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Marxist backtrack on madrasa menace

Marxist backtrack on madrasa menace

Publication: Organiser
Date: March 10, 2002

"Some anti-national elements are operating from the madrasas. This must be stopped". Buddhadev Bhattacharya, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, spoke up his mind with true patriotic, feelings recently. It was a statement quite unexpected from a Marxist leader but only to be pressurised by his predecessor Jyoti Basu and his close confide in the party hierarchy and the Left Front chairman, Bimal Bose, to apologize before a delegation of Muslim leaders at Writers' Buildings on February 6 and assure them that his government had no plan to close down private madrasas funded and controlled by some Arab Islamic countries.

A reluctant Basu who stepped down after long years of nothingness of his rule has secretly joined hands with some other leaders in the party to put Bhattacharya in a tight spot inside the party. The Chief Minister's apology and the following statements are only a result of this big game.

Now it is no doubt that Jyoti Basu is the key person in fomenting opposition in the party against Bhattacharya's style of functioning. In West Bengal, political observers feel that Basu did not like the way he had to quit the chiefministership on the eve of assembly elections last year. The CPI(M) leadership was then panicked by Basu's increasing unpopularity due to his corrupt and inept rule and felt that if the party had to avoid a poll debacle then it must shift Basu and bring a new chief minister. It did-work and the party that was at the brink of losing the election came back to power in the State. The party thanked the clean image of Buddhadev. But the new CM's policies like denouncing the work culture of government employees practised during the long tenure of Jyoti Basu and advocating for a new work culture in State Government offices had begun to irritate Jyoti Basu. At present Basus relations with Bhattacharya have soured to such an extent that they have not been seen together sharing a dais in the public function since past three months.

Basu has always turned a blind eye to Bangladeshi infiltration or ISI spreading terrorism in different parts of the State. He was little bothered about the security of the State or the country but he held firm his chair with great care for a long time. His party has made the best use of the infiltrators during each election in the State. The decrease in the' votes in some constituencies was being made up through the votes of infiltrators. More the influx of Bangladeshis in his State, more happy was Basu. The party or Basu has never said no to the misdeeds of Muslims fanatics and only tried to appease them.

Strangely, the issue of global terrorism, particularly the rise of Islamic religious fundamentalist groups fomenting violence in India, did not figure in the four-day State conference of the CPI(M), which was held in Kolkata from February 22. This deliberate negligence amply exemplifies to the party's soft corner towards Islamic fanaticism. The resolution on terrorism adopted in the conference has only mentioned that "all religious fundamentalism are against the interest of common man and should be abolished'. If the party had any interest to stem the growth of Islamic terrorism the statement should have focused on it. The resolution does not mention anything on madrasas and the terror tactics of Islamic fundamentalist group in India. This would suffice to exemplify that the Marxist party is trying to woo the Muslims and encouraging their infiltration only for their vote-bank. It is clear as the daylight that for the Communists coming to power by any tactic is more important than the interests of the country.

It is sarcastic that during the party's State conference a statement was issued putting the entire blame on media for misquoting the Chief Minister on madrasa issue. The party also says that its own mouthpiece, Ganashakti has also misquoted Bhattacharya and 'behaved irresponsibly while publishing the Chief Minister's statement on madrasas".

Now in damage control exercise, the party is making its best efforts only to 'pacify the Muslim extremists forgetting the interests of the nation. The Marxists' lust for power would endanger the whole nation. It is high-time the Centre took necessary steps to eliminate anti-national forces working especially on the border areas of West Bengal.

(With inputs from Aseem Kumar Mitra.)

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