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Children bear the brunt of terror

Children bear the brunt of terror

Author: Times News Network
Publication: The Times of India
Date: July 28, 2008

Yash Vyas is nine and cannot comprehend what terrorism is. But, Yash now lies in hospital, critically ill, a victim of the gruesome terror attacks in the city on Saturday. And he is still unaware that his father died in the blast and his older brother, all of 12, is fighting with death.

For the Vyas family, it took only minutes for a happy day to turn into tragedy. Their father, Dushyant Vyas, an employee with the Civil Hospital, had bought them a new bicycle. Excited, the brothers wanted to take a ride that evening itself. The father could not say no and took the two brothers out. "The blast took place then and Dushyantbhai died on the spot while his older son Rohan's condition is critical with burn injuries,'' said a relative attending to the brothers. Civil Hospital was one of the targets of the terrorists. The two children are the youngest victims of terror as they rode their new bicycle into the wrong side of the road of the Civil Hospital compound.

In another ward of the hospital, little Neha watches her brother Rohit battling life and death, as he writhes in pain. Neha, herself wounded in the legs, arms and face, watches in silence as a team of doctors probe her brother for treatment. "Who hurt my brother? He did not do any mischief,'' says Neha, who was caught in the terror cross-fire as they arrived in the Civil Hospital to inquire about their relative who is admitted in the hospital.

In V S Hospital, an eightyear-old struggled for life as his mother pleaded with the doctors to save him. "I am not well. Please look after my child,'' Sugrabibi pleaded from the stretcher on which she was carried into another room.

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