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Faces of terrorism

Faces of terrorism

Author: Editorial
Publication: The Assam Tribune
Date: May 10, 2002

The sudden spurt in activities of militants claiming some sort of ideological affinity with Maoism is being reported from areas as diverse as Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand and Western Nepal. One factor appears to be common and that relates to apalling poverty and socio-economic deprivation. Even after mainland China has made a distinct break with the past dominated by thinking and action programmes popularised by Mao-zeDong and his hardline comrade Liu Chao-Chi, the rigours of so-called cultural revolution and 'left-wing Communism', the new generation of 'Maoists' continue to adhere to what they understand as Maoism. Gone are the days of adulation of the line of Chinese Communists by describing China's Chairman as 'our Chairman'. China is now on the path of taking advantages from market economy and globalisation and chart a new path of development through accelerated foreign direct investment. The expanding internal market in China and the rush of foreign investors to avail the unfolding advantages there have already created a conducive climate for growth. The absence of political freedom and operation of free trade unions are considered as advantageous factors by foreign investors for whom China has opened one part of the country for operation of market forces.

With this, conventional Maoism is no longer relevant in China following the new and pragmatic path charted by Deng Xiao Ping. But this fact has not deterred the so-called Maoists to proclaim their adherence to pristine Maoism and espousal of militancy and extremism. This section of extremists operating in Western Nepal has been responsible for bloodbath plunging large parts of the Himalayan mountain kingdom in senseless massacres. One striking feature is the growth and accretion of strength by Maoists in Western Nepal while abysmal poverty, exploitation and deprivation are more common in the eastern part of the country following destruction of forests, vegetations and environment. Although at one time China used to evince keen interest in internal matters of Nepal and a section of Maoists tried hard to drive a wedge between Nepal and India despite symbiotic relationship of both countries since time immemorial. It was no wonder that Pakistan's notorious ISI selected Nepal for promotion of anti-India activities and furthering of insurgency of different extremist outfits active in India and more particularly in the eastern and north-eastern parts of the country. But the influence of these misguided elements is not confined only to northern and eastern India as the PWG in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and the MCC in Bihar and Jharkhand wield considerable influence. The failure of our country's development strategy to ensure a proper delivery system to reach the target groups for reducing, if not fully mitigating, poverty has actually led to disillusionment and discontent providing for fertile grounds for recruitment of militant cadres. If this is true in a democratic country like India, the condition in Nepal can only be imagined.

 Terrorism cannot be fought with sophisticated weapons only. Defeating terrorism would require sustained multi-disciplinary approach that can ensure speedy removal of factors conducive for recruitment of new cadres. The fierce air-ground offensive by Nepalese troops in Maoist training camps in Western Nepal may be one of the several components of the new policy chosen by Kathmandu and linking of the fight against terrorists in Nepal with the global anti-terror war led by global coalition has been stressed by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba during his recent meeting with US President Bush and the US administration has already asked for approval by the Congress for a grant of US dollar 20 million in military aid to Nepal. However, while the challenge of armed nature is always required to be met with arms, fighting poverty and exploitation through sustained measures is a pre-requisite for permanent results.

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