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Cong most communal as minorities have more rights

Cong most communal as minorities have more rights

Author: Dina Nath Mishra
Publication: PseudoSecularism.blogspot.com
Date: July 21, 2008
URL: http://pseudosecularism.blogspot.com/2008/07/cong-most-communal-as-minorities-have_21.html

The track record of Hindus in the country is exemplary as far as its secular history is concerned. Here, Dr Manmohan Singh is Prime Minister; his community is hardly two per cent of the total population. A Muslim gentleman, Hamid Ansari, is Vice-President. He, too, comes from a minority community which is 13.5 per cent of the population. In the 60-year history of Independent India, minorities have occupied highest offices of judiciary, armed forces, academia, executive and constitutional positions.

No other nation can equal India's track record in this matter including the US, UK and France, the most admired democracies in the world. In contrast, in most Muslim countries, minorities are third-class citizens; there is no place for secularism, democracy and equality of opportunity. In India, secularism is part of its cultural and civilisational ethos. India has nothing to learn from any other civilisation about secularism. When 3/4th of the so-called civilised world practised slavery, India systematised the society as best as possible. However, today, there is no country other than India where a majority community has lesser rights than the minorities in the name of secularism.

The Congress is the most communal party. The entire conduct of the Congress from the beginning of the 20th century till date proves this. Here are 10 irrefutable evidences:

* In 1919, during Mopla and Kohat riots, when thousands of Hindus were butchered, Hindu women were raped and forcible conversions took place. Congress, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, refused to pass any resolution against this large scale butchery, all in the name of Hindu-Muslim unity which turned out to be reverse secularism.

* Seeds of communalism were sown by Muslim intellectuals much earlier than the Muslim League came into being in 1906. Since then, it's been the Congress who has nourished communal demands of Muslim League in 1916 and 1937.

* Since then, the Muslim League has demanded reservations in jobs, executive, judiciary and even in armed forces and separate electoral representation.

* Ultimately, it led to partition and unprecedented human misery. By then, reverse secularism turned out to be communalism.

* Nehru knew well the history of India. He was aware of its strengths and weaknesses. In his book Discovery of India he wrote: "I think a country with a long cultural background and a common outlook to life develops a spirit that is peculiar to it and that is impressed on all its children, however much they may differ among themselves. It was this spirit of India that I was after because I felt that it might give me some key to the understanding of my people. Politics and elections were day-to-day affairs when we grew excited over trumpery matters. But if we were going to build India's future, strong, secure and beautiful, we would have to dig deep into the foundations." As per his writings, it's clear he indulged in votebank politics and communalism.

* Article 370 is another example which proves that Congress is the most communal party. The Constituent Assembly passed Article 306 unanimously in the presence of Sheikh Abdullah and his colleagues. Later, Sheikh Abdullah in an interview hinted at special status of J&K and Nehru bowed to this demand. Article 306 was redrafted and was sent to Patel saying that there has been "minor" changes in the original Article 306. Patel said that he understands how 'minor' these changes are resigned. Nehru got an inkling of it and persuaded Patel to not to resign. But Patel's resignation letter is still in the National Archives. It was the most communal twist and we still suffer from the J&K problem.

* Recently, Shri Amarnath Shrine Board land allotment generated hue-and-cry. No one talks about a number of Haj houses built throughout India and huge Haj subsidies being given from public exchequer, which Hindus and Sikhs are denied for Mansarovar and Nankana Saheb pilgrimages. Big Hindu temples are controlled by Government Boards; their earnings are utilised for the benefit of Muslims as well. Reservations in educational institutions are applicable to all institutes except those run by the Muslims and Christians. India is the only country where majority is suffering from reverse discrimination.

* The PM says Muslims have first right over the treasury and resources of the country. This year's Budget has been communalised.

* POTA has been repealed for the benefit of jihadi Muslims. The chief conspirator of attack on the Parliament Afzal Guru was sentenced to death. But the Congress communalised even the Supreme Court judgment.
Sachchar Commission has been implemented in a major way. The report itself is communalism incarnate of demands made by the Muslim League since 1906 to 1947.

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