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Gujarat stated with Godhra - Vajpayee

Gujarat stated with Godhra - Vajpayee

Author: From our correspondents
Publication: Organiser
Date: April 21, 2002

BJP's National Executive has unanimously supported the Gujarat chief Minister Narendra Modi for putting a brave front to fight Islamic fundamentalism in his State. The National Executive advised Shri Modi for the dissolution of the Assembly and to seek a fresh mandate to govern keeping in view the situation in the State.

Earlier, addressing a massive rally at Panaji, Goa, Prime Minister Vajpayee accused a section of the minority community and said that they are "not wanting to live together and wanting to propagate their view with terror and fear".

Shri Vajpayee said that the riots in Gujarat could have been avoided if kar sevaks were not charred to death in Godhra through a conspiracy. The Govermnent was trying to find out who were behind the ghastly act, the PM said while condemning the incidents that followed the carnage. He added that one must not forget who lit the fire and how it spread.

During his speech the Prime Minister exerted that, "Two forms of Islam prevailed at the moment. One was that which was tolerant... the kind of religion that believed in spreading the message of honesty, kindness and love, he said. The other spread dangerous teachings."

In the second form of religion, there was no place of tolerance he added.

Through jihad, the militant Islam is trying to change the world to its fold, Shri Vajpayee said. He added that wherever Muslim lived, they refuse to intermingle with the other part of society. They are forcing their wishes through terror tactics", the PM pointed out.

Shri Vajpayee said Muslims should learn to live in peace with others and should not spread the message of their religion through the force of sword.

Countering to the pseudosecularists, Shri Vajpayee said that India did not need lessons of secularism from others. "India was secular even before Islam and Christianity put their feet here in India", he added.

The Prime minister dwelt at length on Islamic fundamentalism in the countries he visited recently. He said that the Hindu kings in other countries also fought among them but never indulged in destroying places of worship. That was not our culture, he said.

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