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Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan

Founder Trustee, Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram &
Yogi Ramsuratkumar Indological Research Centre,
Sister Nivedita Academy,"Sri Bharati Mandir",
Srinivasanagar, Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore 560036
Phone & Fax:080-5610935 / 5613716; E-Mail: sadhurangarajan@vsnl.com

Recently we found in the leading English papers and weeklies, the writings of the so called enlightened and eminent thinkers and journalists about the tolerance, secularism and universalism of the Hindus and vehemently condemning those who violently reacted to the Godhra carnage. Some have expressed surprise that the people belonging to Gandhi's land have reacted so violently against the massacre of some 'Hindu extremists' including some old men, women and children, who perpetrated the crime of raising a 'fanatic' and 'fundamentalist' slogan that they will build Ram Temple at Ram's birthplace.

We are not here to say that the violence in Gujarat, which has followed the burning alive of 59 Ramsevaks travelling in Sabarmati Express, and which has so far consumed more than 800 lives, is justifiable or right. But we want to expose the impotency of the Eunuchs who have no courage to admit what has been the root cause of all this violence nor have any lasting, concrete and bold solution to solve the problem once for all.

An English weekly has discovered that the compartment of Sabarmati Express was set fire to because some Ramsevaks refused to pay for the tea that they took from some Muslim vendors when the train stopped at Godhra. No one should question how the vendors could organize a 2000 strong crowd of Mussalmans armed with deadly weapons, petrol bombs, etc. within a few minutes after the train left Godhra station with the Ramsevaks who refused to pay for the tea. Allah is all-powerful and He can accomplish any miracle!

Those that set fire to the running train carrying these 'kafirs' have just obeyed the injunctions of their Holy Koran which says that those who are non-believers in Allah deserve to be destroyed and it is the duty of the believer to do so. When a secular Government has not objected to such injunctions in the Holy Scripture and accepted it as equal to the Gita of the Hindus, and has allowed freedom to the so called religious minorities to faithfully practise their religion, what is wrong in the faithful followers of Allah obeying the injunctions of their scripture? And the Christians have also such equal rights as to convert Hindus, who are all sinners not believing in the only God, Jesus, who 'alone' saves, and the great leaders of their Church have set shining examples of eliminating the sinners through 'Inquisitions' in Europe as well as in India, to be precise, in Goa, in the past, which have the approval of their Holy Scripture, The Bible. Such injunctions that support conversion of non-Christians, who are all sinners, into Christianity so as to be saved from hell, have also never been touched or removed by any Secular Government, for it will be interference in the minority rights. And this scripture is also considered equal to the Gita of the Hindus.

And the Hindus, whose religion preaches "Ahimsa paramo dharma", have no right to use force even against 'Aatataayis' or perpetrators of crime. Did not Mahatama Gandhi tell the Hindus, whose woman folk were raped and whose children were butchered by the Mussalmans in Punjab and Sindh during partition, that they should not raise arms in retaliation and their womenfolk must defend themselves with their "tooth and nails" if they wanted to preserve their chastity? How can the Hindus, especially belonging to Gandhiji's Gujarat, retaliate with arms for the massacre of their kith and kin in the Sabarmati Express? All these years the Hindus have been in the receiving end and whenever atrocities were perpetrated against them, they silently suffered and sacrificed themselves for the happiness of others. The Vedas say that the Purusha sacrificed Himself for the sake of the creation. How can the followers of such religion now become selfish and militant to protect themselves or to retaliate?

Our Prime Minister says that "Fire cannot be extinguished with fire, it could be extinguished only with water." So the Hindus should pour water on the houses of those who set fire to their roofs. If the Prime Minister feels that the Narendra Modi Government failed to protect the minorities from the violent retaliation of the Hindus, he must not mince words and should simply dismiss the Government. He must also resign owning moral responsibility, for it is his party's Government in power in Gujarat and he himself has been sitting in power at Delhi. He must also dismiss his party chief who gave a clean chit to Modi Government in the matter of handling the situation in Gujarat. He should not play the game of politics by showing a grim face against his own Chief Minister in Gujarat just to please the so called secularists, the minorities and the opposition. On the other hand if he feels that it is the Islamic Fundamentalism, which has grown to a gigantic size in this country, which is behind the Godhra carnage, he must be prepared to take ruthless steps to destroy that without thinking what face he could show to the Muslims in other Islamic countries which he would visit. There was a 'Mahatma' who made the Hindus the sacrificial goats at the altar of Islamic Fundamentalism and conceded to the partition of the country thereby elevating himself to the status of the father of the bleeding and vivisected Indian nation. Could we afford to have another such Mahatma who will once again make the Hindus in the vivisected India that is Hindusthan to become sacrificial goats to make this country appear to the outside world the most 'secular' and 'universal' nation on the earth, in other words an open public lavatory where anyone can walk in, pass the stool, spit and walk out?

Musharaf has the guts and courage to say no to the demand of India to extradite the twenty fundamentalist Muslim militants who have created havoc in this country and has taken refuge in Pakistan. But a secular Indian Prime Minister has no courage to defend the Chief Minister of his own party who has faced courageously a grim situation in his state for which the  Islamic fundamentalists with international backing have been responsible. Immediately after the Godhra carnage, the Home Minister revealed that the ISI hand was behind it. However, after the violent reaction all over Gujarat in which the minorities as well as the majority community have equally suffered, there is no talk of any action against those who set fire to the train, but only condemnation of the Hindu retaliation.

Ever since Independence, Hindus in this country have remained second class citizens. The country was partitioned precisely because that Muslims refused to stay with Hindus and wanted a separate nation. However, even after partition, Muslims have been enjoying all special privileges and rights as minorities. And these privileges and rights have been misused. They had the right to start Madrasas in this country to impart Islamic education, but the fact is that these institutions have proved themselves to be the powerful centers for training the Islamic fundamentalists, the talibans, who have waged a war against this very country and are operating right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari with the active support of ISI of Pakisthan and other Islamic fundamentalist forces. On another side, the Christian militants are actively annihilating every trace of Hindu existence from the North East and converting the poor and downtrodden Hindu masses through force and inducements. Even the findings of Government appointed commissions like the Justice Niyogi Commission on Christian Conversion could not induce an impotent Government to stop the conversion activities. And what is the condition of the Hindus? They do not have the basic right to reconstruct and preserve the sanctity of even their most ancient and sacred temples at Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi. Not that the Muslims hold these places sacred to have their mosques there, but they simply do not want the Hindus to wipe off the ignominy and insult suffered through centuries. Hindu children could not study their ancient history, culture, spiritual and religious heritage in the schools run by Hindus whereas the minorities can impart everything anti-Hindu and anti-Indian to their children in their schools. If anything that has to do with our ancient culture and heritage is taught, that will be 'saffronization' of education and a great sin in this land.

What  happens in India today is the net result of Hindus neglecting their own dharma, culture and heritage and their failure to forge unity in the Hindu society. Alien marauders subjugated Bharat in the past only because of the weakness and disunity of the Hindus. Even after independence, which they obtained along with a vivisected Hindustan, the Hindus failed to stand together and assert their nationality. Therefore the Muslims and Christians in this land found that it is easy to divide this country further and create a Chritianistan in North East and a new Pakistan in Kashmir. Otherwise why should the Muslims object to the reconstruction of the Ram Temple, dedicated to a national hero Ram, which was destroyed by a Mogul marauder Babar? Why should the Christians go out to convert the Hindus into Christianity by any means to destroy their Hindu national aspirations? Have not the Hindus been always generous to allow the Muslims, the Jews, the Parsees and the Christians to live with them as brethren and practise their religions peacefully whereas in other parts of the world they have always been persecuted?

There are Hindus in about 60 countries abroad and except in some countries like Nepal and Mauritius, they are very insignificant minorities. It is the duty of the entire Hindu society inside and outside the country to see that the life and properties of Hindus are well protected everywhere. That is possible only if Hindu society is united and strong in the global level, not only in the land of their origin, Bharat. However, what is the condition of the Hindus in their very homeland. They are divided, selfish, power mongering and prepared to sell their own country and people if only they could gain material well being and political power. There are, of course, quite a good number of self-respecting and patriotic Hindus who are prepared to sacrifice their life for the cause of the country and the dharma, but they are all branded as communalists, fanatics and militants by the so called secularists, selfish and power-hungry politicians, the English educated brandy-wielding bastard journalists, and those sections of the Hindu society for whom bread and butter alone is all that is needed for life and god and religion are only to satisfy the material needs.

Our motherland was vivisected in the name of religion, because the Muslims did not want to live in harmony with Hindus and therefore a Pakistan was created. However, in the Hindustan that was given to the Hindus, the Hindus cannot reconstruct their ancient and sacred temples, which were destroyed by the Muslim marauders in the historical period. And if they try to do so, there will be a carnage like that of Godhra and if the Hindu masses react to it, the patriotic Hindu leaders would be held responsible for that, not the perpetrators of the crime! The Christian missionaries will walk into Hindu areas, instigate the poor and downtrodden sections of the Hindus against others in the Hindu society, divide the unity and harmony of Hindu society, and indulge in conversion of the poor and gullible to create Christian majority political pockets in the country, but the Hindu society should not react at all!

If Hindus cannot live a honourable life in their own motherland where they are in majority, how could they protect the life and properties of the Hindus in countries outside? If the Hindus in Bharat surrender all their rights and liberties at the feet of the so called minorities enjoying the patronage of alien countries, and the anti-Hindu and un-Hindu forces and power-hungry politicians inside the country, how could their brethren in the countries abroad stand erect with self-respect?

Since times immemorial, Hindu Dharma has taught us to look upon the entire universe as one family and all men as brothers. Whenever hordes and hordes of people like Parsis and Jews were driven out their homelands and took refuge in our land, we have extended hospitality and kindness to them. As far as religion is concerned, we have accepted all paths as leading to one Ultimate Reality. But that does not mean that we have to sacrifice ourselves at the altar of the adharmic forces and narrow fundamentalist religions that want to destroy all these values that we have cherished through ages. Hindutwa is nothing but those noble, universal, human values and when we fight to protect them, we cannot be dubbed as fundamentalists or fanatics. We are indeed fighting to put and end to fundamentalism and fanaticism and that is the Dharma of every Hindu. Wherever he is, He must be prepared to make sacrifice for this cause. Rebuilding the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya is not merely a religious cause, but it is the re-establishment of the lost self-respect of Hindu society and first step in rebuilding our ancient Hindu Nation.

Hindus who uphold the Hindu values of life in our country are today an insignificant minority. India became independent fifty years ago, but the Hindu society is yet to come out of the Dark Age into which it entered centuries ago. During the early days of our freedom struggle, we had ideal Hindu leaders like Veer Savarkar, Lokamanya Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal, Lala Lajpatrai and Sri Aurobindo who were uncompromising in upholding the ideals of the Hindu Nation. However, on the eve of freedom and afterwards, the political leadership fell into the hands of power-mongerers who were prepared to compromise with any anti-national and unpatriotic force just to keep themselves in power. What is known as the policy of the appeasement of minorities to win over their vote bank is nothing but treachery and after fifty years of practice of this treachery by our corrupt politicians, the freedom and integrity of our nation is at stake today.

Now it is time for the handful of patriotic Hindus who uphold our National Dharma to stand together and prepare themselves for immense sacrifice to rekindle the fire of Hindu Nationalism to wipe out of existence all those corrupt and compromising forces within Hindu society. It is not an easy task and it needs the pioneering spirit of the great Hindu revolutionaries of the early days of our country's freedom struggle. And this new and dynamic force should come out of the younger generation. Our work is to kindle this fire of idealism in the young hearts.

 If and only if India that is Bharat becomes once again a Hindu Rashtra where the universal and man-making values propounded by the sages and seers of the ancient period are upheld and every citizen, to whichever caste, creed or community he or she belongs, accepts sincerely and adopts them in their day to day life, peace and amity can reign here and the country could rise itself to the status of Loka Guru, an ideal to be followed by the entire mankind. That means that the so called minorities in the country should come to realize that they should become part and parcel of the nation by merging into the majority. That does not mean that all of them should embrace Hindu religion and way of worship. They have only to accept the following fundamental tenets of the Hindu way of life, which is the Bharatiya way of life, and be Bharatiyas or Indians if they want to live in this country.

1. Adore and worship this Motherland as the land of their forefathers who have, since times immemorial generously welcomed into this land the suppressed and oppressed people of all nations and given them protection and absolute freedom to practise their own religion or way of worship by setting up synagogues, churches or mosques of their choice.

2. Accept the truth that God could be worshipped in any name and form according to the faith of the individual and no one has the right to condemn or denigrate the way of worship of any other person or to convert him to one's own way through coercion or inducement.

3. Agree to the fact that it is the great saints, sages, heroes and heroines of this land who are their national ideals and not those who aggressed this land, destroyed the most ancient national monuments like temples of Kashi, Mathura, Dwaraka and Ayodhya, who converted our people at the point of sword and by force and coercion and who vivisected this nation in the name of religion.

5. Allow the majority community in this land to reconstruct their ancient temples in their holy pilgrim centers, preserve their hoary culture and spiritual heritage and impart it to their progeny through the educational system of this land.

The Hindus are prepared to embrace their Muslim and Christian brethren in this land and live in peace and harmony with them if and only if the so called minorities reciprocate the feeling of brotherhood and friendship and help in rebuilding this most ancient nation. The patriotic Hindus will no more agree to sacrifice the interest of their motherland and the rights of their own people to satisfy the aggressive appetites of those who are the pawns in the hands of alien powers. The Hindus are also not prepared to commit suicide en masse to satisfy the political interests of the power-hungry politicians today who are after the vote banks of the so called minorities.

Hindus can never be fanatics or fundamentalists. Hindus alone could respect and honour the right of every man to seek his salvation in any path that he chooses. Hindus alone could recognize the right of every nation to have its own independent existence and to preserve is culture and heritage. Let the so called secular politicians and westernized intellectuals realize that their sway over this land and people is coming to an end. The violence that is consuming the nation today is wholly their creation. They kindled the fire of minority fundamentalism in this land and it is that which has set fire to the nation. However, the Hindus are now awakened and they are prepared to stand up and  fight for their legitimate rights. The more the attempts to crush the rights of the majority community, the more violence and bloodshed will result. Let the politicians of our country see the writing on the wall and learn the lessons from history. Let them not try to teach Hindus what is universalism and secularism. First let them learn what is Hinduism or Hindutwa. Let them realize that Hindus have also got a dream and the dream, put in the words of the great saint of Hindu Nationalism, Sri Guruji Golwalkar, is this:

"Devotion to Motherland of the intense, dynamic, uncompromising and fiery type is the life-breath of a free, prosperous and glorious national existence on the face of the earth. And we, the Hindus, are the inheritors of the most sublime devotion of the Motherland. Let those ancient embers of devotion lying dormant in every Hindu heart be fanned and joined in a sacred conflagration which shall consume all the past aggressions on our motherland and bring to life the dreams of Bharata Mata reinstated in her pristine undivided form."

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