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RSS gets media savvy: Appoints additional spokesperson

RSS gets media savvy: Appoints additional spokesperson

Author: K Balasubrahmanyam/New Delhi
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: May 10, 2002

Media management of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is going to get a fillip with V Ram Madhav, a young blood from Andhra Pradesh taking over the charge as additional spokesperson of the organisation.

Of late, realising the importance of media management, the RSS top brass has assigned Mr Madhav to streamline its 28 media centers, popularly known as Viswa Samvad Kendra, set up in all major cities and dissiminate the information instantly to the lower rung cadre. The media centres, though computerised, are still groping in dark as they were unable to understand how to go ahead in conveying the views of the RSS on seveal national issues including their relations with its political outfit - Bharatiya Janata Party. So far, the media centres are confined only to pick up few media reports and forward them to other centres.

Mr Madhav, who made his debut on Wednesday, told The Pioneer that his immediate task was to project the correct image of his organisation counter their detractors arguments that the RSS was being considered as an communal and backward looking. Besides, Mr Madhav is also asked to interact with the intelligentia and garner their support to the organisation. It is a part of the RSS' new strategy - building up a brigade of "fellow travellers."

"A massive disinformation campaign is going on against as we never involved in self-promoting exercise. Now, the RSS has taken the media management one of its main activity to put the record the straight and remove the misconceptions in the minds of the people," he said.

"Despite the fact that the RSS sakhas (units) have reached all time high 45,000 in the country there is a disinformation campaign in the media that they have gone down. In the south Indian cospomopolitan city Bangalore alone more than 350 sakahas are effectively running. A seperate sakha is being run exclusively for software professions where more than a hundred engineers take part everyday," he said adding that a separate sakha was being conducted for medical professionals in Hyderabad. Mr Madhav informed that a two-day interactive session with several national and internatinal intellectuals was organised in Hyderabad in which entire top leadership of the RSS participated and requested them to be a fellow traveller.

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