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PWG fast losing sympathy among tribals

PWG fast losing sympathy among tribals

Author: Ravi Reddy
Publication: The Hindu
Date: May 29, 2002

The banned People's War Group naxals appear to be facing tough time in the tribal areas of Adilabad district with more and more tribals turning against them and refusing to provide them food and shelter.

In the last one-week alone three Gond-dominated tribal hamlets in Kadam and Sirpur Utnoor mandal have revolted against the naxals and dared them to cause harm to them. The naxals are facing severe problem of food and shelter in the tribal areas, as villagers appear to be in no mood to grant their plea for food.

After Gangapur and Nagulapalli villagers taught a lesson to the extremists of the underground outfit, the people of Dampur emulated them last night when the naxals had to face tough time.

The tribals of Dampur village in Sirpur Utnoor mandal under Lingapur police station limits accosted four members of the Indervelli Local Guerrilla Squad when they entered the village to demand food and water. The tribals gathered in large numbers and refused to provide them anything.

They went on to say because of naxal movement, they were facing hardships. They pointed out that when the police had come forward to liberate the inactive militants under the `Vimukti' programme, the naxal presence would only send wrong signals.

Despite the plea from the naxals to at least give them water, the villagers refused. The naxals returned but not before they threatened the villagers of dire consequences. The residents rushed to the Lingapur police station on Tuesday and informed the local SI about the incident.

Dampur, situated in the Mangi forest area, is said to be one of the PWG strongholds and most of the major party meetings are held near this village. Even essential commodities and other material are transported from Dampur for the said meetings. The Mangi LGS commander, Yamunakka wife of District Committee member, Tekam Motiram, and PGA seventh platoon member, Yerma Sriram alias Shyam, hail from Dampur.

The residents of Parvatiguda and Movad (Asifabad mandal), Nagulaguda (Sirpur Utnoor), Lodepalli (Bejjur), Mangi, Kautegaon and Punnguda (Triyani) and Gangapur (Kadam), had revolted against PWG naxals in the last few months.

The residents of Gangapur village stood out in all this incidents when they took on none other than the District Committee secretary, Lalitakka, and other important leaders last week. About 30 armed naxals who entered the village had to argue with the villagers for almost four hours to provide them food and water. But, the belligerent villagers did not heed their pleas and even taunted them that because of their destructive activities, tribal villages are still backward.

The Adilabad SP, Mahesh Muralidhar Bhagwat, told The Hindu that more than 10 tribal villages in the district had turned against the naxals since January this year. Most of these villages had naxal influence and the police movement was restricted because of PWG presence. Interestingly enough, about 100 villages in the district have passed resolution denouncing the PWG violence and taking a decision not to allow the naxals to enter the villages.

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