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The problem with the Arab World

The problem with the Arab World

Author: Ibn Jeylan
Publication: FaithFreedom.org
Date: February 20, 2008
URL: http://www.news.faithfreedom.org/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1760

There are many problems with the Arab world. In this article I would like to talk briefly about three problems. The three problems are important because they are shaping what we think or know regarding the Arabs. After all, Islam came from the Arabs.

1. Most Arabs are not Arabs: Yes Sir, you read it right. Most Arabs are not Arabs. Nowadays when we talk about Arabs or the Arab countries, we think of Saudi Arabia, the gulf countries, the middle eastern countries (Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon), Egypt and Sudan, and other African countries (Libya, Tunisia, ..). Some additional African countries may be added later on also if the Saudi money shows up. The fact of the matter is, historically, Arabs are the ones in Saudi Arabia. All other places are, believe it or not, not Arabs. Arabs invaded those countries, wreaked havoc, killed thousands, and those who did not convert were reduced, along with women off course, to a second class status.

The Middle Eastern countries had great civilizations of their own like the great Phoenicians, the Jews, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, ..etc. Egypt had its own glory of civilization that dates back thousands of years. And yes, you guessed it right, they are not Arabs. The great Berber civilizations were not Arab either. Well, if all of those great civilizations are not Arab, why do we think of them as Arabs? Good question. The answer is less than a hundred years old. When European countries started leaving those countries in the last century and gave them independence, those countries felt weak on their own, and so formed the Arab League, to pretty much imitate what the European countries were doing at that time.

The Arab League drew its attractiveness from two things: Most people in most of those countries spoke Arabic (or some strange dialect of it). And, also, most inhabitants were Muslims (most were nominal at the time). Saudi Wahabists, which is pretty much Islam in its purest form, capitalized with independence, and oil money, on pushing their agenda inside Saudi Arabia, and, later on, outside it. As dangerous Islamic beliefs as they are, they found fertile soil in all Arab countries due to viewing the west with animosity (infidels), and to the presence of Israel, a Jewish state supported by the infidel west. Combine that with the Qur'an and Hadith, both full of hatred expressions toward the Jews, and you'll get a recipe for disaster. This is exactly what happened. Muslim movements like the "Muslim Brothers" and later on other religious groups, started appearing and taking force. This was finally crowned with the advent of "Hamas" who are till now believe they can eliminate a country with more than five million people and "atomic" power. How crazy can some people be is beyond me.

2. Islam is a state-sponsored Education: In all of those countries, Islam is the religion of the state. You would think that religion is a personal matter. But, No, No, No. Not in that part of the world. The state has become a good "Muslimah" and said the "Shahada". As ridiculous as that may sound for people who believe in civil societies and equal human rights for any citizen, regardless of belief, Islamic countries adopt Islamic teachings, thus, in principle, making a second class citizen of anyone who is not a Muslim, let alone women (When a man converts and becomes a Muslim, I can understand that since heaven is pretty mush a whorehouse for men, but believe it or not some idiots are women!!).

This brings me to the point I am trying to make here. There is a need to try to push for neutral education when it comes to state sponsored education in those countries. Options are really available: Teach a course in religion, where teaching is neutral, and monotheism is not favored over any other belief (polytheism, atheism, agnosticism ..etc), or better yet, do not teach religion in public schools at all. After all, religion and religious beliefs are a personal matter. Those countries I am talking about have not come that far yet, and there is a need to push for this idea. Did you know that even Turkey, supposedly a secular state, still teaches Islamic religion in schools? No wonder they are having those political problems we have seen lately on the news.

3. Religion and State are two faces of the same coin: All those countries I discussed above adopt Islam as a state religion and hence it is de -facto a religion and a state at the same time. There is no separation between religion and state. That is a very dangerous problem indeed. Assuming the truth of only one belief system in a state is in itself discrimination against all other religious minorities. All civil undertakings will be forced on many people who do not believe in the state sponsored religion adopted by the state.

In Islam things will get ugly real quick. Christians and other groups who believe alcohol should be available to buy if one wants to, won't be able to buy it. Minorities will have to pay additional taxes (Jizya and Land) that Muslims do not have to pay. With Islam in control, equality of civilian inhabitants is not allowed. It is literally a thing of the past. Off course this is, in substance, injustice done to some of the citizens of the state. But tell that to the Muslims and see what nonsense they'll bring to you to justify that.

Lessons Learned from this Article

1.When you see someone who speaks Arabic, Make sure he is an Arab before calling him an Arab. Most of them are not. They just don't know it.

2.Muslims invaded those countries in the middle east and north Africa. The result was massacres, as we know from history, and those who did not convert to Islam became Dhimmis and took a second class status. This was already established for women.

3.Islam needs to be rejected in those states if they are to treat all of their citizens as equals. When the state is "Muslimah", say good bye to human rights and equality of citizens.

4.There is a need to push toward eliminating teaching religion in those countries. Islam, at its core, teaches the hatred of the "other" whoever that may be. I do not know about you, but I surely don't want my kids to go to schools where they teach a religion based on separating people into two camps: one divine (Dar Alsalam), and the other is to be taken to the slaughter house (Dar Alharb). That is just flat out wrong, and against all moral values of civil societies...

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