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Can Muslims wage jehad against jehadis

Can Muslims wage jehad against jehadis

Author: J. N. Raina
Publication: The Free Press Journal
Date: May 11, 2002

The continuing communal outrage in Gujarat is ostensibly an extremism of 12-year-old Pakistan-sponsored proxy war in India.  Let there be no doubt about it.  The hydra-headed (communal) monster is not going ton sleep like a long.  The plot has been well orchestrated to humiliate India in the comity of nations.

Political pundits and pseudo-secularists who have reaffirmed their faith in the dictum that the riots in Gujarat  were a "systematic progrom", are living  in a foool's paradise. It is baffling as to why leading opposition parties as well as political outfits linked to the National democratic Alliance (NDA) , underestimated the vicious role Pakistan has  had been playing to "bleed India".

There are genuine reports that Pakistan is behind Godhra mayhem. According to a study conducted  by a five-member team, led by former Chief Justice of the Calcutta High court  D. S. Tewatia, the Godhra train carnage on February 27, was "an act of terrorism, planned at the behest of Pakistan, to foment communal riots all over the country".  The report, released in New Delhi recently, has been prepared for the Council for International Affairs and Human Rights.  The Godhra incident is an act of "international terrorism", planned and executed in connivance with jihadi forces, says the report.

The communal outgrowth is a by-product of terrorism.  The global war against terrorism, with its epicentre in Pakistan, was shelved overnight following the communal flare-up in Gujarat.

The so-called referendum in Pakistan should not be treated as an i9solated issue. Parvez Musharraf wants to hold on to power perpetually to see his plans through. Pakistan's new "sultan", who was sucked to a corner by the U.S. President George W. Bush, for his "double standards" on the question of waging war on terrorism, is not gleefully watching the scene from across the border, without even passing his usual itching comments.

The U.S. no more finds fault in Musharraf as before, when the latter was having sleepless nights following exhortations from Bush.  The world scenario has changed.  Most of the foreign missions, especially the European Union nations, have named India for its "inaction" in Gujarat. They have used provocative language and are questioning secular credentials of the Indian Government.

No one talks about Afghanistan, Osama and his Al Quaida.  India's attention has been  focussed on Gujarat violence.  Today Indian remains engaged elsewhere, when it was needed to pay heed on Kashmir and the continuing proxy war, engineered by Pakistan's ISI.

"The ISI is a frightening reality today", a high-ranking intelligence officer has said. Pakistan wants to keep Kashmir on the "boil" until the "unfinished business of partition" is completed and the "humiliation of Bangladesh is avenged".  It is just one part of the strategy of "internal encirclement" and the "doctrine of a thousand cuts divided India like the Balkans", that the ISI is assiduously working on, the then I G (Intelligence) BSF Bibhuti Narain had predicted a year ago in "Communalism Combat".

The elements of the ISI's "nefarious" and "multi-pronged" game plan are manifold, including madrassas for jihadis." Madrassas have been redefined in Pakistan in recent years to act as breeding grounds for producing mujahids, willing to kill and die in the name of Islam. The ISI now has a similar plan in mind for India". Narain had said in the journal.  It is actually happening in Gujarat.

Since 1992, madarassas and mosques have mushroomed in large numbers along India's borders - from Gujarat and Rajasthan in the west to U.P. in the north, Bihar  and West Bengal in the east and Assam in the north-east, funded by money from Saudi Arabia.

Various Muslim organisations, influenced by the highly orthodox Wahabi philosophy - the Tablight Jamaat, the Jamaat-e-Islami, the Jamaat-e-Ulema, and the Ahle Hadees are helping in the process.

The major task for the Jihadis, recruited by the ISI, was to organize the minority community in India through a chain of madrassas. The muftis, imams and moulvis, according to the plan, are to be replaced by highly fanatic agents of ISI in the near future.  These madarassas have to provide shelter to hard-core militants, as was the case in the Golden Temple at Amritsar during  militancy in Punjab. These madarassas and mosques may soon become an efficient launching pad for ISI agents.

An year ago, the Union Government imposed ban on the Deendar Anjuman on the ground that the organisation was found indulging in fomenting communal tension and it had links with ISI.  Anjuman has links in Mardan  (Pakistan) and had been organising a band of "disgruntled" Muslim youth in India into a mi8litant outfit for launching holy war with the avowed objective of "total Islamisation of the sub-continent", The Union Home Ministry had then observed.

The question arises will such a dreaded militant outfit be cowed down? Perhaps never. They can go to any7 extent to keep up their p0ledge after being indoctrinated by the ISI.  A lot of hate campaign has already begun.

Precious time was lost in Parliament, where proceedings were stalled for a week, with the opposition and some NDA coalition partners demanding the removal of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. No one realised the gravity of the situation created by Pakistan.  Instead of displaying unity, the NDA Government was ra0pped with biased intention. There are several important issues on which the Governmment can be put on the mat.

There was a lot of mud-slinging in parliament.  The opposition, just for the sake of opposition The opposition, just for opposition went beyond limits of decency.  The RJD chief Laloo Prasad Yadav. Even blamed the BJP and its sister allies for engineering Godhra mayhem.

As a matter of fact, Pakistan had been demanding India to withdraw its forces from the borders.  India on the contrary had been asking Pakistan t09 end cross-border terrorism, but instead, Pakistan responded by 'invoking' its communal card.

Pakistan is in a disadvantageous position.  Its economy is dwindling. Mumbai-based International Centre for Peace Initiative (ICPI) has warned that "water and money in Pakistan will get increasingly scarce over the next decade. Pakistan's economy faces collapse by 2006; its GDP of 2.6 per cent last year was matched by its growth rate, growth rate, translating to a net gain of zero. The temptation to wage war will be the highest then".

What is wrong in Vajpayee's assertion that "wherever there are Muslims, they do not want to live with others".  In fact he had jihjadi Islam in mind, which according to hi "wanted to mould the entire world".  It looks distasteful only because these utterances are coming from a Prime Minister.

Has it not happened in Kashmir, where then majority Muslim Community, by overt and covert means virtually drove away the Hindu  minority community from the valley, beginning 1947 when popular Government came into power. The Muslim fundamentalists got an opportunity to strive for establishing what they call "Nizam-e-Mustafa" (Islamic way of life). This is the main trouble in the valley.

The wise man has said, "Today, problems are the result of yesteryears short sighted solutions".  People suffer because politicians have given and taken votes based on caste politics.

Noted Islamic scholar Dr Rafiq Zakaria has observed: "Jihadis thrive on suicide and murder, which are both prohibited by Quran." If it is so, why both declare them (jihadis) as non-Muslims?

It is the jihadi kind of Islam which repugnant everywhere.  Those Muslims who follow then tenets of Quran in its true spirit, should repudiate jihadism.  If jihad is not launched by true lovers of Islam against jehadis, Islam will be in danger in the foreseeable future.

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