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Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh is Contribution in Solving Naga Problem

Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh is Contribution in Solving Naga Problem

Author: Jagdamba Mall
Publication: KanglaOnline.com
URL: http://www.kanglaonline.com/index.php?template=kshow&kid=161&

The revolutionary leaders of China dared western countries. They challenged the foreign rule. Finally, they attained independence. When the rule of China came into the hands of national revolutionary leaders, they paused for a while and over-hauled complete administrative set-up and evolved such a system which was best suited to them. The Chinese leaders realized that Church was the harbinger of foreign rule of western countries. Immediately after the realization of independence, the first and foremost work they did was to serve quit notice to all the Christian missionaries to leave the country within stipulated times if they wanted to avoid prosecution.

All the Christian missionaries left China well in advance of the target date without any murmur. When Bharatvarsh attained independence in 1948, the Christian missionaries here too prepared to leave this country along with British rulers. They thought that Bharatvarsh would also not allow them to stay anymore as China did. Unfortunately, Nehru came into the way and the Christian missionaries were allowed to stay back in free Bharatvarsh. Today, these missionaries always find fault with Hindus and they curse this country- the host. They describe this country as the land of snake charmers where Hindus are poor, illiterate, naked, heathen and dying due to different epidemics because they (Hindus) are so poor that they don't have any medicine for the treatment.

These missionaries prepare films on the poor villages of this country and telecast it on various Channels in U.S.A., Britain, France and other western countries with an appeal for financial help to these missionaries for serving and saving the 'wild' and 'uncivilized' Hindus of Bharatvarsh. The Christian missionaries described America, Britain, France and other allied countries as the living 'Heaven' on the earth and the Americans, British and French subjects as 'Celestial' and 'God's men'. Wherever, Church was established, an English medium School was their first activity and that School becomes the centre of conversion. Missionaries were the propagator of English language and marauder of vernacular. They propagate Christianity and western culture and simultaneously, destroy Hindu Dharma and demolish Indian civilization. Christian missionaries propagate and project English as international language whereas it is the national language of only four countries i.e. United Kingdom, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Bharatvarsh is basically inhabited by Hindus. And Muslims and Christians of this country are all converted from Hindu stalk. Now also 80 percent population of the country is Hindu. Muslims are 18 percent and Christians number merely two percent even though St. Thomas came to Bharatvarsh as early as in 52 A.D. Is it wise enough on the part of Christian community and Muslim community to condemn and curse at every available opportunity Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) - the two top-most Hindu organizations comprised of Hindus of this country and of the world. Hate begets hate. Mutual understanding, cordial relations, positive interaction and symbiosis should be established and enhanced for mutual benefit of the societies.

If RSS and VHP are intolerant, how does microscopic Christian community (2% of total population of the country) with the properties worth billions and billions of rupees could live peacefully in U.P., Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and other parts of the country. It is noticed that wherever Hindus are in majority, peace prevails there and Christians live peacefully. But wherever Christians are in majority or in sizeable number, peace is disturbed very often. Hindus are cursed. Hindu gods and goddesses are condemned as satan. Social upheavals in Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya, Assam and Changlang and Tirap districts of Arunachal Pradesh, Christians dominated areas of Kerala and Tamil Nadu are testimony to this fact. In what way RSS and VHP are responsible for the killings in Nagaland and Manipur, Tripura, Assam and other parts of NE region? Because of envy and enmity shown by intolerant section of Christian and Muslim community who are the driving force of the respective societies, Swami Vivekanand said, 'When a Hindu is converted to Christianity and Islam, it is not that the Hindu number is decreased by one, but the number of enemy of Hindus is simultaneously increased by that number. Thus, every single conversion is a double loss to Hindu society.' Bible follows the bullet. Under this principle, Britishers and Americans patronize Church wherever they ruled. Church prepares fertile grounds for western countries wherever she has effective control over the society. The converted people are subjected to mental subjugation to Britishers and Americans. In Nagaland this mental subjugation is prominently more visible. Nagas who once hated Britishers now worship them as their god after being converted to Christianity. In addition, Britishers turned a section of Nagas anti-Hindu and anti-Indian. They (Nagas) started hating Hindus even though Nagas' survival depends on Hindu money. Because of this, noted Gandhian G.C. Kumarappa said, 'All nations of the world have three wings of Defense Forces (i) Army (ii) Navy and (iii) Air Force. But America, Britain, France and other western countries have four wings. The fourth wing of Defense Force of western countries is - Church Army.'

The intolerant behavior of Muslims culminating into partition of this country in 1947 and demand of sovereignty for Nagaland after declaring it 'Nagaland for Christ' are two bare facts which should be an eye-opener not only for Delhi but also for Kohima too. Sane section of Naga community has to give a serious thought to it. All Muslims were Hindus before conversion to Islam. Similarly, all Nagas were Hindus before conversion to Christianity. As per constitution of Bharatvarsh, every Indian is a Hindu by birth. He becomes a Muslim after sunnat and a Christian after baptism. Broadly speaking, those who are neither a Muslim nor a Christian are Hindus by birth. In Nagaland, there were a Hindu khel and a Christian khel in every Naga villages only up to a decade ago. Thus, conversion is the root-cause of all these problems and social upheavals. Economic discrimination and social inequality are the peripheral causes of discontent which added fuel to the fire.

Attention is also drawn on the annihilation of Hindus and demolition of Hindu Mandirs by Protugese Church in sixteenth and seventeenth century in Goa and St. Xavier was in the centre of all these annihilation. Similarly, Rev. Michael Scott-the British missionary was behind uprising in Nagaland. All these facts are narrated in different books authored by Naga and non-Naga journalists and writers. This is the reason that Church is banned in Muslim countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq and Egypt etc. and in Communist countries like Russia, China, Yugoslavia and others etc. Similarly, madrassas are also banned in communist countries. The madrassas and mosques are always under constant vigil in Christian countries like America, Britain, France and Canada etc. Here in Bharatvarsh, instead of putting Church and madrassa/mosque under surveillance, they have been given additional privilege in the name of minority right which is more than that of Hindus. Yet, Church leaders cry wolf every now and then as if the nation is not aware of nexus between Church and terrorist organizations. One can befool some people for sometimes but not all the people for all the times.

The Church should not aggravate the situation to such an extent that nation starts demanding another enquiry commission on the line of Niyogi Commission of Madhya Pradesh to investigate proselytisan and nexus between Church and terrorist organizations. The extra privileges to Christians and Muslims are granted under minority category. It could happen no-where in the world but only in Bharatvarsh because Hindus are still in majority here. The moment demography is altered and Hindus become minority at a place, situation like Nagaland and Kashmir is bound to emerge there. In Nagaland, special privilege is granted under article 371 (A) and in Kashmir there is article 370 allowing special privilege. But in Kashmir, Muslims are not satisfied. They want merger of Kashmir with Pakistan. In Nagaland, Christians are also not satisfied. They first want integration of Naga areas of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh with Nagaland and then independence to 'Greater Nagaland'. In the quest of getting independence, 40,000 people have been killed in Kashmir and 25,000 people in Nagaland. In Kashmir, Muslims are killing Muslims and in Nagaland, Christians are killing Christians to acquire power of dominance over rival faction. Of course, the number of killed persons is increased by those who are the victims of army's counter-insurgency operations. Thus, I find no wisdom in the demand of independence either to Nagaland or to Kashmir. It was with this intention to stop mindless killing I wrote my article-Causes of Social Upheaval in North East India vis-vis Hindu Society of the Country. Earlier I had written-An Open Letter to Th. Muivah. This was written not to condemn any section of Naga community but to enlighten them with the ground reality so that it could be easier to find out the final solution to Naga problem.

I believe in a democratic society, people should be allowed to express their minds and thoughts freely without any fear and apprehensions and in fact this is the beauty of democracy. The media plays an important role in molding the society in a democratic country like ours. Today media personnel of the north east are not lacking in their professionalism. But unfortunately, we have been hearing time to time the manner in which they have to work with due to the prevailing situation in the region.

It would be unwise on the part of the Naga people condemning the RSS and VHP. They (RSS & VHP) are not opposed to Nagas. Rather, they love Nagas. Should Nagas not realize that? Or for that matter, who are all the Union Cabinet Ministers barring one or two? Are they not RSS people whom every Naga leader approaches for help and these RSS men in Union Cabinet respond instantly and generously rather in more civilized manner than earlier Congressmen? Are Nagas not aware of their (Vajpayee & Advani's) RSS commitment? Some Nagas are in habit of condemning RSS and VHP under the influence of foreign Church. Even after that, the followers of RSS and VHP love Nagas. This is the greatness and glory of Hindu Dharma. Christians should learn it from Hindus. VHP Chief Shri Ashok Singhalji, RSS Chief Shri K.S.Sudarshanji, BJP Chiefs Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee and Shri L.K. Advanji are the birds of same flock. Sudarshanji, Ashokji, Atalji and Advaniji are the top most leaders of Hindus not only of Bharatvarsh but also of whole world. It is these RSS men in Union Cabinets who have invited Muivah and Issac Chishi Swu for dialogue.

It is these RSS men in Central Government who have brought Kohima on Rail map and Air map. These RSS men only have granted a one time peace package worth Rs. 365 crores for Nagaland which has never happened before. In addition, 20 crores being tribal development fund, 24 crores for beautification of Kohima and 500 crore annual plan budget (which is 74 crore more than that of last year) have been sanctioned by Delhi. Over and above, money from different Union Ministries and Funding Agencies are also coming into Nagaland through various NGOs and Government Schemes. Thus, approximately, 1000 crores have been sanctioned by these RSS men in first 100 days of Neiphu Rio Government. Even after generously sanctioning huge amount at the rate of 10 crore each day of first 100 days of present Nagaland Government, RSS is condemned as very bad by Nagas.

One unfortunate thing is even the Naga intellectuals have failed to bring unity and reconciliation among the Nagas. Now, NSCN (IM) has stated that they disown Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), Naga Hoho and Naga Reconciliation Council (NRC). The NSCN (IM) also says that they do not recognize NSCN (K) and NNC, whereas NGOs like NPMHR, Naga Hoho, Naga Reconciliation Council (NRC) and Naga Christian Forum (NCF) are trying their best to bring unity and reconciliation among the Nagas for final settlement of the Naga problem. Because of this uncompromising attitude, Neiphiu Rio Government has been put in a very awkward and embarrassing situation.

The RSS men in Delhi feel pity on Nagas. Since Naga intellectuals seem to have become ineffective, they (RSS men referred above) advise Nagas to shun their differences and come forward with unanimous proposals for final settlement of Naga problem. Still, RSS is bad. The duo - Vajapyee and Advani - the two top most RSS men in present Union Government - have carved out a new Ministry called Ministry for Development of North East Region (DONER) and they have identified Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in North East region for giving more and more funds to develop the weaker section of this region. Whole of the Nagaland falls in this Special Economic Zones (SEZ)'s category. Thus, the generosity, sobriety and humility of the RSS men should not be taken as their weakness. It will not work to curse RSS on one hand and on the other, earn the goodwill of Atalji, Advaniji and other RSS men in Government as it is not possible both at a time to smite the head and save the hairs. There must be a matching response from Naga community. Are Nagas prepared for it?

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