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Menacing Maoism!

Menacing Maoism!

Author: Editorial
Publication: News Today
Date: June 30, 2008
URL: http://newstodaynet.com/newsindex.php?id=8769%20&%20section=13

The Maoists have attacked a boat ferrying the 'Greyhound' squad of Andhra Pradesh-Orissa police yesterday, when they were getting back from an operational area in Malkangiri District of Orissa, in which 31 security personnel got killed.

While the greyhound squad has been camping in the district for anti-naxal operations, this attack from the Maoists comes as a part of 'Anti-operations Week' being celebrated by the Naxalites from 26 June to 2 July.

The incident proved that the communication network and intelligence gathering of the Maoists are far superior to that of the State's.

Also in Assam yesterday, a bomb blast, allegedly perpetrated by ULFA, occurred in Baksa District killing five persons including three women and injuring over 75 people.

This type of attacks has been occurring quite frequently and the frequency has been only increasing in the last four years.

It may be recalled that recently on 13 April, 500 heavily armed naxalites raided the GRP police station at the Jhajha railway station in Bihar's Jamui district, triggered a dynamite blast killing five security personnel and injuring four and looted the arms and ammunition.

In November 2005, naxalites stormed the Jehanabad district prison, attacked it killing 12 security personnel and injuring dozens, thereby facilitating the escape of around 400 prisoners.

The naxalites are also notorious for storming police stations and public functions. In March 2006, the Maoists hijacked a passenger train in Jharkhand and held the rail personnel and passengers hostage for twelve hours.

The Naxalite attacks are probably the most significant political conflict in India and the central government is also aware of it, as evidenced by the statement of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that, Naxalite-led violence is the 'single biggest security challenge ever faced by our country'

Despite being aware of the magnitude of the crisis, the government doesn't seem to take effective steps to counter the menace, which has always been a great threat to our national security.

Looking in to the happenings of the last four years, we can infer that, with the advent of the UPA government, there has been an alarming increase in the activities of naxalites, extremists & Maoists, purely because of the government's lethargic, soft & casual approach to the problem.

It all started with the naïve decision of the Andhra Pradesh government, that too with the full blessings of the center, to call the PWG & Naxalites to the negotiating table without any pre-conditions.

They took a lot of time leverage in the name of talks and indulged in communicating & aligning with Maoists, ULFA & other groups, acquired arms & ammunitions, recruited more number of cadres and trained them with the support of LTTE commanders & Nepal Maoists and now, the dangerous nexus has spread its tentacles to more than 15 states from Assam to Tamil Nadu forming a "Red Corridor".

Moreover, the activities such as hijacking of trains and storming of prisons are never heard of in independent India and attacks on police stations have become quite

Of late, the Islamic terrorists are also striking at will and they are spread through out the country forming a nexus of organisations like SIMI, NDF, MNP and PFI, etc with the support of ISI and its sponsored out fits like LeT & JeM. All of them have a similar agenda, and that is, to destabilize India.

If all these organisations join hands together, then the whole country will be in deep trouble, making life miserable & dangerous for the people, police & the governments as well.

The present situation has become a serious threat to our national security and the government should take steps on a war footing to arrest the growth of extremism & terrorism.

There is no point in having a soft approach towards naxalites & separatists and calling them for talks is meaningless, because, they are arrogant people with a corrupted mind and they will not change their mindset.

The Andhra Pradesh & Assam experiments have clearly shown that they are not worthy to be called for talks and they do not deserve such a soft approach.

This country is unfortunately flooded with hell of a lot of pro-naxalite & pro-terrorist politicians, intellectuals & human rights activists, who will make a big hue & cry if the government takes ruthless actions.

But the government should not heed their inconsequential talks. The central government should coordinate with the state governments & police / Military establishments, prepare a constructive plan of action and go all out, with iron hands & steely resolve.

Only then the menace of naxalism & terrorism can be eradicated and prevalence of Peace & Harmony can be ensured!

The onus lies on the new government, which is likely to be formed, for the present one is incompetent.

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