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True Secularism

True Secularism

Author: P. Jasnsi
Publication: Organiser
Date: May 5, 2002

I am a girl 18 years of age. I am not ignorant of my country's history especially, the recent one, as Mustafa Qureshi (who wrote an article "Action and reaction" in The New Indian Express, 16.4.2002) seems to be. I know that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are successors to one united India where great Kings like Ashoka ruled. Unfortunately, Hindus who converted to Islam over a period of 800 years of invasion and conquests asserted (stridently from 1905 to 1947) that they are not Indians, that they are a different nation and that they cannot live with Hindus in one nation-state. They were led by the Muslim League and Mohammed All Jinnah. There were hundreds of riots from 1905 to 1947 between Muslims and Hindus. There used to be a Mahatma Gandhi who got all the Hindus and Indian National Congress join the Muslims of India in their agitation against the British demanding that the deposed Calif in the far-off Turkey should be restored. The great Mahatma Gandhi hoped that by this sacrifice by Hindus, Muslims could be persuaded to be brothers and sisters along with Hindus to be one nation. There was the greatest secularist Jawaharlal Nehru who also thought like that.

But in the elections to the Provincial Assemblies in 1946 every seat that was reserved for Muslims in all the Legislatures of the states which now constitute India, not a single nationalist Muslim was elected! The Muslims of what is now India had elected the Partitiondemanding, Muslim Leaguers to press for the division of India and creation of the Islamic state of Pakistan. The Muslim League Premier of Bengal, under instructions from Mohd. Ali Jinnah launched the Direct Action Day and on that very first day of 16th August 1946, 10,000 Hindus were killed in Calcutta and the civil war between Muslims and Hindus in India started. The great Mahatma, apostle of peace and the tireless worker for Hindu-Muslim brotherhood and unity, the secular modern leader of the people, Jawaharlal Nehru and the nationalist Maulana Abul Kalam Ajad had all given up hope, accepted defeat at the hands of Muslim League and agreed for the Partition of India. Thus was created Pakistan from where all Hindus and Sikhs had been expelled and in Bangladesh, the Hindu population has been, by force and by discrimination reduced from 35% to 10%. But the population of Muslims in India has increased from 6% to 12-20% (including Bangladesh Muslim infiltrators and Pakistanis and ISI agents). Not only that, they have come to have more rights and privileges not available to Hindus in their own country. Thus they have got their own personal law. The Muslims here are sent at considerable Government expense on their pilgrimage to Mecca while Hindus have to pay for their own pilgrimage and also get killed on the way to Amarnath by Muslims. Furthermore, Even when they are not denied admissions to any type of colleges, for any type of education and while they are not denied any loan from any bank, Muslims in India can have "minority" colleges for secular subjects like computers, medicine, business management, engineering pedagogy law, etc, and also have "minority" financial institutions. My Muslim colleagues need not work on Friday afternoons in Government offices while I cannot leave my office to pray to Hanuman, Siva or Venkateswara on the days I consider sacred. We are having Government ministers welcoming the returning Haj pilgrims with garlands and bouquets. Also we are having Government policemen pulling out those who want to go to Ayodhya, from trains and locking them up in jails.

Nobody here in this country writes about the 350,000 Hindus kicked out of the Muslim-majority Kashmir valley. No body writes about they not being put up in refugee camps and looked after with medicines, food, education, etc. But the secularists, the communists and vote-catchers are writing pages after pages, filling up the air with slogans after slogans, flooding streets with demonstrations after demonstrations about the plight of Muslims in Gujarat. No journalist is writing about the torching of 58 Hindu women and children in rail bogies at Godhra by Muslims. No body is writing about the Hindu bereaved but the journalists, the secularists and the vote-catchers are demanding that the Chief Minister of Gujarat must resign. Almost every week, dozens of Hindus and Sikhs are being bombed to death by Muslim jihadi terrorist in J&K and around, more than 50,000 Hindus and Sikhs have been thus murdered, no body is asking for the resignation of Farooq Abdullah, the Chief Minister of J&K.

Now I understand what is "secularism". Secularism means antiHinduism. Secular means propitiating the Muslim residents of this country. Secularism means tolerance to be murdered, tolerance to be kicked out. Secularism means to divide districts and cities to create Muslim majority districts like Malappuram in Kerala and Muslim development authorities like Quli Qutub Shah Development Authority in Hyderabadi. Secularism means allowing some people to smuggle drugs, fake currency and hosting aliens and terrorists. Secularism means the division of this country into parts from where Hindus can be expelled but in the remaining parts the Muslims can be allowed to grow hugely and furiously, consuming more and more subsidy and welfare at the cost of the majority. Secularism means extraordinary rights and- privileges for the minority and denial of them to the Hindus. This is indeed a wonderful land. The Government gives every incentive to give up Hinduism and convert to Islam or Christianity. That is secularism.

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