being gradually introduced in India by the British, the Muslims demanded and got separate electorates for them (not part o the Indian nation). Mahatma Gandhi wanted to win over the Muslims for a united struggle against the British rule and involved the Hindu population in the Indian Muslims agitation for restoration of the deposed Caliph in far-off Turkey (1919-21). Mohammed Ali, the Muslim leader of the Khilafat movement (to restore the Islam's Caliph), declared jointly with Mahatma Gandhi, at the time of the movement itself that a "fallen, sinful, criminal, murderous Muslim was, according to his faith, Islam superior to Gandhi however virtuous Gandhi may be". When stunned India asked him whether he indeed said so, Mohammed Ali reiterated the statements! While Gandhi and the National Congress he led, demanded the British to quit India (1942), Mohammed Ali Jinnah and his Muslim League told the British, "Divide (India, to create Islamic Pakistan) and (only then) quit". In the elections to India's provincial legislatures in 1946, Muslims in all the provinces which are now India, en masse voted for the division and Pakistan- demanding Muslim League; not a single Muslim put up by Gandhi-Nehru's National Congress won. When in 1946 the British announced that they would quit India, to force them to divide India, the Muslim League declared 16 August 1946 as Direct Action Day. On that single day, over 10,000 Hindus were slaughtered in Calcutta city alone. The Hindu retaliation commenced and the whole of North India saw the communal civil war, children, men and women of both the communities perished. Frightened by the civil war unleashed by the Muslim League, Gandhi and the National Congress who for over 80 years opposed the division of India, in the hope that Muslims and Hindus could be one nation capitulated to the Muslim's demand for Partition of India and the creation of the Islamic state of Pakistan, on 14.8.1947.

Almost all Hindus and Sikhs had been kicked out of Pakistan in 1947 itself; in Bangladesh the Hindu population declined from 35% in 1947 to a little over 10% by now! The Muslims remains in India, whose ancestors forced the Partition of India, and created the Islamic states of Pakistan and Bangladesh but did not leave for the states they created (Recall that Greece and Turkey effected an exchange of their Muslim and Christian populations) grew from below 7 per cent in 1948 to 14 per cent (excluding about 25 million illegal Muslim infiltrators into India from Bangladesh) now!

From about 1905 onwards when the Indian National Congress was becoming increasingly agitationist for India's independence from British rule, there were hundreds of Hindu-Muslim riots. These are not a recent phenomenon in India nor do they not occur in Islamic Pakistan. There, the majority of Sunnis have declared the Quadiani sect as non-Muslim and prohibited them to have mosques (Recall that Sir Zafrullah Khan, the rabidly partitionist Muslim Leaguer was Pakistan's foreign minister in its early years, but notwithstanding that, his sect was declared non-Muslim; and he had to live in disgrace) the Sunni Pakistanis are blasting the mosques of Shias another Muslim sect). Intolerance appears endemic among the Muslim in South Asia. Besides, the instruction given in the madarsas, is known to be producing jihadis, Islamic religious warriors against the infidels, Hindus, Christians, Bahais and Buddhists. The number of madarsas in India alone increased from 1,075 in 1975 to over 31,000 by now. They are financed by a few rich Gulf States including Saudi Arabia. Forget about Indians; no less a person than the President of Pakistan, Gen Pervez Musharraf himself has said that the madarsas have become factories to produce hate-filled jihadi terrorists.

In India, Communists (from the 1940s itself) and their fellowtravelling "eminent", progressive intellectuals and the 4th generation Congress (the original Congress of Gandhi-Nehru-Patel was split by Nehru's daughter in 1969 and again in 1977 to expel those who don't accept the Dynastic succession-Nehru; his daughter, Indira Gandhi; her son, Rajiv Gandhi, now Rajiv's, Italian-born widow Sonia, who acquired Indian citizenship only when it became clear that her husband would succeed his mother) have been encouraging and fanning the separatism and fundamentalism of Muslims in India, solely to get their votes en masse as Muslims, not, as Indians. These parties which had been in power in Delhi for all but six and half years out of fifty five years of independence have done little to improve the educational, social and economic conditions of Muslims and ills like polygamy, lack of family planning, illiteracy, little interest in skill-talent-knowledge and giving modern education are hardly addressed. These very parties are inciting, encouraging and sustaining the cause of the "disputed structure".

Babur was a Central Asian Muslim invader. In 1528, his general one Mir Baqui demolished a temple on the birth spot of Rama and built a mosque. The spot is referred to in the Muslim and British rulers records as "Masjid Janmasthan (Birth place). Hindus waged 75 battles since 1528 to repossess the site; a law suit was filed by one Sri Mahant Raghuvir Das, (a Hindu) in March 1896 for the possession of the site where the disputed structure stood. The suit remains un-adjudicated even today! There had been no Muslim namaaz (prayers) since 1949 in that structure. An idol of Rama has been in that place since 1949. The place was locked up since 1949; the lock was opened and Hindu prayers were permitted since December 23, 1949; then Hindus were permitted to lay a foundation stone (Shilanyas) for a Ram temple on November 10, 1989. And both the events were by permission of the Governments of the Congress Party (obviously with a view to court Hindu votes!). But no permission was forthcoming for the construction of the temple. Communists, their fellow-travelling intellectuals and Muslim vote-courting "secular" parties joined the Muslim political and other organisations to agitate that no temple should be allowed to be constructed. The issue was taken up by all the political parties vying for Muslim votes. It was only since then, as late as in 1990 that the Bharatiya Janata Partay (referred to by the West as Hindu nationalist BJP) has begun backing the demand for temple construction since 1990.

In 1990, the then Prime Minister Chandra Sekhar invited the Viswa Hindu Parishad and others which were spearheading the movement for Ram temple and a number of Muslim organisation which were opposing this move to come out with the evidence that each party has about the existence of a temple and its destruction by Babur's General or to the contrary. The Muslim parties were backed by the Communists and fellow-travelling historians. When it was becoming clear that the evidence about the existence of a temple and its destruction was overwhelming, the Muslim parties and their Communist supporters boycotted the subsequent meeting. No amicable settlement was therefore, forthcoming. Exasperated at the dilatoriness and various inciting and asserting positions that the Muslim organisations took, hundreds of thousands of Hindus assembled in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992 to conduct a mammoth worship and begin the construction of a temple. None knows the immediate provocation but the crowd pulled-down the dilapidated disputed structure. This was the 76th battle for the possession of the Ram Janmasthan (the birth place of Lord Rama). The image of Lord Rama which was existing since 1949 in this very place was built around into a small temple. This has been the situation since 1992.

Muslims and their Communist backers are asking proof that Rama was indeed a historic figure, and that he was born at this place. It is as ridiculous as non-Christians asking proof for the virgin birth of Jesus and for Jesus to have walked out of his grave after he was buried or asking for proof of Prophet Mohammed going on a white horse to heaven to commune with Allah and landing at Al-aqsa site in Jerusalem. It is the belief of billions of Hindus for thousands of years that Lord Rama was a historic person and that he was born at the place called Ramajanmasthan in Ayodhya where Baburs General built a mosque by pulling down an existing temple. Pulling down temples - and breaking images has been the standard and religiously enjoined practice for Muslim invaders of India since Mohammed Gazhni, a thousand years ago. Even Prophet Mohammed himself broke hundreds of images he came across except Kaba in Macca.

The Muslim conquerors pulled down hundreds of churches in Spain and built mosques in those very places. Of course, when the Christians expelled the Muslims from Spain, they pulled down the mosques and reconstructed the churches. As recently as last year, the Taliban, on the authority of the Koran and the Prophet blew the centuries old Buddha's. Statues at Baniyan in Afghanistan to pieces. In the light of these, it is not unreasonable to believe that the temple for Lord Rama in Ayodhya was pulled down and in that very place a mosque was built. Also in two other places, Varanasi and Mathura held to be the most sacred places for Hindus (along with Ayodhya) adjacent to and almost encroaching upon the temples of Lord Siva and Krishna respectively mosques had been constructed. The continued existence of the disputed structure and the mosques adjacent to and almost encroaching upon the temples in Varanasi and Mathura constantly remind Hindus of the humiliation inflicted upon them.

The Hindu peoples movement for the repossession of Rama's birth place in Ayodhya is viewed by many as reassertion of the self-respect and nationalism of the Hindu people. It is not a mere movement for a judicial title to a disputed piece of land- less than one acre. Nations which had been humiliated, after throwing off the foreign yoke and native dictators have always restored their former symbols of civilisation, culture and sovereignty and honour. In Warsaw, Poland, a church belonging to a certain sect of the conqueror was pulled-down as representing over-lordship of conquerors, was pulled-down of the native and a church sect was built in that very place recently. Statues- of Stalin and Lenin had been pulled-down in the former soviet satellite states: and also within India, the statues of the British King and Queens had been removed. Streets and places and gardens named after dies British are being given Indian names, after Indian heroes. After decolcinization the Gold Coast became Ghana; Rhodesia became Zimbabwe; Ceylon became Srilanka, Burma became Myanmar; Siam became Thailand; Peking became Beijing and Canton became Ghang Zhow.

It is necessary that the thousand-year long history of the Hindu-Muslim conflict in India especially during the last hundred years is recalled before one ventures to pontificate about what is happening in India. Generally, many a person deIndianised by MarxismLeninism-Maoism has been invoking "secularism", in order to trash Hinduism. Whosoever ridicules and trashes Hinduism and criticises their faith and culture and civilization is called a secularist. Any body calling himself a Hindu is called a Communalist, Fascist, fundamentalist, reactionary, etc. A number of these "secularists" are ensconced in the universities in India and abroad. It is these who are giving a very wrong picture of Hindu-nationalism. Macaulay, a British colonial official, responsible for the discontinuance of the traditional system of Indian education and substituted English system of education in India, noted that the new system would produce large numbers of Indian people who would be Indian in blood and colour only but would think and act like the British. Macaulay seems to have succeeded beyond his expectations if one consider the tribe of left, democratic, secular, socialist, progressive, eminent intellectuals who write in English newspapers and journals in India and abroad, presenting Hindu nationalism as "communal, fundamentalist, Fascist", (swear words that Communists have always been using for about a century to denounce their adversaries). Shri Siddharth Varshney appears to be one such up-rooted Indian, catering to Hindu and India-baiters. This school of "Indians" are mortally afraid to criticise polygamy, gender-based inequality, begetting of numerous children; madarsa education; religious intolerance and ethnic cleansing of minorities (eg: Pakistan, north-cast Cyprus, Kosovo, Kashmir) in Islamic countries. The fundamental fact of Islam in India is: religious intolerance, violence, hosting terrorists; aversion to modern education bullying privilege-seeking, separate laws, transnational belonging and rioting at the slightest pretext like hurt "sentiments".

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